Himiway Takes 2023 The NRA Great American Outdoor By Storm With Its Enviable E-Bikes

Himiway Takes 2023 The NRA Great American Outdoor By Storm With Its Enviable E-Bikes


Since its establishment in 2017, Himiway has been the market leader in long-range electric bikes, with it being the number 1 choice for over 50,000 American Cyclists. This year, Himiway landed at the 2023 NRA Great American Outdoor Show, the world’s largest outdoor show celebrating hunting, fishing, and outdoor traditions. Millions of Americans and their families have long treasured it. This nine-day event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, saw Himiway making waves with its exemplary collection of e-bikes. The company’s goal is to make e-bikes more accessible to people’s outdoor lifestyles, including hunting and fishing scenarios.

Successful presence at the event

The Great American Outdoor Show ended up being a hugely successful event for Himiway personally, as their booth attracted over 90,000 attendees and helped the company generate an estimated $100,000 in sales onsite. This was followed by a steady stream of dealer inquiries which led to an increase in their projected offline exposure and in-store traffic as their e-bike sales are expected to grow multi-folds.

The potential of E-bikes in Hunting

It is well-known that more and more hunters have been turning to e-bikes every year. This obvious fact certainly helped the Himiway booth, which ended up being one of the most popular locations at the show. Himiway e-bikes are known for their quiet and flexible operation while also providing bikers access to rugged terrain, making them an ideal e-bike for hunters.

Himiway's E-bike Features

Himiway e-bikes come with an extra long battery life which ranges from a 48V Samsung battery in Himiway Escape to an 840Wh Samsung battery in Himiway Cruiser. Its fat tires make an ideal terrain e-bike as its sturdy body, and powerful motor means that each Himiway e-bike can outdo any other e-bike in the market when it comes to protection and power. Capable of carrying up to 400 pounds, Himiway e-bikes enable users to transport even big items.

Attention from influencers 

According to the news coming from the site, the Himiway booth attracted the attention of many well-known influencers, such as the Appalachian Channel and KEO Vlogs, who visited the Himiway booth and praised the product.  With an attendee of over 90,000, the Himiway booth successfully generated $100,000 in sales onsite and secured multiple deals. In an interview with Appalachian Channel, Himiway Spokesperson Brandon Lee Benton shed more light on its powerful brakes, removal batteries, and aluminum body. KEO Vlogs also extensively covered its road performance and found how it can go distances that are not possible with any other bike. Some of the e-bikes covered on the KEO Vlogs video include Himiway Cruiser and Himiway Cobra Model.


Himiway started with a mission of making e-bikes so the riders can enjoy nature in any form, and their recent presence and subsequent success at The Great American Outdoor Show only reiterated the growing popularity of e-bikes in the outdoors. With a commitment to keep offering high-quality products for outdoor enthusiasts, Himiway hopes to keep its place as the American Cyclists' number 1 choice for the foreseeable future.