Best 4 Places to Mount Cameras on An Electric Bike

Best 4 Places to Mount Cameras on An Electric Bike

With the rise of social media and the trend of posting different kinds of videos came the trend of posting E-bike videos. But, for a good video, you need more than the e-bike and the camera. The bike camera mount and the best position for GoPro mountain biking are essential in achieving good video content. Many riders do not have enough knowledge nor they have done the proper research on how to install a camera and attach the camera to the bike. All of that is important if you want quality videos.

The good position of the camera is essential for all those looking to get the most out of it. The camera today can serve lots of different purposes. For those who want personalized content, the camera on the e-bike can capture great landscapes, wonderful scenery, as well as show the riding trails and the riding routine. On the other hand, the camera is sort of insurance in case an accident happens. Nothing beats a video record as proof whenever it is needed.

So, to achieve all of them successfully, it is important to know where to place and mount the camera. There are many different video tutorials that show how to mount it and to get the most out of it. In essence, it is important to catch a good angle, so that you have a purpose for filming. When you know how to do that and where to place it, your camera installation will pay off.

Here are the 4 best places where you can mount your camera on your E-bike:

1. Helmet

The first and the most common place where you can mount your camera and record wonderful videos is the helmet. It is a top and popular choice for all expert riders. That place is a frequent choice because it will not affect the operation and sight of the rider while riding. For those who want the video to be clear, the helmet is also a great option and place to install. One thing that is also possible is that the extra weight will make the helmet unstable and a bit uncomfortable to wear. Before purchasing the camera, and the installation port, it is always recommended to get informed and pay attention to the stability of the installation.

2. Handlebar

Another great option and place the camera on the e-bike is on the handlebar. There are two common ways to mount the camera on the handlebar. The first one is above the handlebar. The second one is below the handlebar. The only difference between these two options is whether you are going to mount something else on the handlebar.  If the camera is installed on the handlebar, then, the license plate is well visible and recognized. If it is installed under the handlebar, then, it will not affect the items that are already installed on the handlebar. Think of lights, GPS units, smartphone holders, etc. The installation of the camera in this position will result will a more shaky picture. This will not be the case if you buy an action camera that has a better anti-shake function. With that being said, there are many places where you can install the camera on the handlebars. Firstly, you can install it without professional guidance. This type of installation is convenient and fast. It is also a great angle and location, both to shoot at high speed and in all weather conditions. Some e-bike handlebars have a special motion camera position. The e-bike camera usually comes with metal clip rings, and the camera itself is mounted in a low-profile frame. The diameter of the metal ring is then adjusted by using a suitable rubber seal. With tightening the screw, the camera will be very safe and stable.

3. Under the saddle

Another popular place to install the camera is under the saddle. More precisely, under the seat cushion. This is a position that will film everything that is happening behind you, and will not get in the way of your legs. This is a great option if you are cycling with an entire time, or family, or a group. You can easily install the camera under the seat cushion and take pictures of the entire riding process. If your mountain e-bike or hybrid electric bicycle has flat handlebars, you will want your camera to shoot the rear. Then, you can choose to install it under the seat cushion. There are also special cushions that can be bought and installed with a fastening function. Some action cameras are specifically installed under the seat. They are very easy to install, compact, and affordable. They prevent the equipment from potential slipping, breaking, and vibrating.

4. Chest

The chest mount is another preferred installation location and option, for those who want video shooting on a mountain bike. That is because it gives a good view of everything ahead. Also, it gives a better sense of speed. There is one problem with the chest mount. That is that arms might come in a position to block the view. This means that the visibility will be limited. So if you lean forward in an aerodynamic position, or sit in a relaxed position, the camera might not capture what is ahead.

With all of the above said, there are many different places where you can mount the camera of your e-bike. The right place only depends on what you want to film and what type of video content you like. That is why the options are different. So, do your research, and according to your needs, choose the right one and the suitable place to mount your E-bike camera.