Himiway electric fat bike Escape- Mopped style

Everything You Need to Know about Himiway Escape

Himiway has been with all of you for more than a year. During this year, we have never stopped innovating. We solemnly announce that the Himiway R&D team has designed a new electric fat tire bicycle: Himiway Escape! Next, let’s learn more about this beast together.

Himiway Escape

What does Escape mean?

We just made the decision to name it Escape after countless discussion and compromise, hoping that it can take everyone away from troubles and have you enjoy the pleasure of galloping.

How did we design this model?

In order to meet the different needs of customers, we have specially designed this bicycle which is totally different from the Cruiser. Compared with the Cruiser, the Escape is shorter and smaller, which will be more suitable for people who are not so tall, and make up for the regret of those who cannot ride our Cruiser. However, this does not mean that tall people cannot ride it. We personally prefer it all-condition and all-groups e-bikes to only all-terrain. For sure, it’s still going with puncture-resistant fat tires based on its pure blood of exploration. If you are passionate about Moped-style bike, don’t hesitate. If you crazy about both of the model and it’s physically all-terrain, you’d better try it!

What features does Escape have?

1) Superior Quality:

For Himiway, quality always comes first when it comes to supply chains. Therefore, Escape is equipped with a 48V, 14A  Samsung/LG lithium battery, and the power will not be reduced due to changes in the frame. For tires, we chose 20"x4" Kenda puncture-resistant fat tires, which have excellent performance to prevent flats, and can firmly grasp the ground to escort your riding. As for shifting, we use Shimano's 7-speed shifting system, allowing you to choose the speed that as you like. In addition to these, 750W high-speed brushless gear motor and intelligent 5-level pedal assists are also first-class. Also, we have strengthened the frame, so it will be stronger, more resistant to fall and compression, and not easy to bend and deform. Of course, we strictly control every stage from production to assembly, and do our best in quality control, just to present the most perfect artwork to customers.

2) Upgraded Key Parts:

After Cruiser, we’ve got sum of feedback which keeps reminding us of improvement. For an off-road bike, comfort and security are crucial. Imagine it, what would you do if you notice a huge and scary obstacle in your way forwards while rushing on your bike? You definitely squeeze your brake at once and screaming. There will be some distance before you really stop even you try it very quickly. However, you don’t need to worry about it going with Himiway Escape ‘cause we have the best mechanical disc brake, which provides you ample stopping power in any conditions efficiently. These strong brakes will be your personal guard, protecting you from accidents. Security is the duty of e-bike manufactures. But Himiway also cares about customers’ feelings. We tried our best to make it much more comfortable than any other bike we had before. Escape is equipped with full suspension and mechanical disc brake on the front.The front suspension consisting of mechanical disc absorbers gives you the sweetest dreams even riding on the hardest rocks. And the rear suspension will double your comfort. As for the mechanical disc brake on the front, it will minimize your energy loss when riding on paved roads or on long uphill climbs on smooth dirt surfaces.

3) Excellent Performance:

The maximum speed can reach 20 mph, with a comfortable Velo saddle, riding on it is like riding a galloping horse. It takes only 6~7 hours to fully charge, and the cruising range can reach 40 miles after a full charge. It can take you to any place within 20 miles of your home. You can drink and chat with friends at any time you want with Escape. The total effective load capacity is 330 lbs, which meets the needs of most customers. Bright enough Headlights and taillights make your riding safe even in the dark. The performance of the display is even stronger. In addition to displaying battery power, power indicator and mileage, there are also function lists, speed and light indicators and other user-friendly designs. Everything we do is just to bring you the best ride Experience.

4) Great Customer Service and Warranty:

Every bike from Himiway is under a 2-year all-inclusive warranty for the original owner against all manufacturing defects. We also provide free shipping in the continental United States except for Alaska and Hawaii, and some free accessories for bicycles. Besides, we provide excellent customer service to every customer. The Himiway team provides comprehensive services from pre-sales to after-sales to ensure that every customer has a good shopping experience.

5) Acceptable Price:

For all the advantages above, you may ask if Escape will be too expensive. However, comparing with other electric bicycles on the market, Escape has a reasonable price that most people can afford. It will be worth everything you spend.

6) Environmental Protection Concept:

For many years, Himiway has been committed to contributing to the protection of the environment. The original intention of producing electric bicycles is to save energy and protect the environment. Because electric bicycles not only reduce the use of Earth resources, but also do not emit polluting gases. At the same time, riding electric bicycles can also strengthen your body and is the best choice for a healthy and low-carbon life. We hope that what we sell is not only bicycles, but also a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Maybe our influence is small, but with your support, Himiway will create unlimited possibilities.

Himiway Future:

In the future, we will not stop the pace of innovation, just to bring you more and better products. So if you have any comments and suggestions, or have any thoughts on the future of new bicycles, we will be happy to receive your emails. Everyone can become a designer of Himiway, maybe we will adopt your suggestion someday. Himiway accepts all praise and criticism, and will make improvements based on your valuable comments. Last but not the least, Himiway is a big family, so we hope Himiway can always accompany you to go further in the future.