A Story of Riding Free with Himiway Electric Bike

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A Story of Riding Free with Himiway Electric Bike

Recently, we have received many emails about the riding experience of our customers. Some customers, who are waiting for their bikes, also prepare to share their diary of riding when they receive the bikes. We also cannot wait to receive your emails and share your stories!

John Randall, one of our customers, shared his story with us:

"When I first considered buying an electric bicycle I did much research online about them. I had a price range I needed to stick to as I am on a fixed income. I am also, or was, a very out of shape sixty-six-year-old man.

I read up on many review articles and blogs on the various machines out there and settled on two finalists. While I won't mention Himiway's competitor, Himiway was one of them.

Once I saw the good price, I pulled the trigger on the purchase of the Himiway Electric Fat Bike.

When it arrived in a large box I was instantly intimidated as I have relatively low mechanical skills and have taken forever with prior orders of large items to get them assembled correctly. For me, written directions are not necessarily 'intuitive' to me.

Anyway, I proceeded with much excitement to bite the bullet and "git er done."

In a half-hour, I had it completely assembled though I will say that my lack of understanding had me a bit confused about the front axle assembly. I thought parts were missing and found the graphics a bit wanting in answering my question. I forged ahead and it was done. The battery was even fully charged right out of the box. I got on and rode it after reading all of the prescribed instructions and warnings, and I was instantly impressed. This thing hauled _ss! It hauled my two hundred pound _ss in fact, fast!. The manual says it will do twenty miles per hour. Mine does twenty-two.

I went out riding with my roommate who has been an avid cyclist for some years and rides thirty miles a few times a week. He IS in good shape. What was funny was that we rode a steady but not too fast speed and toward the end of the ride, he peddled his lightweight twelve speed at full speed and I passed him by seven miles an hour! I turned and playfully called out that he was too slow! He laughed and shook his head. When we got back to the house he stared at it wondering if maybe he should get one.

"That thing is a fast dude." he opined.

I offered to let him try it and he finally flatly refused, saying that if he did he would buy one and that would upset his routine too much. Lol! We finally did a Saturday ride of his in Jacksonville consisting of a thirty miler. I rode with the lowest level power assist most of the way and full electric for about a quarter of it. When we got back, I still had a half charge left. Amazing!.

I have so much to share about my experiences on this remarkable bike. I find the design to be remarkable in what it actually does throughout the power assist levels. Battery technology has come a long way obviously, as this thing charges fast and lasts a long time.

For a bike weighing nearly eighty pounds, the thing peddles easily even without power and coasts well I suppose from shear inertia. It has very fat off-road tires that can take me places my friend cannot go. He rides only on asphalt because his thin tired bike will bog down. He experiences many flat tires over his rides and carries a kit to fix them on him at all times. I never get flats. The tires on this bike need just twenty pounds of pressure and smooth out the ride so well that small twigs and ruts are barely felt.

As I said, more to come on this gift to me."

Thanks for sharing by John Randall! That is a really interesting experience.

Looking for ideas on how to celebrate our country's independence? Why not decorate your bike(with flags, balloons, glow sticks, colorful ribbons, etc.) to ride free? It will be an amazing landscape when you ride your bike in the street!