Electric Fat Tire Bike Battery Motor Chain Maintenance

How to Maintain Your Himiway Electric Fat Tire Bike?

As a new type of transportation, electric bicycles are preferred by more and more people because it does less harm to the environment and saves more energy. After buying a new bike, how to maintain it and extend its lifetime catches the owner's attention. Therefore, today we are going to talk about the maintenance of our Himiway electric fat bike.

Himiway Cruiser Step Through Electric Fat Tire Bike Battery Motor Chain Maintenance


1) The maintenance of battery

It is widely known that the battery is one of the most important components of an electric bike as well as one of the most expensive parts. It means the protection of battery is the priority. Our electric bikes are equipped with a Samsung/LG 48V 17.5AH Lithium-ion battery. Lithium materials do not contain any toxic and harmful substances and are considered as a green battery all around the world. Besides, the battery is pollution-free in both of production and use. And it has excellent performance in security as well. It has excellent performance in security as well. Nevertheless, being cautious about it is the unchangeable suggestion from Himiway.

Don't drain your battery. And please turn it off when it's in low battery. No matter how much power is consumed after each use, the battery should be fully charged in time when possible, which is beneficial to prolong the battery life. If the battery is not used for a long time, be sure to store the battery with a full charge and charge it once a month.

Develop a good habit of starting with pedal assist gently to avoid any sudden move, which would possibly get you injured.

The battery of an electric bicycle should not be close to an open flame or a high-temperature heat source. It is strictly forbidden to expose the battery to direct sunlight or recharge after exposure in high-temperature seasons.

2) The maintenance of motor

Himiway e-bike uses 750W brushless gear hub motor with 80Nm of torque, and which can help you conquer the most rugged terrains easily.

Generally speaking, the motor does not need special maintenance during normal use. Please check your motor frequently and tighten it immediately if it's not tight enough on your axle. If any screws or nuts are found to loose, they should be tightened in time to prevent the vehicle from breaking down due to the stranded wires to affect the safety of use.

But, you are required to know that brushless motors are not waterproof, therefore, When driving on a water-filled road on a rainy day, the depth of the water must not beyond the lower edge of the electric wheel hub to avoid motor failure.

3) The maintenance of chain

Firstly, clean the chain after each ride, especially in rainy and humid environment. Be careful to use a dry cloth to wipe the chain and its accessories. Use a brush to remove the sand and dirt stuck in the chain, if necessary, use warm soapy water to assist with. Do not use strong acid or strong alkaline cleaning agents (such as rust remover), because these chemicals can cause chain damage.

Secondly, be sure to add lubricating oil every time after cleaning to be away from annoying rust. Before it, make sure the chain is dry. Penetrate the lubricating oil into the bearing part of the chain and let it become viscous or dry. This can surely lubricate the parts of the chain that are easy to wear. To confirm whether you are using suitable lubricants, you can pour some in your palms to test. Good lubricants is like water at first (penetration), but after a while, it will become sticky and dry (long-lasting lubrication). Only key parts need oils, after oil, it will reduce the wear and abnormal noise when the chain is running.

Lastly, prevent unnecessary chain wear. Please try to maintain the verticality of the chain between the large chainring and the flywheel when shifting (for example, do not use the smallest gear with the smallest flywheel, or the largest gear with the largest flywheel, etc.).

4) The maintenance of front fork

The maintenance of the front fork of a mountain bike is very important. If it is not properly maintained, functions and performances are hugely affected. Especially for high-end front forks, the correct maintenance method can make the front fork perform better.

Always use a clean, oil-free rag wipe to clean (preferably a lint-free towel, dipped in clean water, or soapy water. In order to prevent water from flowing into the front fork, you can turn the bike upside down to prevent water. Wipe it with a dry towel after wiping it with a wet towel, so it will dry quickly). Pay attention to the cleaning of the inner tube and the dust seal. When the dust is cleaned, the wear of the inner tube and the dust seal is reduced. Otherwise, if too much dust accumulates for a long time, the inner tube will be getting thinner, exposing the aluminum to the air, which causes great damage to the bike.

It is recommended to buy a front fork dust cover. After cleaning the fork, fix the dust cover. It will protect the inner tube of your front fork. It will not only avoid the hard object from hitting the inner tube, but also the intrusion of dust, and Lower the frequencies of spending time to clean it. Also, you can refer to our previous blog of maintaining front fork for more details. This is all about the maintenance of your Himiway e-bike, please keep it in your mind to prolong the lifetime of the bike. And we'll continuously update more information on maintenance for you!