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Safety Tips for Cycling in Hot Weather

Much has been said about summer e-biking lately because summer is the most popular time to ride. Naturally, summer is also the easiest season to get out and use your e-bike. The weather is warm and clear, the days are long, and there are endless activities to partake in with your bike.

But as summer is halfway over, it can be tempting to become a bit lazy when it comes to preparation and awareness. We may begin to get too comfortable as our commuting routines and habits become more ingrained. However, skipping these basic e-bike safety tips for hot weather cycling can be dangerous. This set of tips is meant to remind you of some basic and also some not-so-common practices that can help during the last and hottest month of the summer.

Whether you are biking 30 minutes each daycommuting to your place of work, or simply cruising the streets of your town with pedal assist turned on for fun, check out our list of 5 great safety tips for cycling in HOT weather!

Safety Tips for Cycling in HOT Weather | Himiway

Number One E-bike Tip – Stay Hydrated!

You’ve seen this tip a million times before. Why is that? Because it is the absolute most important tip to remember and act on in the heat. Your body loses moisture through your skin by perspiration. Otherwise, known as sweating. Water makes up about 60% of our body, and you can’t function without it. This moisture needs to be replaced in your body as you sweat, otherwise you risk dehydration, heat stroke, or fainting. Should any of those issues befall you whilst on a ride, the consequences could be deadly. 

We want everyone in the Himiway and E-bike family to stay safe and healthy this summer, which is why we insist on reminding you about the importance of staying hydrated. The amount of water you need depends on your size, level of physical activity, and amount of perspiration. To stay on the safe side, it is recommended adults consume about three liters of water each day, and slightly more in the heat while riding. Three liters equals about ¾ of a gallon. You can use a backpack with a water straw, a water bottle holder, or by stopping at water fountains in your city if they are available. However, you do it – stay hydrated on your e-bike!

Be Aware of the Sun’s Location

Many riders use summer as a great excuse to get out and run errands on their e-bike that they otherwise may use a car for. This is great and contributes to our green revolution by using sustainable transportation. However, it is important to consider the sun’s position in the sky before you ride. Although it may be warm and bright outside, if you are riding close to cars on the street, you may want to pay extra attention to your route. 

For example, if you are riding east towards your destination early in the morning, you are riding towards the sun, which will still be low in the sky. You should always ride WITH traffic, which means drivers and other riders will also be riding towards the sun. This can make it difficult to see cyclists on the side of the road as the sun obscures the driver’s vision. Wear light, bright clothing, and ride as close to the outer edge of the road as possible. 

The same principle applies while riding west at sunset. If you are riding in the later hours of the day to avoid the heat of the sun, be cautious about poor visibility for driver’s coming up behind you. Not only will wearing bright clothing keep you cool by reflecting the sun, but it may also help you be more noticeable by automobiles.  

Wear Sunscreen While Riding

All people can benefit from moisturizing with strong sunscreen, no matter the color of their skin. But light-skinned people may burn more easily, so it is extra imperative for them to wear sunscreen while riding outside in the hot months of summer. Even on cloudy days, sunscreen can help prevent you from getting burnt. With the long-range of the Himiway lineup of bikes, it can be tempting to ride for hours and hours. Stay protected on long trips by carrying an extra bottle of sun lotion in your e-bike bag

Keep Your E-bike Protected from the Sun When Possible

E-bike batteries typically have great battery management systems (BMS) which will ensure optimal use and operating temperature of the battery. However, in extreme and direct heat, it is not unheard of for the battery to overheat, especially when other heat factors are at play. To avoid any issues, keep your bike under cover or shade during the day whenever possible. Only use manufacturer-recommended batteries and charging units. And always keep your e-bike dry to ensure a short circuit does not occur and cause the battery or motor to catch fire. It is a very rare occurrence, but it is better to be safe than sorry.  

Plan Your Route and Time of Day

By planning your route with maps or apps, you may be able to find locations and trails which are more covered by the shade of trees, buildings, or hills. By paying attention to the temperature and the location of the sun, you may also change the time of day that you ride. Two to five in the afternoon is the hottest time of the day in summer. The sun is strongest and the temperatures can become unbearable quickly. Do not get caught too far away from your destination unless you have adequately prepared with water, sunscreen, snacks, and a fully charged e-bike. 

These tips apply at all times, but are doubly important to keep in mind during the hottest months of the year. Stay hydrated at all times with water —, not pop or coffee! Keep an eye on the sun’s position in the sky, wear sunscreen on your exposed skin, protect your e-bike from direct prolonged sun exposure, and plan your route carefully. By following these tips, you will stay safer and lower the risk of any heat-related accident occurring during your trips. 

Check out more hot-weather tips for charging your e-bike in summer. Happy riding!