Summer Electric Bike

Are You Ready to Embrace Summer?

Spring is in full swing and that means one thing – summer is right around the corner! While you are enjoying the blooming flowers, singing birds, and light rainfall, don’t forget to begin planning your summer in order to make the most of this beautiful upcoming season. The best time to prepare for summer is before it starts!

With all the changes of the previous two years behind us, we can now emerge stronger, happier, and more prepared to take on the world this summer. Our favorite way to embrace the warm weather and new season is, of course, by e-biking outside with friends, family, or even on solo adventures. But there are plenty of other summer activities that you can embrace this year.

Today’s article will focus both on how to prepare for summer biking and also on what to do during those moments in between. Let’s get into it!

Prepare Your E-bike

If you haven’t joined the growing trend of e-bicyclists and enthusiasts, you have plenty of time to get your e-bike on order and let the anticipation start building. With many e-bikes in stock and some pre-orders shipping in May 2022, now is the perfect time to research and purchase a new e-bike for this summer.

And remember, the best e-bike is the one you love to use. That’s why we offer long-range e-bike battery technology, industry-leading speed and power, as well as sleek new designs to accommodate any rider. You won’t want to get off your Himiway e-bike once you start.

Already have an e-bike? Great! Now is the ideal time to take it out and perform some routine maintenance. Check the air pressure in the tires, apply light lubricant to the chain and gears, wash the frame with warm water and soap, and inspect the brakes for abnormal wear and tear. Charge your battery and check the forecast to plan a ride for the next sunny day.

Don’t have an e-bike yet? That’s okay! There are plenty of other activities you can do on a traditional bike or even on your own two feet! Check out our list of fun summer activities below to find one that sparks your interest.


Try a New Activity

New activities are often some of the most memorable. Even if you decide you don’t like it, trying something new helps you stay feeling young, energetic, and sharpens your memory. Novel experiences are more easily remembered than the same old thing you do every day. So, get out there and try one of these fun new summer activities:

Join a pickup volleyball game. A volleyball net and ball are cheap to buy at a sporting goods store and you only need 4 people to play a full game of sand volleyball. Look for sand courts at beaches or schools nearby. Don’t forget plenty of water and sunscreen.

Try miniature golf with the kids or on a date. Mini golf is a great way to get some fresh air, have some friendly competition, and sharpen your motor skills. Then go for ice cream on the way home to create a wonderful family memory.

Attend a local fair. Art fairs and amusement parks can be a great way to support local businesses and enjoy the warm weather. Walking from tent to tent and viewing the crafts or food and games is good exercise, too.

Pick berries in an orchard. Blueberries and strawberries are in season from June through September. Fresh berries off the vine are so juicy and flavorful and it’s fun to wander through the field and pick them yourself.

Have a picnic in the park. Don’t forget a blanket, bug spray, and sunscreen. Pack your lunch and cold drinks. If you have a bike, you can store everything in a food-compatible cooler bag that reflects heat and strap it to your bike rack.

Reserve a local campsite. Camping doesn’t need to be a week-long schedule to be fun. Many cities and towns have campgrounds on the outskirts where it is quiet and beautiful. Pack the car, hook up a bike rack, and spend a night or two roasting marshmallows and stargazing in nature.


Plan Your Adventure

All good adventures begin with a plan. By scheduling your trips, even tentatively, you’ll ensure that you are able to embrace everything summer has to offer with your limited time. Give your friends and family members an advance invite and search for the best activities in your area ahead of time.

Check out our series on some of the best e-bike routes the United States has to offer. We’ve highlighted routes in Montana, North Carolina, Michigan, Utah, Oregon, and New York, with more to come! If you’re planning a trip, be sure to review our best tips for making the most of any biking road trip.

Summer plans are the best, particularly when they include biking. So prep your e-bike, pick a fun activity and plan it out. Planning and looking forward to a new experience can be almost as much fun as the day of the event itself.

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While we’ve covered some of our favorites here today, don’t forget there are many other benefits to summer e-biking. We hope to see you out there in the sun!