Top 5 Bicycle Website You Should Know

Whether you are an electric bike enthusiast or just a beginner, once you own an ebike or are considering buying one, you will want to know more interesting knowledge about riding, such as reviews and tutorials. And when you become a veteran rider, you will search for more practical riding tips and even bicycle race news. However, there are so many different types of websites about ebike, which ones are the most authoritative and comprehensive? After long-term and meticulous research by the Himiway team, we have collected 5 high-quality websites and forums to help you avoid detours. These 5 websites cover all aspects of ebike knowledge such as reviews, bicycle competitions, ebike laws and regulations, etc. Cyclists can even share riding experiences and skills with each other! Please continue reading to enrich your cycling life.


  1. People for Bikes

As we all know that each state in the United States has different traffic laws and regulations, and different types of vehicles benefit from different rules. If you are not familiar with local traffic laws, People For Bikes will be a good place for you to acquire this knowledge, as they have always been committed to cooperating with the government to promote bicycle laws and some official ebike purchase incentives. They advocate low-carbon mobility, and make leaders use Legislation to give priority to bicycles. And People For Bikes is dedicated to promoting some bicycle-related policies, reserve or develop lanes that are conducive to the continued development of bikes, which plays a very important role in the promotion and management of bicycles. Their mission is to continuously develop this kind of healthy and environmentally friendly means of transportation, and to change the world through bikes. Therefore, if you want to get more official policies and news about ebike, please pay close attention to People For Bikes.

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  1. Bicycling

This is a very authoritative and well-known website with a wide range of content. Their articles include various knowledge and news about ebike riding, such as research on the impact of ebike on fitness level, cycling events, and attractive riders. It can provide almost everything you want to know about ebike riding, and enhance your riding experience from all aspects. The most important thing is that they have their own paper magazine of the same name, which has high-quality content and is very popular in the bicycle industry and is also well received by the public. If you want to know how to exercise by cycling, or which bike meets your needs, or even just wonder the best songs about bikes, search for any of your questions about ebike on the Bicycling website, or just buying some of their magazines that fit your needs would be a good solution.


  1. Cycling News

Cycling News is a website that is as well-known as Bicycling and is very popular among bicycle enthusiasts. This website mainly publishes all kinds of news about riding competitions, such as race schedules, live reports, race results, rider interviews, etc. Almost everything you can imagine about cycling races. They have excellent text editors from all over the world to write blogs, which are especially suitable for passionate bicycle fans. In addition, they will also popularize some riding knowledge, such as the benefits of riding, and bicycle strength training, which is very helpful for people who like to ride long distances. Also, they sometimes recommend or review some bicycle accessories, such as helmets, shoes, and other protective gear, and some technological products such as heart rate monitor to ensure the safety of riders. In any case, Cycling News has become a leader in the world of cycling on the Internet. It is your best choice to get news about cycling events, and you can find like-minded people and make friends with them here.


  1. Electric Bike Report

Different from the several websites mentioned before, Electric Bike Report is mainly a website that reviews various brands of ebike. You can see the latest ebike reviews of various well-known brands on their website. If you are considering buying an ebike and don't know which one to buy, we suggest you make your purchase after reading their professional reviews, which will help you choose the one that suits you best. This is because they have a complete review system, they make a systematic, professional evaluation from product review, image and video shooting, article writing, and other aspects, and finally, make a reasonable comment. Of course, in addition to providing ebike shopping guides, they also follow ebike current events and update cycling events and activities from time to time to satisfy ebike fans' desire for professional competitions. As for regular ebike riders, if you want to find some tips on riding or maintaining your electric bike, they are also included on the website. Therefore, whether you are a novice or a veteran of the ebike family, you can find something you need in the Electric Bike Report.

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  1. Bike Forums

As the name suggests, Bike Forums is actually a forum about bicycles or can be called a collection website of different bicycle news and knowledge. This is a platform where cyclists can communicate with each other. Here, no matter how many years you have been fall in love with bicycles, whether you are riding an ebike or a regular bike, you can find people who have the same interests as you and talk to them freely. You can also post any questions about bicycles that you have always been confused about, and most of your questions can be answered here. Bike Forums brings together bicycle fans from all over the world. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. The content of the community covers a wide range and depth is beyond your imagination. What's more, they distinguished different types of bicycles and topics, such as the topic of electric bicycles, and fat bikes, so that everyone can easily find groups of the same interest.


So we have now introduced 5 professional bicycle websites, and each one has its area of expertise, such as competitions, riding tips, or a platform for riders to communicate with each other. We believe that these 5 websites can satisfy most of your needs for electric bicycle knowledge. If you guys have more and better bike sites to recommend, you can share them with us. We will also keep an eye on various news about ebike and bring you more high-quality websites.