Himiway All Terrain Electric Fat Bike

4 Things You Need to Know about All Terrain Electric Bikes

If you have recently turned to cycling—as so many people have done in the last decade or so—or if you have been a committed cyclist for years, then you already know that there are certain limitations to only riding over smooth, flat pavement day after day. Some people, though not all, will begin to seek some additional adventure in their biking lifestyle. For those people, they will turn to all terrain bikes to bring added excitement to their lives. That means trading in your traditional bicycle for an all terrain mountain bike. And the best part about adopting an all terrain biking lifestyle is that many electric bikes are made exactly for that—testing your cycling skills on mountain trails rather than city streets.


Just like with all terrain electric vehicles, all terrain bicycles can be used in almost all weather conditions and various off-road situations. In fact, Himiway Bikes is most famous for its all terrain electric bicycles, including the fat tire Himiway Cruiser, creating one of the highest-quality e-bikes on the market made specifically for navigating challenging terrains. If you are interested in testing your cycling skills off the road, there are some key things you need to know first. Let’s walk through the four most important to help make you an expert off-road cyclist.

  1. Comfort and Balance

When most of the biking that you do is over smooth pavement on flat ground, most bikes will produce a fairly smooth ride. However, when taking on some of the challenging terrains in the mountains or elsewhere in nature, being able to remain comfortable and maintain your balance on the bike can become much more difficult. That is why all terrain electric bicycles are generally built with larger tires, often referred to as fat tires. These fat tires make the e-bikes more stable and provide better shock absorption and a more comfortable riding experience on the whole. This makes them the ideal choice for any cyclist, but particularly for the beginners who are just starting out and may not have the same off-road biking skills as a more seasoned rider. After all, comfort plays a significant role in extending longevity. It can be the difference between a one-mile ride or riding several miles over rough terrain. Choosing an e-bike with comfort and balance should be at the top of your list.

  1. Ride Anytime and Anywhere

Purchasing an all terrain electric mountain bike is an investment of both time and money. You are betting on yourself to use it as much as possible, while improving your skills, reaping the health benefits of cycling, and enjoying every minute of it. The last thing you want to do after buying an all terrain e-bike is to let it sit in the garage for half the year not being used. The reality is that all terrain e-bikes are made to be ridden anytime and anywhere, making them outstanding transportation options or outdoor exercise hobby regardless of where you live in the country. That’s right, all terrain e-bikes are four-season machines, designed to tackle weather in the rainy spring, summer, autumn, and snowy winter. Using your e-bike all year will not only keep you active but will help you improve overall as a cyclist. The fat tires also will help you maintain stability on snowy, rainy, or windy days. So from commuting down city streets to braving the toughest mountain trails, all terrain e-bikes can handle any scenario you throw at them.

  1. Ride for Hunting and Fishing

Not everyone wants an all terrain bicycle so that they can leisurely ride down nature trails. Some people are looking for more extreme uses, such as hunting or fishing. In those situations, all terrain e-bikes are also excellent options. Driving a car or truck can usually only get you so close to where you need to go for hunting or fishing. From the parking lot, many hunters or fishermen then have to walk the remainder of the way. But with an all terrain e-bike, no matter where the hunting spot or lake is hidden, you can get there easily and efficiently, leaving you more time to do the activities you love.

  1. Choose All Terrain Electric Bikes with More Gears

Simply put, the more gears on an all terrain mountain bike, the easier it will be to ride up and down hills and navigate the rough off-road terrain. This is a general rule, but it holds true in nearly all circumstances. This is because when you are using an all terrain bicycle to tackle difficult mountain trails, you may find the challenges ahead of you difficult to predict and changing frequently. The best way to be prepared for all types of terrain instantly is to choose an all terrain electric bike with more gears. By using this strategy, you will not need to worry about whether your e-bike can handle the path ahead—whether that is a mountain trail, sand, muddy paths, or even ordinary paved roads. As a rule of thumb, you should look for an e-bike that has at least five gears, but ideally more. The Himiway Cruiser, for example, has seven gears.


Ultimately, if you want to hop on an all terrain mountain bike and test your cycling skills on off-road trails, you will need to keep these four tips in mind for being successful. The secret to becoming an outstanding all terrain bicycle rider is really no secret at all, it comes down to being able to find an e-bike that will allow you to improve your comfort and balance on the bike, ride anytime and anywhere, ride for hunting and fishing, and also switch between numerous gears. By keeping these tips in mind when choosing the best all terrain bike for you, you will ultimately maximize your potential and find yourself mastering the mountain trails.