Electric Mountain Bike Protection Guide 2022

Electric Mountain Bike Protection Guide 2022

Riding an electric mountain bike is a wonderful experience. Those who opt for an electric mountain bike instead of a regular one, know that they must have a mountain bike safety kit. Accidents happen all the time, no matter if you are on the road or a mountain bike trail. The rough mountain and the dirty roads mean that you must be protected. It can come in the form of a mountain bike safety kit or a downhill mtb protection. Whichever the case, it is needed and it will keep you safe.

When riding a mountain bike, you must take good care of protecting your whole body. This includes different things such as wearing protective equipment which will protect your head, knees, hands, and back. The suitable protection will also ensure that you are comfortable and safe, while you are having the utmost fun on the mountain bike trails, testing the limits of your e-bike.

So, becoming an e-bike mountain rider is not just getting yourself a good and quality e-bike, it also comes with the much-needed protective equipment. As mentioned above, there are many accessories that are specially and carefully designed to help in the protection of the body when up on the mountain. So, here is a quick and useful mountain bike protection guide that will guide you through everything you need to have and to know on how to best protect yourself when up on your mountain e-bike.

Open face helmet

The open face helmets are the most traditional and universal helmets. They are designed so that they are suitable for all types of rides, ranging from recreational to off-road riding trips and journeys. What makes this type of helmet so good and stand out from the other is that it is very light. It is also ventilated and comfortable to wear during the entire day. One disadvantage that might set your mind in doubt is that it is not as safe as eh full-face helmet. So, the helmet is as good as it fits, so when getting yourself a helmet, be sure to try out different sizes and styles. The choice should fall on the one that will make you feel the safest. Another thing to look out for when choosing an open helmet is to look if it has rotational impact protection, like MIPS. This type of technology works by having an extra shell or liner inside the helmet. It moves independently of the hard shell, which allows better to absorb the rotational shock. Another important thing to consider is whether the helmet is compatible with cycling or regular glasses.

  1. Full Face helmet

As mentioned above, there is nothing safer than a full-face helmet. This type of helmet is certified to the full face specifics ASTM F1952-115 standard. This means that this helmet provides full coverage, secure fit, and strength, which are the greatest benefits. Even on rough terrain, this type of helmet will provide the best safety. The majority of the full-face helmets contribute to excess sweating, especially when riding hard. This might make you feel short of breath. They are also heavier than the other helmets. But, with the development of the production of helmets, the new approach and techniques make them lighter and better ventilated. They are like an upgraded version on the full-face helmet. They also need to be certified for downhill use. Pick the helmet carefully since they do not have an adjustable retention system.

  1. Convertible Full Face Helmet

The convertible full-face helmet can combine two helmets in one, which is thanks to the detachable lower half. The best ones to buy are the ones with a certified model that I snot often certified for insufficient protection. These helmets are a great option for all those who do different activities and can use the top of the helmet on uphills and quickly convert to a full face mask on the downhill.

  1. Knee pads

In almost all accidents and collisions, the first body part that suffers the most is the kneed. That is why it is highly recommended for using knee pads. They are not only protective, but they are very comfortable too. For those who need more comprehensive protection, there is an option of heavy-duty knee pads that will better protect the knees.

  1. Elbow pads

Just like the knee pads, the elbow pads are also very needed when it comes to mountain biking. Although many riders prefer not to wear them, mainly because that affects their riding experience, they are very comfortable, and above all, safe. For those who are prone to elbow injuries or just want to be safe, elbow pads are an option to keep in mind.

  1. Protection packs

Protecting the back is also very important, but the back protectors come with a great deal of compromise. This is in terms of comfort and ventilation. There are lots of manufacturers that have optimized the back protectors inserting them into the backpacks themselves. So, for those who like to ride with a lot of stuff and not just with some basic necessities, this is a great way to protect the spine in the process.

Overall, the protection of riding an e-bike is very important and needed for all those who want to enjoy the ride at best and feel protected. All these accessories will contribute to feeling safe and protected. The mountain e-bike trails can be tricky and unpredictable, so it is best to have the best protection for your body at all times.