Himiway Lands At The Largest Outdoor Category Show In The U.S. To Prom…

Rev Up Your Adventure: Himiway Unveils E-Bike Category at the Largest Outdoor Show in the U.S.

The great outdoors has always been a magnet for adventure enthusiasts who seek to break free from the concrete jungle and experience nature in its rawest form. And while traditional modes of transportation, such as ATVs and hunting vehicles, have been the norm for outdoor excursions, a new player in town is slowly revolutionizing how people explore the wilderness – e-bikes. Recently, at the largest outdoor category show in the United States, Himiway, a leading brand of fat tire e-bikes, took center stage in promoting their e-bike category. The brand's mission is to make e-bikes more accessible to outdoor enthusiasts, including those in the hunting and fishing sectors. 

With over 90,000 attendees and $100,000 in sales onsite, Himiway's presence was a testament to the growing popularity of e-bikes outdoors and their potential as a reliable mode of transportation for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Read on to explore the advantages of hunting with e-bikes and the features that make Himiway's e-bikes stand out in the market.Hunting electric bike | Himiway

Advantages of Hunting with E-bikes

Hunting can be an exhilarating experience for many outdoor enthusiasts. However, traditional hunting vehicles and ATVs have several drawbacks that can hinder the hunting experience. These drawbacks include loud noise from combustion engines that can scare the game away and limited access to rugged terrains. Fortunately, hunting with e-bikes has been gaining popularity among hunters due to their advantages over traditional vehicles. Here are some advantages:

Quiet and flexible

E-bikes designs operate with minimal noise, making them ideal for hunters who want to maintain a low profile while moving around. Unlike traditional hunting vehicles or ATVs, e-bikes can quietly approach the hunting spot without disturbing the wildlife in the area. The quiet nature of e-bikes also makes them suitable for hunting in areas where noise restrictions apply.

Access to rugged terrain

E-bikes can traverse rugged terrain, often inaccessible to traditional hunting vehicles. This means hunters can easily explore more remote areas, often abundant in the game. With an e-bike, hunters can cover more ground quickly and maintain a low profile. According to Darryl Poindexter, the Cobra Pro Softail Electric Mountain Bike gives him more access – “I am having more fun than I expected. I can now say that I enjoy riding bikes again. All the hills are now flat (Cobra Pro) Love this bike.”


E-bikes are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional hunting vehicles, often significantly impacting the environment. E-bikes do not emit harmful gases or make noise and have minimal impact on the ground they cover. This makes them ideal for environmentally conscious hunters who want to minimize their environmental impact.


E-bikes are often more cost-effective than traditional hunting vehicles or ATVs. They are relatively affordable and require minimal maintenance, making them a practical choice for hunters on a budget. Additionally, e-bikes are more fuel-efficient than traditional hunting vehicles, which can help hunters save money on fuel costs.

Health benefits

E-bikes provide a great opportunity for hunters to exercise while enjoying their hobby. E-bikes offer the benefit of pedal-assistance, allowing hunters to cover more ground with less physical exertion. This can be especially beneficial for hunters with physical limitations that prevent them from walking long distances. For the ease on the knee, Owen Kosan now enjoys riding his Himiway Cobra – “Love my new Himiway e-bike. I have knee issues and would not be able to ride bicycles if not for the e-bike. We did a lot of research on what brand to buy before we purchased the Cobra and were not disappointed with our choice. The ease of riding the bike is wonderful, and the ride is comfortable.”

Improved safety

E-bikes have safety features such as integrated lights, sturdy frames, and powerful brakes, making them a safer alternative to traditional hunting vehicles. The lights improve visibility and make the bike more visible to others on the road, while the sturdy frames and powerful brakes ensure riders can navigate rugged terrain safely.

Stealthy approach

E-bikes allow hunters to approach their target silently and stealthily without the noise and distraction of traditional hunting vehicles. This gives hunters a better chance of success as they can get closer to their target without alerting them to their presence.

Flexibility in hunting gear

E-bikes provide more flexibility in hunting gear transportation. With the added storage capacity, hunters can carry more gear, such as weapons, hunting bags, and other hunting accessories, without the need for an additional vehicle.Mountain bike | Himiway

Features of Himiway E-bikes

Himiway e-bikes have several features that make them stand out from other electric bicycles. With designs for outdoor enthusiasts in mind, these bikes are built to handle the most challenging terrain while providing a comfortable and reliable ride. Here are some of the key features of Himiway e-bikes:

Extra-long battery life

One of the most significant advantages of Himiway hunting e-bikes is their extra-long battery life. With a single charge, these bikes can travel up to 60 miles, allowing users to explore the wilderness without worrying about running out of power. This feature is crucial for hunters, who must cover long distances in search of a game.

Fat tire electric bike | Himiway

Fat tires for stability

Himiway e-bikes come with fat tires that provide exceptional stability and traction on rough terrain. The wide tires offer improved shock absorption, making navigating bumpy trails and rocky paths easier. The added stability also means riders are less likely to fall, even in challenging conditions.

Sturdy body and powerful motor

Another critical feature of Himiway e-bikes is their sturdy body and powerful motor. With a capacity of up to 400 pounds, the Himiway Cobra Pro Softail Electric Mountain bikes can carry large loads, including big games. The motor provides plenty of power, easily climbing hills and riding over rough terrains. With these features, Himiway e-bikes are an excellent choice for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who need a reliable mode of transportation in the wilderness.

Adjustable suspension system

Himiway e-bikes are equipped with adaptable suspension systems, allowing riders to customize their ride to suit their preferences and terrain. The suspension system provides a smooth and comfortable ride, even on the bumpiest roads, reducing fatigue and increasing comfort.

Multiple riding modes

Himiway e-bikes come with various riding modes, including pedal-assist and throttle-only modes, giving riders more control over their riding experience. The pedal-assist mode provides an extra boost to pedaling, making it easier to ride up steep hills or through difficult terrain, while the throttle-only mode allows riders to sit back and let the motor do the work.

Integrated lights and fenders

Himiway e-bikes feature integrated lights and fenders, making them safe and practical for all weather conditions. The lights improve visibility and make the bike more visible to others on the road, while the fenders keep the rider and the bike clean and dry in wet or muddy conditions.

Influencers' Response

During the largest outdoor category show in the United States, Himiway's e-bikes caught the attention of several outdoor influencers impressed by the brand's offerings.

Among the notable influencers were Appalachian Channel, KEO Vlogs, and Mike Burello of Hero Next Door, prominent YouTube channels specializing in outdoor activities. They visited the Himiway booth and had positive feedback about the e-bikes.

The Himiway Ebikes are absolutely awesome, and no doubt the best ebike on the market in my opinion.” – KEO Vlogs

According to the influencers, the e-bikes' battery life, stability, and ability to handle rough terrain were exceptional. They also noted the durability and strength of the bikes, which allowed them to carry heavy loads, including game animals. The influencers' positive reviews and recommendations helped Himiway establish itself as a leader in the industry and garnered a newfound interest in e-bikes for hunting and outdoor recreation among their followers.

The endorsement of the influencers is evidence of the significant role and success of Himiway's promotion at the outdoor category show. It reinforced the brand's reputation for providing high-quality and reliable e-bikes catering to outdoor enthusiasts' needs.


The popularity of e-bikes in the outdoors is on the rise, and Himiway is committed to providing reliable and high-quality e-bikes for outdoor enthusiasts. The advantages of using e-bikes for hunting and outdoor recreation, with their quiet operation and ability to access remote areas, have been recognized by visitors to the outdoor category show and influential YouTubers. 

Himiway's e-bikes stand out for their extra-long battery life, stability on rough terrain, and sturdy body that can carry heavy loads. With a growing number of outdoor enthusiasts turning to e-bikes, Himiway is well-positioned to meet the demand for reliable and high-quality e-bikes in the hunting and outdoor recreation sectors.