How to Fall off an Electric Mountain Bike without Getting Hurt

How to Fall off an Electric Mountain Bike without Getting Hurt

E-bikes have become very popular over the last few years. Although they are very popular, the possibility of falling off a bike and having injuries remains the same. This especially refers to the high-speed mountain bike crash and the injuries that might come from that. Even though the e-bike provides a great ride, there is always suggested to be safe and avoid any crashes. However, accidents can still happen and there is definitely something that you can do about it.  

The popularity of the E-bike comes with certain risks. The E-bike is a new and cool solution. Whether it is for a regular commute to work or just a physical activity, the e-bike rose above the traditional bikes. For those pursuing mountain bike activities, crashes and falling off bike injuries are unavoidable. So, what can one do to remain safe during such activities?

The most common thing that happens involving the mountain bike crash is falling off the bike. It is an inevitable thing. No matter if that is a regular bike or an e-bike, accidents like this happen all the time. This especially concerns the elderly riders that might end up with a serious injury. But, there is a way to make the falling and the injury a bit better. This means that learning how to fall might prevent any serious falling off bike injuries from happening, and that takes practice. No matter the type of situation that you might find it, there are always a few seconds that you can react and minimize the fall and the degree level of the injury.

1. Always wear a helmet

Wearing a helmet is the first and the most important thing that you need to remember when going up on a bike. The helmet is not just an accessory. It is the thing that might end up saving your life and prevent more serious injuries from happening. Some states have even regulated wearing a helmet with a law. The speed of the electric bikes is higher than the ordinary ones, which means that if you fall, the force will be stronger. The helmet here protects the head and the neck from suffering serious injury from the hit to the ground.

2. Ditch the E-bike

Another important lesson that you have to learn when riding an E-bike, and any other bike is that you always come first. Do not worry about your crashed mountain bike, whether it will get broken or damaged. You and your health always come first and you need to protect yourself. Doing that safely is to ditch the crashed mountain bike in case of an accident and falling down. Be alert and remember that in case of falling or accident, ditch the bike as far as possible so that you can protect yourself better.

3. Never use your hands

This might be a hard and challenging thing to do, but it is important and essential when finding yourself in a high-speed mountain bike crash. Since the earliest age, kids are learning how to fall and stand up, and for that, they use their hands. But, when it comes to falling off a bike, this should not apply. It is best to avoid the hands because you are likely to break them. This might end up in serious injuries like breaking not only the hands but the wrists, elbows, bones, all the way up to the collar bone. As we age, the bones become less strong, which means they need more time to heal. The entire body weight, the weight of the fall, and coming down on your hands can cause serious injuries. The best way to fall and to prevent landing on your hands is to spread the impact over a large surface area, for example back or the sides.

4. Tuck and roll

When a bike accident happens, the fall is inevitable. From the hit and the force of it, you will most definitely land on the ground. When that happens, even though it might be fast, it is important to remember to protect your head. The helmet you wear already has protection, but, the extra protection is very suggested. And how to do that? Lean the chin towards the chest and lift the arms to protect the neck and the head. If the accident turns your fall to the side, you can easily turn the body to land on the back or the sides (shoulders, hips, buttocks). Although this is a stressful situation, try to relax the body in an event of a fall and roll on the ground. Staying calm and put together will prevent the body from being too rigid, which can break the body. In case the force of the fall is too strong and you hit up the head on the ground, looking for medical help and checking for concussions is simply a must.

Overall, accidents happen all the time. No matter if you are an experienced rider or a beginner, the traffic, the surface, the weather conditions, can contribute to an accident happening. Just a bit of imbalance can land you on the ground. An animal running out on the road, or another rider causing you to lose track can lead to a fall. That is why you must be prepared and learn how to fall and safely land on the ground. Even though these situations are stressful, protecting yourself is the priority, and learning how to fall will minimize the damage that might happen to your body. Always wear the helmet, don’t fall on the hands, and if there are multiple riders involved, be sure to roll and protect the head. Do not think about your E-bike, always put yourself and your health in the first place.