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Himiway Activity | Write a Blog

Himiway Activity of Writing a Blog
For more close to our customers, we need some real stories or experiences from real customers to share. Are you or your family members interested in writing blogs? Do you want to share your riding experience? Have you ever written a blog and express something? Come on! Here's a chance and don’t miss it! We have already build up a stage for you!  You can record a common day you spend with an E-bike, you can write down an unforgettable experience on the way, and you also can post a daily life on cycling!

The activity is always open. We also provide some rewards for you. If you are interested in writing blogs about E-bikes and want to know about the details&rewards about activity, please contact support@himiwaybike.com. :)


Please NOTE: Participating blog posts need to be ORIGINAL CONTENT of your own, and CANNOT PLAGIARIZE other people's articles.