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How E-bikes Benefit Your Car

It’s no secret that many people are moving homes or apartments. Cities have experienced a mass exodus and a fresh influx of inhabitants in the past 18 months. With so many people trading in their old living areas for new ones, some opportunities begin to present themselves. One opportunity we are especially keen on is the ability to use an electric bike to replace some or all of your traditional vehicle needs.


Today we will explore 5 ways that e-bikes can benefit your car. We’ve written before about the pros and cons of owning an e-bike vs. a car. This article will focus on the benefits you can get from owning an e-bike and a car. We will specifically look at the benefits that will accrue to your vehicle in terms of cost and operation. 


Whether you moved to a city or the suburbs, more and more people are finding it is possible to substitute their commutes and errands with an e-bike instead of a car. Not only is an e-bike an effective way to get from point A to point B, but it is also a healthier alternative to driving. Combined with the different perspectives you can get on your neighborhood and city, e-bikes represent an attractive way to get around town.



Less Mileage

One of the number one factors in determining the resale value of your car is the number of miles you have put on it. High mileage cars are not worth very much because people know they may need to perform a lot of maintenance and repairs. By using an e-bike to run errands, you can keep the miles low on your vehicle. Most trips around town are 10 miles or less. A 10-mile trip is time-consuming and difficult on foot, and exhausting on a traditional bike, but easy on an electric bike where you only have to pedal if you want.


As more and more cities and neighborhoods add biking infrastructure, the ability to use your electric bike for small trips and errands has become more possible. This allows you to keep your car parked in the garage or driveway while you enjoy the fresh air and sunshine with the confidence of knowing you are saving money. 


To accommodate the lack of storage space of electric bikes vs. cars, Himiway e-bikes come equipped with a full rear rack and you can add a Himiway Rear Tunk Bag to store groceries, items, or tools inside. Increase the resale value of your car by using an e-bike. 


Less Gasoline

In addition to keeping the miles low on your main vehicle, you will also be able to keep your gas budget low with an e-bike. Thanks to the high speed and power of Himiway bikes such as the Cruiser, traveling at 28 miles per hour is a breeze but doesn’t cost you any gasoline at all. With rising gasoline prices across the U.S., electric bikes are an attractive alternative to paying the price at the pump. Simply plug your e-bike in to charge it at night for a fraction of the cost of burning fossil fuels. 


Many short errands or commutes do not require a large SUV or truck. Sitting in traffic due to construction, idling at red lights, finding a parking spot, and paying for parking can be a huge hassle. Not to mention paying for gas the entire time! Move quicker and for cheaper with an e-bike. 


Check out our tips for commuting when you use your e-bike to get to work. You will be able to pocket more of your paycheck by relying on an e-bike for commuting. Depending on where you live, you may never have to pay for gasoline again. You can still use your car for those snowy mornings or rainy days, but replacing just half of your gas bill is still a huge benefit. 


Lower Chance of an Accident

We’ve all been there. From fender benders to head-on collisions. Driving is dangerous. Every time you pull out onto the road there is always a chance someone is not paying attention and hits you. After you are in an accident, and assuming you are safe (and we hope you are!), you will then have to deal with the headache of finding a repair shop, calling your insurance, paying for a rental car, and having an accident on your car’s history. 


Bike paths, sidewalks, and bike lanes can also be dangerous, but by wearing proper protective equipment such as helmets and highly visible clothing, you can ensure you stay safe. By riding an e-bike to work or the store occasionally or all the time, you will lower your risk of being in an accident with your expensive vehicle.


Less Maintenance

With fewer miles on your car comes less maintenance. That means fewer oil changes, fewer brake replacements, fewer front-end alignments, and fewer chances for something to go wrong. E-bikes benefit your car by reducing the amount of routine maintenance you need to perform. Not only is this better for your schedule, but it’s also better for your wallet. 


Lower Insurance

One final way that e-bikes can benefit auto owners is a potential reduction in your insurance premiums. We’ve already covered that you will be less likely to get into an accident and need your insurance coverage, but because you will be driving less each year, your insurance company may offer a discount on your monthly bill. Simply call your insurance company and inform them that you have started to drive less because you bought an electric bike. Tell them the reduced number of miles you drive in a year and ask if they can reduce your insurance premium. 


Now you have five great reasons to add an e-bike to your transportation routines. You don’t need to sell your car right away just because you buy an e-bike either. Use it for those easy trips when you want to save money and get some exercise at the same time. By using an e-bike vs. car, you will avoid putting miles on your car, you will use less gasoline, have a lower chance of getting in a traffic accident, need to do less auto maintenance, and might even qualify for lower car insurance payments. 


E-bikes are an excellent alternative to cars for many situations. Give one a try today!