Advantages of the e-bike during Covid-19

5 Reasons Why You Need An Electric Bike During COVID-19

As is known to all, COVID-19 is currently raging on a global scale, and its strong transmission capacity, wide range, and high fatality rate are unprecedented. It has been more than half a year since the outbreak, but the number of confirmed cases is still increasing, the number of infections worldwide is close to 40 million, the death toll exceeds 1 million, and a vaccine has not yet been developed. Therefore, staying away from the crowd is still necessary and buying an e-bike during COVID-19 would be your good choice to enjoy private time. Riding an electric bicycle can not only avoid taking crowded buses, but also exercise, and it will not emit harmful gases, which is beneficial to both personal health and environmental protection. Next, we will talk in detail about the 5 reasons why you need an electric bicycle during COVID-19.

Infographic: advantages of e-bikes during COVID-19


1. Keep Social Distance

As the article published on the official website of the US government, everyone should pay attention to keep social distance during the epidemic. With public transportation, people crowded in a confined space, which is very dangerous and easily aggravates the spread of coronavirus. There have been cases where dozens of people were infected on public transportation. But riding an electric bicycle can completely avoid these problems. It not only reduces contact with people, but also maintains ventilation, which greatly reduces the possibility of infection with coronavirus, and keeps you safe at all times.

2.Better Riding Experience

In addition to being able to make you maintain a 6-foot social distance from people, riding an electric bike can also bring you better riding experience. Because, for safety reasons, you must wear a mask during the epidemic. But you cannot wear a mask while riding regular bikes for it makes a deep breath much harder. On the contrary, electric assist gives you chances to ride without sweat and hard breath, wearing a mask. We believe it will bring you a better riding experience and make you enjoy the pleasure of riding now.

3.Rules are Relaxing

According to some news reports, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some regions have relaxed their regulations on electric bicycles, such as New York State. In the past few years, New York State classified electric bicycles into the category of motor vehicles, and users must hold a driver's license before riding on the road. However, the government recently issued a provision in the 2021 budget that allows the legal use of electric scooters and electric bicycles after increasing causes there. Although the policy is not fully liberalized, we believe that in the near future, electric bicycles will be completely legalized. Therefore, this is the best time to own an e-bike.

Advantages of the e-bike during Covid-19

4.Stay Healthy — Physically and Mentally

For middle-aged and elderly people, having a healthy body is very important. But many people are struggling to find a suitable fitness method. Electric bicycles can solve this problem. Compared with other means of transportation, riding an electric bicycle can help you get more exercise and improve immunity, and you can use pure electric mode when you are tired, which can achieve a combination of exercise and rest. Also, for people with poor physical strength and those who have suffered from leg injuries, this is the best way to exercise during the epidemic.

5.Offer E-bike Incentives

In Europe, many countries and regions have been incentivizing the purchase of electric bicycles and increasing electric bicycle discounts for individuals and businesses to help make electric bicycles cheaper and more accessible, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This means that electric bicycles are the general trend of commuting tools in the future, because it has many irreplaceable advantages such as protecting the environment, saving resources, and exercising your body. We believe that in the near future, electric bicycles will be popularized all over the world, lead to a new trend of people's travel methods and causing a revolution of transportation tools.

After knowing so many advantages of electric bicycles, we believe that you have a general understanding of why you should own an electric bicycle during COVID-19. Riding an electric bicycle can help you keep social distance during the epidemic, bring you a better riding experience, as well as exercise your body, all these things will keep you safe at all times. If you want to know more about the benefits of using electric bicycles or Himiway e-bikes, you can browse our previous blog. In general, it is the correct decision to buy an electric bicycle during COVID-19, and it will bring you unexpected joys.