Himiway Cruiser All-Terrain Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

The HIMIWAY Bike Will Not Strengthen Your Legs Like This

Recently, many himiway fans have discussed the issue that thighs will become thicker after riding for a long time, but if you often watch domestic and overseas cycling events, it is not difficult to find that those top professional riders have a well-proportioned thigh to calf ratio. Beautiful legs comparable to world models!

In fact, as long as you pay attention to hydration during exercise, correct riding posture and maintenance and stretching after riding, even male riders can have charming beautiful legs!

Himiway Cruiser All-Terrain Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

Even pedaling method

Regular cycling can make cycling an aerobic exercise, rather than anaerobic exercises that tend to accumulate lactic acid and train excess muscle. Especially when climbing a hill or riding on a mountain road, it is easy to cause a large accumulation of lactic acid in the leg muscles. The best way to dissolve it is to return to the flat ground and use a lighter gear ratio and a high cadence to peddle for at least 15 minutes. The relaxation can effectively reduce the fatigue of the next day and eliminate a lot of lactic acid.

The main point of wanting to keep your legs from getting thick is "light gear ratio and regular pedaling." Good pedaling skills are aerobic exercises that do not cause a large amount of lactic acid to accumulate. Lactic acid accumulation is more likely to occur when it is uphill or upwind. As long as you use a light gear ratio and pedal regularly, it can also make you less tired the next day. In addition, by pedaling on the light gear ratio regularly, the leg muscles can be massaged, and the water and blood circulation and metabolism in the body can be more smooth. Excess water or waste (salt, urea, etc.) in the body can be passed through sweat and urine. Amino acids and lactic acid not only can effectively eliminate edema, but also can achieve the effect of aerobic exercise, and effectively burn excess body fat.

For ordinary riders, it is difficult to maintain regular pedaling under a light gear ratio for a long time. It is easy to make pedaling a muscle exercise that alternates between aerobic and anaerobic, or a trampoline that shakes up and down. In this way, not only is it easy to accumulate lactic acid, but it also causes a decrease in metabolic efficiency, and it is easy to train leg muscles full of stiffness in the case of muscle soreness. Therefore, if you want to train a bicyclists beautiful legs, it is recommended to use a high cadence, light gear ratio and regular pedaling method. For ordinary riders, the cadence is 90-110 revolutions per minute, maintaining 25-30KM/H. Riding at a faster speed can better achieve the training effect, but you must also adhere to it for a long time and exercise regularly.

Regarding the cadence: Every minute, the number of times that the pedal is rotated from the highest point to the highest point is one revolution. Mr. Jong's cadence is basically maintained at about 80-110 revolutions. Regarding light gear ratio: 2-6, 2-5, 2-4, 2-3 and other gear ratios with extremely small output power. The advantage is that the speed moves up quickly and it is easy to improve cardiopulmonary function.

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