New Himiway Bike Bags: Which One is Right for You?

New Himiway Bike Bags: Which One is Right for You?

The New Year is now well underway. And as March gets into full swing, it can mean only one thing: preparing your e-bike for spring riding! And we have you covered. You may know we have new e-bikes in our line-up recently, but did you also know we have new e-bike bags?

That’s right! We know the perfect complement to any rider’s day is the right pack. So, we’ve launched four new bike bags to fit many of our new and existing models. The best new bike bag is one click away and today we are going to examine each in full detail so that you are prepared for any adventure the warm weather brings your way. Let’s get to it!

Triangle Frame Bag

Sometimes the best bag isn’t the biggest one, it’s the sleekest one. With that in mind, we’ve launched the Triangle Frame Bag available in our online store now. As the name implies, this Frame Bag is meant to be attached to various areas of your e-bikes frame. You can attach it to the top tube connecting the handlebar and the seat, or you can hang it down and connect it to the seat tube. It’s especially flexible because the bag actually separates into two bike triangle bags for unlimited placement options.

The bag itself weighs less than a pound and comes with 2.5 liters (L) of space inside. With hook and loop straps, you can affix the bag to your frame quickly and securely. Smooth zippers with rubber grips allow you to access your goods on the go or in wet conditions. For such a sleek bag, you might not think you can fit enough inside. However, thanks to a large capacity design, you can easily store everyday items during your ride such as your keys, wallet, phone, snacks, and whatever else you may need at a moment’s notice.

Handlebar Bag

Another great option for an even larger-capacity, waterproof bike bag is our new Bike Handlebar Bag. Unlock huge potential with this practical and stylish addition to your e-bike. It fits all our bike models like a glove and adds incredible functionality to any bike trip. As one of our most durable bags yet, you can use this multi-purpose bag to store your belongings while off your bike too such as during hiking or camping.   

Attaching the bag to the front of your handlebars is easy thanks to the adjustable length and secure straps while still leaving your hands and bike grips free for motion. If you need a little extra space for all your stuff, this is the bag for you due to the 7-14L of room with an adjustable design. Easily fit camping gear, picnic supplies, or your work clothes, and be sure they arrive with you wherever you’re headed in a dry condition. If the bag gets wet, it’s easily cleanable with a wet terry cloth and the reflective logo helps you be seen at night or in low light during rain or cloudy weather.

You can access this bag from either side while strapped to your handlebars making it easy to get items in and out while the bike is on its kickstand. With simple clips at the roll-down ends and secure metal straps, the workmanship that has gone into this bag is quite attractive to anyone looking for a durable option. The attention to detail shines through when you examine the top of the bag which utilizes additional straps just in case you can’t fit everything inside or don’t want to for ease of access. Simply slide your jacket or clothing under the flexible straps and keep riding.

Bike Rack Pannier Bag

Let’s now look at one of our biggest bags yet – the Bike Rack Pannier Bag from well-known bike bag brand Rockbros. This Pannier bag is designed to fit the rear rack of our Cruiser, Step-Thru, and Zebra. This design is notable for its saddle bag look which adds functionality as well as nice aesthetics to any of these bikes.

With 30L of space, you’ll be able to carry supplies for any occasion or length of ride. Spare clothes, towels, food, bug spray or sunscreen, you name it. This bag can fit it all. Not only is it easy to install but you don’t even need tools. Simply use the Velcro quick release design to get it on your bike and get moving in no time. The reflective strips will make you more noticeable to drivers, other bicyclists, and pedestrians as you move about town. 

And just like our Handlebar Bag, this Rack Pannier Bag is waterproof and made from 1000D polyester material for ultimate strength. Get plenty of life out of this bag thanks to its anti-tear, wear-resistant outer shell. If you commute to work on your e-bike or find yourself needing more cargo space, this is the bag for you.

Multifunctional Tool Kit Bag

Our final bag to showcase today is one that many riders ask us for and now we’ve delivered it! Our new Multifunctional Tool Kit not only serves as a helpful bike bag for carrying items, but it even comes stocked full of tools made specifically for e-bikes. If you are looking for a one-stop- shop of robust bag plus tools, you’ve found it.

It’s got work gloves with cut resistance for when you are performing minor repairs on the metal components of your bike. It’s got an apron to keep the grease off your clothes. It’s even got a set of wrenches and hex keys to adjust or tighten any bolts or parts that you need to troubleshoot on your ride. Pick and choose the tools and accessories you want to fill your Multifunctional Tool Kit with and ride with confidence knowing you’ve got your kit snug and safe on the rack of your bike.

These new e-bike bags are sure to grab the attention of anyone without one. And don’t forget, if you don’t fancy one of these new bike bags, we’ve got a complete Cycling Bags Buying Guide as well as Four Additional Bags for sale in our online store to make your cycling life easier.