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5 Best E-Bike Trails in the U.S. You Must Know

Among the other things, the United States are known for their exceptional bike trails across America. And if you take your e-bike with you, you will not only get the best scenic view, but you will get there fast enough. The popularity of E-bikes has risen to the level that they are today even more demanded than regular bikes, and the bike trails across America are an excellent opportunity to explore and see the benefits of the E-bike yourself.

Some of the most beautiful landscapes and nature of the United States can easily be explored with the best electric bike for long-distance touring. These tours are long, but with your E-bike, the trip will be comfortable. No matter if you are going into the desert, the beach, the forest, the mountain, etc. all of these long-distance trails can easily be covered with the e-bike. The United States offers thousands of cycling routes that are suitable and easily accessible and can be visited with electric bicycles. All of the scenic and beautiful trails in the country are best to be explored with the long range electric bike.

Here are the 5 best E-Bike trails you must know and explore with your E-bike:

1. Hell’s Revenge

Hell's Revenge is one of the most famous bike trails in America. It is located in Moab, Utah and it runs for 6.8 miles. The precise location is northeast of Moab, between the Sand Flats Road and the river. Many consider it is as the best option for mountain bikers, and that is why it comes high on the lists of the most chosen trailers for E-Bikers. What makes it stand out is that the E-bikers can go through multiple rugged sandstone features that come with 1081 Ft of steep climbing and -1230 Ft of descent. Additionally, the nature and the view are truly amazing. Going through the trail, the e-bikers are faced with absolutely marvelous views of the La Sai Mountains and the Arches National Park.

It is very well known that Utah has some of the best national parks in the entire USA. That puts it as a favorable choice for the e-bikers as well, since it offers trails through these national parks, perfectly suitable for riding.

2. Katy Trail

Katy Trail runs for 237 miles, across most of the state of Missouri. What makes it pretty extraordinary is that it is a part of the Missouri State Park, and almost half of the trail's length follows Lewis and Clark's path up the Missouri River. This scenic route offers an amazing experience and fabulous views. Just after the river. The trails continue to peaceful farmland and small-town Americana. The trail is pretty flat, and scenic, making it ideal for hiking, running and perfect for E-bikers. For a break, the trail offers wonderful restaurants and accommodation.

3. Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail

Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail is an exceptional choice for the hikers and E-bikers that would love to do some exploration and get a taste of Washington's diversity. The trail follows the corridor of the Milwaukee Road and the linear park runs from the west of North Bend to Columbia River and continues to the Idaho border. The trail shows and offers a lot of tunnels and trestles. The E-bikers are offered the unique experience of riding through a picturesque variety of ecosystems that make the experience even more unforgettable.

4. Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

With a length of more over than 80 miles, Mammoth Mountain Bike Park is located near the mammoth Lakes in California. This ideal place for winter sports and ski destinations is a very popular one during the summer season too. Especially for the E-bikers, this place offers so many opportunities for E-bikes pros and beginners. All of the trails are well marked by skill level. This means that there are just enough opportunities for beginners, intermediates, and advanced E-bikers. Moreover, this park is considered a premier bike park in the USA, mainly because of its length and the amenities it offers its riders. The best trails are the ones running between Mammoth Mountain and the Mammoth Lakes Villages, all freely accessible, with a beautiful setting for all those looking to take their E-bike for an exploration ride.

5. The Shining Sea Bikeway

The Shining Sea Bikeway is located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The bike trail, in the length of around 11 miles, comes around the coast from Falmouth, MA to Woods Hole, MA, beyond North Falmouth, MA ending up the Vineyard Sound shoreline. These bike trails are suitable for any level of cyclists as well as the E-bikers too. The entire route is full of wonderful landscapes and scenery that make the ride even more enjoyable and memorable. The trail is pretty easy for riding, with just a few places with a slight slope.

Riding through a city is a thing that has become a lifestyle and necessary. However, planning a long-distance electric bike trip is something that is just exciting and that will move away from the everyday routine. The scenic parks and the bike trails they provide are an excellent option for all the e-bikers that want to do some exploring on their own, see nature, and experience biking on the most suitable and interesting bike trails around the USA. There is no better way to explore your E-bike than get into the groove or cycling on different terrain and all the properties that the trails offer.

Besides these 5 E-bike routes, the USA offers a lot of other routes that are ideal and suitable for E-bikers. Riding an E-bike on a special bike trail is an entirely new experience, worth trying.