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Mountain bike riding tips with Himiway electric fat bike

Himiway Cruiser as an all-terrain electric fat bike can help you conquer most of terrains easily. You can ride it through the mountains and experience an exciting off-road riding experience. Before we start, we hope you can know something about the correct riding posture. And here are some tips you must know when you do mountain bike riding with Himiway electric bicycle.

Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

The slope of the road

Off-chamber road sections, steep slopes to the cliff side, if you use braking or large movement control, it may cause the tire to lose grip and slip off the edge of the road; if you know the following tips, most of them are safe to pass.

1. Dealing with the slopes with downward slopes is like turning, using a leaning body instead of a leaning bike. The greater the slope of the road, the greater the curvature, so the force is the same, and then you know your tires It will stick like glue and will not slide out.

2. Avoid accelerating on the sloped down path, before reaching, keep a certain speed, and glide over this section of the road; if you need to add some force to pass, please apply light and smooth force.

3. Add all your body weight to the pedals below the incline and you'll find that this technique is great for holding the wheels close to the road - even on similar terrain, where all you have to do is stand on the pedals and slide until you pass.


For any rock or wood higher than the front wheel axis, you can beat it without dismounting; here is how to do it.

1. Bring some speed-about the fastest speed when riding easily, the kinetic energy is your friend, because the average person can not directly step up to a large drop by stepping on it.

2. When approaching this drop, lean your body backwards, pull the handlebar and raise the front wheel, and go up to the top of this ladder.

3. Once the front wheel is up to the top of the drop, immediately tilt your body forward, and then move your body weight above the handlebar.

4. Without any force support, the forward kinetic energy will cause the rear wheels to roll towards the top of the ladder; however, you may need to apply some force on the handlebars. The front wheels lift the rear wheels for the axles to cross the last few drops.

Learn how to use the front brake

A popular monorail lane will have many obstructed bumps, deep groove ruts and harmful impact collision areas on downhill sections, and many mountain bike riders cannot use their skills here because they are afraid to use the front brake; However, if you want to stop the bike on a steep slope or slow down, you can only master the front brake to master the entire bicycle.

1. One finger is on the front brake, two fingers are on the rear brake, from here on; this way, when panic, the front brake will not be used excessively.

2. Before you lean into the curve and enter the descent area, teach yourself to brake early; before you roll into the curve, even if the brake is applied very hard, it will not cause the front wheel to slip due to the front brake.

3. Mainly control the firm and short intermittent brake (that is, use the point brake) to control the steep descent; try to slow down on a flat and good grip road, which seems illogical, but most of the riders, the smoother section, they are moving at full speed, but on a pavement with gravity and no grip.