Spring Cycling Routes in North Carolina

Spring Cycling Routes in North Carolina

Welcome to our newest article devoted to Cycling Routes in the U.S., where we help you plan your next e-bike adventure and highlight some of the best rides available in the country. With the spring season right around the corner in the United States, it’s time to start planning your next trip. Whether this is your home state or part of a cross-country excursion, these routes will delight you. Today’s routes will be based in none other than sunny North Carolina.

North Carolina’s Best Spring Cycling Routes

With warm weather on the horizon, more paths will become available as the snow melts and wildlife begins to stir and the mountains of North Carolina are particularly well-suited to spring riding due to their geographic location in the sunbelt of America. Filled with scenic roads, sprawling foothills, and friendly locals, the state of NC represents the perfect combination for e-bikers.

Sandy beaches, white-capped waves, and coastal lighthouses form the backdrop of many great North Carolina e-bike routes. Further inland you can expect rolling blue hills, dense forests, and tall overlooks. We will highlight the best of both worlds today for our spring riding recommendations.

Cycling Routes in North Carolina

Hatteras Island

One of the best scenes that NC has to offer is found in the Outer Banks, or OBX for short. Known for extreme surfing, skateparks, and beaches, the Outer Banks is the perfect spring destination to get both e-bike time and warm beach views. One of the most tranquil sections of the Outer Banks is an area known as Hatteras Island.

Hatteras Island is found off Highway 12 and can be easily accessed from heading South out of Nag’s Head for 60 miles until you reach the destination island. Unless you are an experienced road bicyclist, it is recommended you drive at least part of the way from Nag’s Head to Hatteras, or park at Hatteras and explore outwards on your e-bike. As always, a truck bed or bike rack will come in very handy for transporting your bikes to these different routes around the state.

The best part about riding at Hatteras Island is the beach views and the famous lighthouse at Cape Hatteras, pictured below. Stop and rest on the beach at sunset, where you can enjoy watching surfers and kite boarders take on the swells sure to be present during spring.

Hatteras Island | Himiway

Hanging Rock

If beach views aren’t your cup of tea, Hanging Rock might just be the place for you. Some of the best North Carolina e-biking can be found at North Carolina State Parks around the state. Situated north of Winston-Salem is Hanging Rocks State Park, an ideal location for riders looking for more mountainous terrain.

E-biking on Highway 8 & 89 south from Danbury will give riders the best views of the rock formations that the state park is named after. A 7-mile ride to the cliffs and a 7-mile ride back will test riders due to some steep inclines, but they will be well worth the visual reward. Take in the log cabins and rustic barns as you ride along the highway. Stop for pictures when you reach Size more Road and can see the awe-inspiring cliffs. Light traffic makes this ride ideal, but keep an eye out for sharp turns and drivers.

Hanging Rock | Himiway

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is another route with ample views of the famous mountain ranges of North Carolina and Virginia. However, these 469 miles of roadway are not for the faint of heart. Meant as a leisurely freeway, there is no bike lane on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but it is popular amongst road cyclists and a true gem of the state biking community.

It can take a week to bike the entire Parkway, but the reward is truly the journey as opposed to the destination. You will encounter some epic vistas on your journey of the Blue Ridge Parkway, so be prepared to stop for photos and to let the view sink in. Mother Nature will reward spring travelers with budding trees and flowers, chirping birds, and plenty of wildlife beginning to stir from their winter slumbers.

Spring naturally brings with it the possibility of sudden variation in the weather, and these changes can be even more pronounced in the mountain passes of the Parkway. Carry extra gear such as a rain jacket and spare tube or bike pump. Wear bright-colored clothing to help drivers see you when the light is low. On the Parkway, it is required that you ride single file when riding with other cyclists.

Ensure you have a full charge wherever possible and be prepared to track your distance so that you don’t run out of battery while riding. There can be significant distances between developed areas and so it is recommended that you plan your route over several days with overnight stops to charge your e-bike. With Himiway’s, it is less of a concern, but you still want to be aware of your capabilities should you deplete your battery and need to rely on pedaling only.

Blue Ridge Parkway | Himiway

Tips for E-biking in North Carolina

  • Recreation passports are required to gain entrance with a car to North Carolina State Parks.
  • As of February 2022, E-bikes are allowed on all trails where traditional bikes are allowed according to 36 CFR §4.30 of the law. The speed limit on all trails is 25 mph. However, always check with park management for the latest local regulations.
  • It is required for riders under the age of 16 to wear a helmet, but we recommend all riders protect their heads with a quality bike helmet.  
  • E-bikes are prohibited on walkways and any trails that traditional mountain bikes are prohibited.

We hope you enjoy your trip and get a chance to explore these epic cycling routes in North Carolina! Happy riding!