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Comparing Himiway Cobra with Aventon Aventure

Last fall, Himiway announced four exciting new models of e-bikes. Named after pillars of the animal kingdom, we launched the long-range ebike Himiway Zebra, known for its outstanding stamina. We announced the Himiway Big Dog, your loyal companion when it comes to hauling cargo. We also previewed the Himiway Cobra and Cobra Pro, our first truly dedicated electric mountain bikes (E-MTB for short).

Each of these new e-bikes has pushed the limits of electric mobility to a new frontier. We believe in making the world a more sustainable place, one e-bike at a time. To do that, we incorporated state-of-the-art long-range battery technology into each design. We uncompromisingly improved comfort, customization, and style. We even upgraded the motors to better withstand the myriad demands of today’s e-bike riders.

But don’t take our word for it. Not only do we share reviews from our customers, but we’re also comparing our new bikes to some of the best competition on the market. We believe that by benchmarking our quality and sustainability against other e-bike manufacturers, we can both improve our products, and better inform our customers of their options. After all, good e-bikes aren’t cheap. But they are valuable. And we want to ensure we are providing the most value we can in exchange for your hard-earned dollar.

The Himiway Cobra is a perfect example of this value. As a premium electric mountain bike, the Himiway Cobra provides the smoothest ride on the mountain at or below the price of other premium e-bike brands. When you add in the warranty protection and extraordinary battery range, we believe the Cobra provides the most value at the lowest overall cost available.

Let’s take a look at the details of the Cobra compared to some other leading e-bikes in the EMTB segment:

Comparison of Main Features

Ebike Comparison | Himiway

With a side-by-side comparison, let’s explore the main features to consider when deciding between two mountain e-bikes, using the M2S All Terrain FS as an example:

With matching price points, these two e-bikes seem like similar choices. But looking a bit further reveals some important differences. Firstly, an e-bike must have the longest range possible. No one wants to get caught out on a long ride with no energy to pedal home. This is where the long-range battery technology that Himiway has been developing comes into play. The Cobra delivers almost twice the mileage as the M2S All Terrain FS on a single charge. This is huge for those wanting the best of a traditional mountain bike combined with the comfort and joy of using the throttle of the e-bike.

We like the fact that the M2S comes with a full suspension and powerful motor like the Cobra, but we are not as impressed with the promise of only 1 year of the manufacturer’s warranty. We think that if you are building a premium product, you should stand behind your craftsmanship with a long warranty. Therefore, we offer double the protection of most other e-bike warranties. We would not be able to offer such an extended warranty if we didn’t believe in the quality of our parts and bikes.

Let’s now look further at the differences between some of the components of the Himiway Cobra and other mountain e-bikes on the market:

Comparison of E-bike Motors

Reviewing the motors between the Himiway Cobra and other top e-bikes in the field, we see the exciting 750-watt brushless gear hub motor on every entrant. This is because riders like the power and placement of the rear gear hub motor so there is not much to improve.

Despite that, Himiway did recently opt for the upgraded version of our motor which now provides 86Nm of max motor torque and a new inner ring which should increase the life expectancy of the motor. This is great to see because we all know the motor is one of the most important pieces of an e-bike and the hardest to replace.

Many riders will agree that the Himiway bike with motor, such as the one used in the Cobra, will give you the fastest acceleration from a stopped position in this bike class. The unique configuration of Himiway motors, battery power, bike weight, and tire traction all combine to give the Cobra the best take-off speed among the group.

Comparison of E-bike Batteries

No e-bike review would be complete without examining the batteries, arguably one of the most important components in any setup. Thanks to the 960Wh Cobra battery, there is little the competition can do to keep up. This single-cell capacity, lithium-ion battery efficiently improves the range, stability, and safety of the new Himiway bike lineup.

The Aventon Aventure has a slightly smaller battery at 720Wh providing 45 miles of range, and the RadRover 6 Plus comes equipped with an even smaller 672Wh Lithium NMC battery providing 25-45 miles of range. In the middle of the pack, we find the M2S All Terrain FS with a 20-45 miles per charge range. At this time, none of these batteries can deliver the performance or range of the Himiway battery, which clocks in at 60-80 miles of range per charge. Many factors determine the range of a given e-bike, but the battery is one of the most important.

When looking at the battery, it’s also important to take note of the design of the battery placement. The Himiway Cobra has an integrated design that sets the battery inside the frame and protects it from the environment and also gives the Cobra a sleek and powerful look. The M2S battery is not integrated. The RadRover 6 Plus is semi-integrated. Therefore, only the Himiway and the Aventure come equipped with a fully integrated battery, which is the best choice for your money.

Comparison of E-bike Frames

Finally, we come to the frame comparison of these mountain e-bikes. Each bike discussed today is built on a 6061 Aluminum Alloy frame which provides the most rugged and cost-effective method for an e-bike frame.

An attractive option for the Cobra is the two color options available to riders to differentiate themselves: the Cobra comes in King Cobra Black and Forest Cobra camouflage. Both colors are sure to turn heads no matter where you ride. Currently, the Aventure is the only other e-bike in this set with multiple color options. We always applaud giving riders more options to customize their e-bike appearance. Don’t forget to consider the optional accessories such as ebike frame when looking at different brands, too!

So which bike is the best choice? The answer to that question is up to the rider, of course! But we believe the Himiway Cobra represents a unique combination of power, affordability, and range that is unmatched in the EMTB market. Check out some of our other comparison articles to learn even more about the differences between Himiway e-bikes and other brands.