bike rack bag and  trunk bag on the rear rack

Cycling Bags Buying Guide 2021

Whether for commuting or long-distance cycling trips such as bike camping, an electric fat tire bike will always take you to your destinations without worries. Every time when you go out, there must be some necessities to carry, like umbrellas, repair tools, etc. Bike bags are a good companion to help you carry these sundries during the cycling trip, which will greatly facilitate your travel. There are various cycling bags on the market to choose from. And different types of bags correspond to different characteristics. When buying bike bags, you should make a decision based on your personal needs and your bike condition. Next, we would like to share 7 different bike packages, and explain which scenarios they are suitable for from their pros and cons to help you make a choice.

Waterproof Backpacks

This is the kind of bike backpack most suitable for daily use, such as commuting and other short-distance cycling. If you don't have many heavy items to bring, then it will be your best helper. The backpack is easy to carry. You just need to throw your water cup, mobile power supply, repair tools, and other belongings you want to carry into the bag, and put the bag on your back without packing it, then you can just get on your bike and set off to your destinations. There are many kinds of backpacks, it is best to choose the ones made of waterproof fabric. A waterproof backpack is easy to clean and is suitable for all kinds of weather. There is no need to worry about the bag would get wet on rainy days, which can effectively prevent the contents of the bag from being damaged. What's more, waterproof backpacks usually have a larger capacity. Most backpacks on the market have a capacity of more than 10L, which can almost put all the items needed for short-distance riding into the backpack and will definitely bring you a pleasant cycling trip.

However, there are still some shortcomings of bike backpacks. When riding on sunny days in summer, the insufficient filling can cause the backpack to floppy,  thereby make you sweat; when overfilling, the rider will feel uncomfortable. In addition, if you want to carry some fragile items such as glass bottles, mugs. Then there are other better options for you, as they may be squeezed and broken.


A pannier will make the rider feel much more comfortable than a backpack since you do not need to burden it on your back. The pannier usually has the same large capacity as the backpack or even larger, which can provide considerable space to store your belongings. They have functions like waterproof and scratch-proof, and are fixed to the rack by springs, elastic ropes, or clips, etc. Panniers are easy to install and disassemble at any time, so you can use them whenever you need. In most cases, in order to maintain the balance on both sides of the bicycle, we recommend using panniers in pairs and install them on both sides of the rack to avoid potential dangers. Of course, if you are carrying few things or just some light items, it is OK to carry only one pannier.

There are also some inconveniences when using panniers. First of all, you'll need a front or rear rack to mount the panniers on your bike. If you buy an ebike with a rear rack like a Himiway bike, that will not be a problem. If not, then you'll have to get a rack for your bike first. Secondly, when installing panniers, please pay attention to the installation position not to affect the rotation of the wheels and the operation of your legs, and remember to leave enough space for your legs to be stretched. At last, if you choose the rear rack panniers, there is a risk of theft as they are out of your sight.

Trunk Bags

If you feel that a pannier is a bit bulky and want a more convenient bag, then the bike trunk bag will perfectly meet your needs. Trunk bags are also called rack trunks. Unlike panniers, trunk bags are a type of large-capacity bike bag with a fixed position, that is, on the rear rack of the bike. It can contain many necessities that may be used for long-distance ridings, such as clothes, food, flashlights, and bicycle repair tools, etc. Their waterproof and scratch resistant performance is better than the pannier, just like the Himiway Travel Trunk Bag, it is the first choice for many cycling enthusiasts.

As for their cons, due to the weight changes on the rear of the bike, especially when there are a lot of heavy things in the bag, the rider may need to make more efforts to maintain balance. Otherwise, the bicycle may lose its balance and cause an accident. But don't worry, as long as you don't make the rear of the bike overweight, you will be in good control of it when you adapt to this weight change. Another disadvantage is, same as a rear rack pannier, theft may occur.himiway cruiser step thru is with a trunk bagSaddle Bags

A saddle bag is also named a seat bag. It is directly connected to the seat tube by a safety buckle, which is convenient for installation and removal. It's okay to place it in front of or behind the seat, depending on whether your bike has a top tube. However, because of the limited space behind the seat, the capacity of saddle bags is usually not as good as other bike bags. So if you want a larger capacity saddle bag, we suggest you buy a step-thru bike so that you have enough space to put the bag in front of the seat. But please always remember that excessive loading will cause the bike to shake, which is not conducive to safe riding. Regarding their smaller capacity, saddle bags are more suitable for holding some emergency items. Multifunctional tools, spare tires, tape, bandages, and other emergency items are all needed in case of emergency.

The only two disadvantages are that their capacity is relatively small and the items that can be accommodated are quite limited. The second is the common problem of rear bike bags---theft may happen to you.

Handlebar bag

As the name suggests, the handlebar bag is fixed to the bicycle handlebar with a strong belt or clip. Compared with saddle bags, handlebar bags have an even smaller capacity, so they can provide riders with more maneuvering space. Due to their limited capacity, handlebar bags are very suitable for storing some daily belongings that may be needed for short-distance riding. Camera, mobile phone, sunscreen, snacks, road map, etc., whatever you want. And in order to facilitate the rider to view the map, some brands of handlebar bags use a transparent material to place the map on the top of the bag, so that you can view your cycling route at any time without stopping the ride.

Its cons are that they're not suitable to carry excessive weight because it may affect the balance of the bike. Besides, please make sure that your handlebar bag will not interfere with some of your hand operations when you install it, such as braking and shifting. And please try not to ride at night as the bag may block the light of the headlights.

Frame Bags

The bike frame bag is installed on the frame, usually a top tube (if your bike has one). For step-thru frame bicycles without a top tube, you can choose to install the frame bag on the lower part of the seat tube. In general, this is a portable bike bag similar to a handlebar bag that is suitable for carrying some daily items. And it is easier for the rider to get the contents of the bag as they are closer to you.

The disadvantage is obvious. If you are riding an ebike and use pure electric mode, the frame bag will only slightly affect your riding. But once you start pedaling, the bag may rub against your legs and make you feel uncomfortable, which may affect your riding.


Well, we are now at the last type of bike bags. As a matter of fact, we should not call it a bag, that is, a bike trailer. The trailer is usually installed on the rear wheel hub of the bike. If you are going to shop and have a lot of things to buy, or your children want to go for a ride with you (although you can choose to buy a bike child seat), then the trailer will be your best companion. You can place most of the heavy objects in the trailer as long as it does not exceed the maximum capacity of your bike. And when riding on flat ground, in addition to the increase in weight and you will need to pedal harder, the trailer will hardly affect the balance of the bike, which is unmatched by other bike bags. 

himiway cruiser trailer for kids and pets

However, things have two sides, and trailers have some inevitable shortcomings. Their prices are generally more expensive than other types of bike bags although most of you can afford them. Another disadvantage of trailers is their large size and heavy weight. It will be more difficult for you to find a parking space when going outdoors, because your bike and trailer need enough space to rest themselves. What's more, trailers are not suitable for riding on some complicated terrain such as rugged and winding mountain roads, please be careful when going uphill and steering.

Now you must know what kind of bike bag you want and can’t wait to pack your luggage and embark on the journey. Wait! Please make sure you put all the necessities including bike repair tools in your luggage before you go. Choose the correct bike bag and prepare items according to your riding distance and time, check whether the route goes as planned, and think about everything that can ensure your riding safety. After all these are done, then just get on your Himiway ebike and start your brilliant cycling trip!