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Announcing the Himiway Easter Event

The month of April is always one filled with much anticipation. While the rain falls, the grass begins to grow, and the flowers begin to bloom. Thanks to the rain, spring biking can be some of the most challenging, but also some of the most rewarding biking you do all year round.

Not to mention April is the month of Easter! “April showers bring May flowers”, as the old saying goes, and it is certainly true for much of the continental United States. But we have a new spin on that classic saying – “April showers bring great Easter deals at Himiway”!

To celebrate one of the oldest and most important holidays of the Christian calendar, we’re announcing our Easter Event to all readers today.

You might be wondering what great deals can be found during this event at Himiway E-Bikes. Well, hop on down to the next section to discover how you can take advantage of current deals via our new points system and VIP membership this Easter.

Earn Points Towards Your Next Purchase

During the Himiway Easter Event, we’re offering triple Himi points with every purchase! Himi points can be used to score discounts on Himiway bikes and accessories.

Normally, you earn 1 Himi point for each dollar spent at our online store. Then, 100 Himi points = $1 worth of discount on anything we sell.

However, for a limited time during our Easter event, we are tripling our Himi rewards points. Every dollar spent will equal 3 Himi points!

As an example, if you buy one of our best-selling e-bikes such as the Himiway Cruiser for $1,599, you’ll normally get 1599 Himi points which can be applied for a discount of $15.99 off anything in our store. But during our limited-time event, you’ll receive 4797 Himi points instead! That’s 47.97 dollars towards a future discount.

Our triple points event is even applicable to our most advanced e-bike ever: the Himiway Cobra Pro. Purchasing a Cobra Pro will earn you a whopping 11,997 points during the Easter event, yielding a discount of $119.97 on your next purchase.

With plenty of Easter gift ideas, there are sure to be some spring accessories or seasonal gear to get a loved one in your life, or even a little something for yourself. The more you spend, the more you earn!

The event will start from April 14 and end on April 18.

How to Redeem Himi Points

1. Simply log in to our website by clicking “Log in” in the upper right-hand corner. Then click the gift icon in the lower right corner of the website home page

2. Click "Ways to redeem"

3. Convert Himi points into discount codes

4. The system will add the discount automatically during check out

Earn Himi Points for different actions and turn those Himi Points into awesome rewards!

Himiway VIP Membership

In addition to our Easter event, we will soon be opening our VIP membership access. In addition to events like these, loyal customers can get even more benefits for being our VIPs.

The VIP program is your all-access pass to exclusive rewards. Reach higher tiers for more exclusive perks. More information will be announced shortly, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!

Happy Easter!

Due to spotty weather, logging miles on your e-bike in the spring can prove difficult, but with the right gear and equipment such as rain jackets and waterproof bags, you can take advantage of this early riding season. Most people will still be sitting at home waiting for warmer and drier weather. But you’ll be getting exercise and use out of your favorite e-bike, preparing your body for summer, and seeing epic sunset and sunrise views which many will miss out on.

So don’t let a little rain dampen your spirits on your next spring ride. Check out our top 10 Tips for Riding an Electric Bike in the Rain and then be sure to take full advantage of our Easter event, going on now.

Sign up for our Newsletter via the Himiway Homepage to be the first to know about future events and deals. Scroll to the bottom of our homepage to easily add your name to our private Newsletter distribution. And don’t forget, for our limited Easter event, you’ll get triple (3 times) Himi points worth up to $47-$119 for any e-bike purchase.

Happy Easter!