TEST RIDE all Himiway e-bike models at our featured dealers' stores in North America. Our authorized dealers are dedicated to providing free diagnosis and repairs, not including maintenance during the warranty period. To locate the Himiway dealer nearest to you,simply search by zip code, city, or state below. Click on 'Directions' to view the distance and estimated commute time to reach your ideal dealer.

How Himiway Dealers Can Take Your Cycling Experience to the Next Level?

Coverage of over 300 dealerships across the United States

Himiway has over 300 dealerships in the United States. All dealerships provide free diagnosis and free maintenance services to customers. Himiway will continue to expand its dealership network to make it convenient for more customers to find the services they need.

Try Before You Buy:

If you lack confidence in purchasing an e-bike online or have concerns about the bike's suitability based on your height or weight, you can visit any of our Himiway offline dealers for a free test ride. Our professional engineers at the dealership will guide you in testing our e-bikes and help select the most suitable model for you based on your needs. 35% of our new customers purchase Himiway e-bikes right after a test ride.

Free Repair Services:

If your e-bike encounters any technical or mechanical issues, our engineers will provide a free diagnosis, and any broken components or parts will be replaced for free. Our aim is to maintain the high quality of all e-bikes and solve any problems with your bike as quickly as possible.

Arrange Same-Day Pickup for Your Assembled Himiway E-Bike

Once you give us a call to confirm the availability of your preferred model, we will assemble your bike on the same day. Our engineers, who are specially trained in all aspects of Himiway e-bikes, will present the bikes to ensure their quality and provide instruction on how to ride them.