Electric Bike for your father

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's day is just as important and a celebrated holiday as mother's day. Fathers are important and very needed figures in the life of one person. This type of holiday is always associated with gifting the fathers with some unique and special gifts. A lot of researches have shown that the most common gifts for Father's day, thought the years, have been socks and ties. But, as the times change, there are some more interesting and suitable gifts to gift, like an E-bike for example.

All those who are keeping up with the biking industry certainly know that e-bike is currently seeing extreme popularity. With the development and the advancement of the industry, as well as the need for a change of lifestyle, the e-bike has become the most wanted and desired vehicle. All the old and the new cyclers are seeing the benefits of the E-bike and are constantly researching and looking for more and more upgraded versions.

The E-bike is an excellent way to change some things in life, as well as to improve your lifestyle. Riding an E-bike has great benefits. Also, the E-bike makes a great gift, for any occasion. Especially for Father's day. As our parents' age, the need for being more physically active as well as keeping their mental health great relies pretty much on doing some activity. This activity should be fun and interesting, as well as satisfactory too. So, instead of thinking of the regular and the traditional bike, a great option and a suggestion is gifting an E-bike. So, you might wonder what makes the e-bike the best Father's Day Gift? Well, keep on reading to find out more. Also, if your father is already a passionate cycler, here are some other ideas that will inspire you for the best gift ideas.


As mentioned above, if your father is a passionate cycler or is thinking about starting cycling, then, there is no better gift than an e-bike. Especially during the pandemic, the E-bikes became so demanded since they provided a great way to keep a social distance and still be active. Whether it comes to running errands, or just doing casual daily cycling the e-bike is a wonderful option. The greatest thing about the E-bikes is that they come with two pedal modes. The first one is a pedal-assisted mode, while the other one is a motor-assisted mode. The pedaling mode is great for moderate physical activity, while the other mode is great for preserving strength and climbing heels, and dealing with rough terrain.

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Bike Helmet

A bike helmet is one of the most important and needed accessories for every bike cycler. And for Father's day, it makes it a perfect gift idea. The bike helmet is one of the most needed accessories related to the bikes and E-bikes since it is important for the safety and the health of the rider. The Himiway Bike Helmet is a great option for the Father's Day Gift. It is designed with a solid hard shell and also has integrated bright LED rear lights. It comes in two colors: blue and white.

Travel trunk Bag

Another pretty interesting and unique gift for Father's day is the Himiway Travel trunk Bag. This is a type of bag that is made of non-woven fabric and has waterproof zippers. All of that makes it wear- and dirt-resistant during cycling. It also comes with great insulation, especially if you carry drinks in it, which will keep it cold or hot for up to 5 hours. It can be attached to the rear part f the bike and it will make a great gift and an excellent accessory.


Front Basket

In their basic form, the E-bikes do not come with many accessories. That is why there is an abundance of accessories that fit the E-bike and that also make great Father's day gifts. Another perfect gift is the Himiway Escape Front Basket. It is different than the trunk bag. However, it can carry up to 13 kg of cargo, particularly because it is made of aluminum construction. It is the perfect option for cyclists who want to have a special place to leave their belongings while cycling.

These and many more E-bike accessories are available at Himiway. Be sure to check the wide offer of accessories here. Celebrating Father's day in style has never been easier and trendier. Go the extra mile and gift the most unique gift. Do not forget about the Himiway's Father's Day promotion. Be a part of it and come join the event.