Summer outdoors with ebike

Guide to Perfect Summer 2022 Outdoor Experience

We are approaching summer pretty fast. With the temperatures rising and more sunny days, everyone is looking forward to spending more time outside. Whether that is going for the long-desired summer holiday or enjoying every summer weekend to the fullest, there are lots of different activities that can contribute to having the best summer outdoor experience with your electric bike.

Since the weather in summer is mainly sunny and warm, there are lots of options and possibilities to explore for all those who are looking to do something interesting and a bit different this summer season. And if you are a proud owner of an E-bike, then, you can easily enjoy lots of different things with your E-bike too. Summer is the season where you can enjoy everything that you have been unable to during the wintertime and the colder weather. So, buckle up, because this guide will help you plan your perfect summer 2022 experience. And it includes your E-bike too. Perfect Summer Outdoor Experience

 Go for a camping trip

Going camping and enjoying nature is something that you can only do during the summer season. The warm air and the pleasant summer night are something that brings a special vibe and feeling to the entire experience. And it will have a special feel if you go with your E-bike. To plan your entire camping trip, start by looking for the perfect camping spot. Once you find it, find the best routes that will help you reach this spot with your E-bike. Having this figured out is the job half done. When the time comes for the camping trip, charge your E-bike battery, check your tires, and pack all the necessary things that you will need to have a successful journey. Gather all the equipment and enjoy the summer camping trip that you will remember forever.

Be a tourist in your city

There are simply some things that you have never had the chance to properly see and enjoy in your city. Instead of being a citizen, decide to be a tourist for one day or the entire weekend. Do some research and find what are the landmarks and places worth visiting in your city. Set yourself on a tour around the city, and enjoy the beauties even if it is only for one day. And if you want to go with your e-bike, then you will have a new and unexpected experience. Do some research n how to best reach the desired places, and see whether you can do that with your E-bike. Stop for lunch at some spot that you have never been to and be a tourist in your city.

Go fishing

Fishing is a special activity, even considered a sport, that is greatly enjoyed during the summer season. With the proper gear and equipment, the fishing can have a completely new feeling and experience. One thing that stands out is that you can go fishing with your E-bike. If you have never done it before, it will be an entirely new experience. So, how do you plan a fishing trip with your E-bike? Well, the e-bikes are suitable for carrying different kinds of equipment including fishing equipment too. As soon as you set your gear to your E-bike you can head to the chosen spot, park your E-bike and enjoy the sound of the water and nature. 

Roast marshmallows in the woods

Roasting marshmallows is not reserved only for the winter season. There is still great enjoyment to do that in the summertime. Especially if you are in some woods, or on some hill, where the night gets chillier and requires some fire. Lighting some fire after the long day spending an e-bike mountain hiking or riding from one place to another, puts a whole different vibe onto the experience. Stock up your backpack with all the necessary things you will need and enjoy the night under the stars with the pleasant smell of the roasted marshmallows. 

Go e-bike mountain climbing

For the adrenaline chasers and the junkies, the e-bike mountain climbing is one activity that never goes out of style. And it is certainly much more enjoyable and proper during the summer season. When the day becomes longer and the temperatures are warmer, going e-bike mountain climbing is definitely an option to explore this summer.  Your E-bike will help you reach all the heights and posts you never thought you would. You can easily switch between the pedal and the motor-assisted mode, and enjoy the activity to the fullest.


Spending time outdoors during the summer season is one of the best things that you can have. Setting a plan for each weekend will make the time spent outside more productive, resulting in an unforgettable experience. If you include your Himiway E-bike into all that process, you will most definitely create a summer to remember.