Unique Gifts for Mother's Day

Unique Gifts for Mother's Day

Once a year, a special day comes around when we can show our appreciation for the mothers in our lives. Whether it is our own moms, grandmas, or our lifelong partners, this day is important to take a moment and show our gratitude for all those moms do. This year, that day falls on Sunday, May 8th so be sure you don’t miss it!


After all, moms are there taking care of us when we are just little crying babies. They are there during those sleepless nights when we had scary dreams, and they are there when we needed a ride to and from practice for whichever sport or activity we chose after school. Moms always know what to do in an emergency and they help keep a household together in tough times. They deserve so much love and respect for all they do.


This year, tell your mom you love them for all the moments they’ve given you. And give her something in return to show you really mean it. Spending some time in advance to plan a Mother’s Day gift can be a great token of appreciation that your mother will cherish forever. We have unique ideas for any budget to help you pick out the perfect gift.


Unique Gift Idea #1: A Home-cooked Meal

What’s better than a warm, homecooked meal after a long day? After all those meals that your mom cooked for you and your family, turn the tables on her and invite her over for a dinner of your own making. If your wife is a mom, make her a favorite dish. It shows you spent the time to research her favorite recipe, pick up the ingredients at the grocery store, and make it custom for her.


Make sure she knows you are planning to cook but don’t give away too many details. You want to make sure she doesn’t have other meal plans, but you still want to keep the element of surprise in your gift. And for after dinner is done, don’t forget her favorite wine and dessert!


Unique Gift Idea #2: A Himiway Cargo Bike

Our second gift idea should come as no surprise. We are naturally biased on how good of a gift an e-bike would make for that special mother in your life. In particular, an e-bike like the Himiway Big Dog might be the ideal transportation option for a busy mom.


Everything from picking up groceries on the weekend to commuting back and forth to the office is more fun on a stylish electric cargo bike. With easy access due to the step-thru frame design and industry-leading range from the electric battery, this e-bike is a great way to get around Spring through Fall. The extra fat tires provide a comfortable ride, and the racks ensure she will have space for whatever life demands.


Not to mention, e-bikes are great for the environment and the perfect way to stay on budget since you can skip the gas-guzzling SUV for those shorter trips around town. She can get in some exercise and sunshine as she cruises through town on her very own e-bike. Add a basket or bike rack to many Himiway models for ultimate functionality that she will be sure to appreciate no matter what she uses her bike for.


Unique Gift Idea #3: A Letter Expressing Your Gratitude

So often we wait too long to tell someone how much we appreciate them. This is especially true for mothers who do so much for us. It’s unique because many people simply buy something from the store. If money is tight this year, opt for a heartfelt and handwritten note telling your mom or grandma how much they mean to you.


Write about a particular memory that you enjoy of them and thank them for raising you or for raising your children if you are writing to your wife. It will hold a special place in her heart, and it doesn’t cost you a dime! If you do find that you want to add something small, stop by the local florist and get her a flower to go with it.


Unique Gift Idea #4: A Spa Day for Her and A Friend

Moms work hard day and night to provide for their families. Give the mom in your life a day of rest and relaxation at the spa. Earn some extra brownie points by giving her a gift card or certificate that she can use with a friend. Most people forget how much fun it can be to have a best friend join for a spa day. She can spend the day laughing and reminiscing with her friend and you can have the house all to yourself to prepare for anything else you might have planned this Mother’s Day.


Unique Gift Idea #5: Plan a Day to go Biking or Hiking

Spending quality time in the fresh air will be sure spirits stay high this Mother’s Day. We here at Himiway are partial to e-biking, but any outdoor activity will do. If your mom doesn’t like biking, a hike in the woods or rollerblading at the park can work, too!


If you have an e-bike, but your mom doesn’t, offer to let her ride yours so she can see how much fun it is. Spending a day in the park can include lunch and ice cream on the way home, too.


Plan Your Gift in Advance

Now is the perfect time to start planning your gift for Mother’s Day on May 8th. Don’t wait until the last minute to get started. Putting thought and prep work into your gift will show her just how much she means to you.


While we’ve covered some of our favorite unique gifts for Mother’s Day today including the best e-bikes, don’t forget there are many other gift guides and accessory guides for her or you to choose from.


From all of us here at Himiway, Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there!