Discovering Your Himiway All Terrain Electric Bike

Discovering your Himiway | All-terrain E-Bike

Hi everybody, the new series video of Himiway Bike on Youtube is online now! What are you waiting for? Let's watch the first episode together!

Hey everyone! Welcome to Himiway's showcase series "Discovering your Himiway". Through our introduction, I want you guys to have a deeper understanding of Himiway bike features, uses and really just all the ways that this bike will "wow" you and exceed your expectations.

As today is the first episode, let's talk about the scenarios and environments where you can ride your Himiway as well as some of the top-of-the-line components we've brought together to make your bike.

Currently, the outbreak of COVID-19 in many countries around the world has had a serious impact on public travel. Nowadays, more and more people are looking for alternatives in private transportation to meet their travel needs.

Now, cars are probably the largest mode of private transportation and they're definitely suitable for long-distance travel. But if you're traveling a short distance, maybe just a few miles, either in an urban area or out in the country, often cars aren't your best choice, be it because of traffic, parking, fossil fuel cost and waste, or maybe just because you'd rather find yourself closer with nature than a car allows.

Bicycles are the perfect alternative, and one of the absolute best options would be the Himiway-All Terrain Electric Fat Bike.

Discovering Your Himiway All Terrain Electric Bike

The Himiway e-bike is a three-in-one function electric bicycle:

- It can be used as a standard bicycle, simply requiring pedaling without electric power assistance.

- It is also a power-assisted bicycle. So, when the power is turned on, electric power assistance kicks in at a manually-set intensity when the pedals are moving forward.

- Finally, it is an electric bike. When the power is turned on and you're riding without making use of the pedals, you can strictly use the accelerator to engage the electric motor and get yourself moving and moving quickly.

So, considering these three riding modes, the Himiway e-bike is suitable for so many groups of people:

- For example, it can be used as a bicycle with its main function or purpose being for fitness.

- When you get tired out after a good while of pedaling, which can be the case for anyone, myself included, you can adjust to the power-assisted mode, so power kicks in and your pedaling efforts combine with the electric motor to make for faster speeds and less strenuous pedaling.

- Alternatively, you can switch it up and cease pedaling entirely, conserve your energy, and let the electric power of the Himiway e-bike do the work for you.

Because of the three riding modes of this e-bike, it can be used in any number of situations, such as:

Commuting: It can be used for commuting to work within 6 miles in both cities and more rural areas. Think about that. Isn't it a beautiful thing to ride a bicycle to work, admire the flowers, get that fresh-cut grass smell, enjoy a bit of sunshine while on your way to or from work? Sounds to me like a perfect addition to the workday.

Another situation would be for fitness or exercise: Riding the Himiway bike for miles on the weekends and getting in some extra exercise seems to me like a perfect way to burn some calories. Check this out, last week Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is in his 70s, was getting some exercise in on his e-bike in his yard.

One more situation would be for Leisure and entertainment:

Ride along the river on the weekends, ride up to a hearty BBQ with friends, or ride your Himiway bike through valleys, trees or even on the beach. You can use your Himiway bike to make your day a little bit more adventurous and enjoyable.

Thanks for watching it. This is the first episode of our Himiway product introductions. I hope to help you better understand the Himiway all-terrain bicycle's features and functionality and bring you a bit of inspiration during this tough time. If you're interested in learning more or want to place an order, please visit Himiway's website: to do so.

Finally, I hope you all stay safe and healthy during these trying times.