Cycling Route for Adirondack Park Loop

Cycling Route for Adirondack Park Loop

Welcome to our new article series devoted specifically to different cycling routes and attractions in the United States! Whether you have a Himiway E-bike or traditional bicycle, these routes are sure to be a fun challenge and a beautiful opportunity for sightseeing. With so many affordable options, a family biking vacation might just be the trip you’ve been looking for this upcoming season. Or book yourself a solo bike trip and spend as little or as long as you’d like taking in each view.   

We’re going to preview a major e-bike route in the U.S. and highlight exciting activities or additional paths of interest in the area. Using a Himiway e-bike will allow you to experience the most of any given route thanks to the long-range battery capacity, pedal-assist technology, and special fat tires that come standard on all Himiway models. However, these tips and suggestions will be perfect for hikers, bikers, or motorcyclists as well!

The Adirondack Park Loop

The Adirondack Park Loop is located in northern New York and is one of the most beautiful stretches of natural land on the East Coast. Known for large rolling hills, plenty of small rural towns, and majestic rivers, the Adirondack Park is a must for any serious bicyclist. The best time to ride this route is May through September. Visiting in October might give you the best view of the fall leaves changing color, but it could be cold by that point, with temperatures during the day of 60 degrees Fahrenheit on average.

Although the entire Park Loop is more than 400 miles, visitors can do as much or as little of the trail as they want. We recommend the entire loop for the greatest adventure, but new bikers or those wishing to enjoy a shorter trip will find it best to choose a single segment of the trip. After all, the park is bigger in size than many famous U.S. National Parks combined. By using a bike rack in conjunction with your car and e-bike, you’ll be able to drive to the park or specific destinations and use your e-bike when you find a nice place to ride.

Most riders begin and end in Albany, NY at Jennings Landing Amphitheatre. Maps and brochures can be obtained from any visitor center, nearby bike stores, or can even be obtained from the Adirondacks Visitor website before your trip.

Heading north you will follow a majestic river known as the Mohawk River with no traffic before choosing the counterclockwise direction of the route which will mean you’ll enter Saratoga Springs where you can stop and rest for the night. Be sure to charge your battery or bring a spare if you intend to journey further.

If you choose to head clockwise around the Loop, your first town of note will be the small city of Gloversville. While it is the most populous city in Fulton County, it’s not nearly as big as Albany.

Whichever direction you choose to tackle the Adirondack biking loop, you’ll get to Lake Placid at the northern point of the trip, a wonderful city known for hosting the Winter Olympics and for quaint farmhouses and businesses. There are plenty of dining and sleeping options available in Lake Placid and it will be worth it to spend an entire day exploring this historic location.

From Lake Placid, you’ll begin to head back down south through the small towns and historic old battlegrounds connected by the most peaceful country roads. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you ride up and down the rolling hills of Northern New York.

The entire Adirondack biking trip might take you as long as a week to complete so you’ll need to plan lodging and meals, but the trip could be made shorter with the use of a car. And, of course, if you are using a long-range e-bike such as the new Himiway Zebra, the miles will just slip by with ease.

Activities and Sights to See on the Adirondack Park Bike Loop

Lake Champlain – Sometimes referred to as the 6th Great Lake, Lake Champlain is surrounded by lush, green farms, trees of all shapes and sizes, and bustling harbors. Simply take the Burlington Ferry Spur north of Hague to visit Port Kent and get a great view of this beautiful lake.

Lake Placid – Best known for hosting the Winter Olympics, Lake Placid has the iconic view of Mirror Lake with large estates, the Olympic Skip Jump and Bobsled Complex, and Mount Jo which offers a great view of fall colors.

Wild Center’s Wild Walk – The Wild Walk is an attraction at The Wild Center located in Tupper Lake. If you want to see the treetops from the highest point, this exciting trail of bridges will offer you a unique vantage.

Fire Towers – There are many decommissioned fire towers across the Adirondack. These fire towers were originally used to scan the horizon for forest fires and alert park rangers and fire fighters. Today they are decommissioned but the structures are still there and are a neat sight.

Riding Tips for Cyclists

We understand not everyone will be in peak riding condition to be able to ride the entire Adirondack Park Loop. But even if you are going for a day ride along a segment of the Loop, it is best to be prepared.

Ensure your bike has proper air in the tires or pack a mini bike pump for the road. You will need plenty of food and hydration for longer rides, so consider storing food supplies and water in a trunk or rack bag.

Protect yourself anytime you are riding, especially with traffic, by using a quality bike helmet.

And as obvious as it sounds, ensure you have money with you for when you want to stop off in any of the cute towns along your path. You never know when you might find a souvenir or cup of coffee at the right spot.

Enjoy Your Trip!

With these e-bike tips and suggestions in mind, you’re sure to enjoy your biking vacation to any locale you choose. If New York is too far away, we’ve also got a great list of Recommended Bike Trips in California and the 5 Best E-bike Trails in the U.S. to keep you busy. Check them out today!