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The 5 Best Father’s Day Cycling Gifts for Dad

Father's Day is coming! If your dad loves to ride, you might be looking for ideal cycling gifts for dad. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be challenging to think of the best gifts to buy, especially if you don't ride yourself. Or, you might be in a predicament where your dad seems to have everything, and you aren't sure what else he might need!

Fortunately, we've curated a list of the best five Father's Day gifts for cyclists. One of these gifts is bound to delight dad!

1. Heart Rate Monitor Armband

If your dad bicycles for exercise, this is one of the best gifts you can buy him. An armband heart rate monitor is a small device that people can wear around their arms. It tracks people's heart rate, so they can see the impact that their cycling is having. Since bicycling is such a cardio-intensive workout, a heart rate monitor helps cyclers ensure that they're getting their heart rate up sufficiently without putting too much stress on it.

Additionally, a heart rate monitor armband can sometimes have other benefits for loved ones. Some models can connect to the internet and let relatives know the heart rate in real-time. This feature can help loved ones see that the cycler is safe and that nothing has happened to them. For older adults, knowing this can be pretty beneficial! That makes the heart rate monitor armband one of the best gifts for bicycle riders.

2. Electric Bike: One of the Most Popular Cycling Gifts for Dad

Electric bicycles are the newest enhancement to cycling. Just like electric cars revolutionized the car industry, e-bikes are revolutionizing the bicycle industry.

E-bikes are popular cycling gifts for dad for a variety of reasons. First, they can often provide for more fun adventures. Since the electricity helps power the bicycle, people can typically ride these bikes with less effort and longer distances. With fatter-tire bikes, even riding over challenging terrains is no longer an issue!

Additionally, electric bikes can also be beneficial in that some of them like the Himiway All-Terrain Electric Fat Bike have all-electric modes. This mode means that the bike will move you without pedaling, much like a motorcycle or electric car does! If your dad likes to go on prolonged adventures on their bike, he might find himself in a situation where he's worn-out but a long way from home. With an e-bike, all your dad needs to do is switch it to the all-electric mode, and he can come back home without expending extra effort!

Finally, for dads who are getting older, having an electric bike can help make the riding experience much more enjoyable. Instead of having to use all your strength to pedal, you can set the e-bike to help you out, making the overall ride less effortless. If your dad is recovering from an injury or has other health issues that have made riding more challenging, an e-bike can help re-ignite that passion!

3. Kneepads

Kneepads and other protective gear might not be what you think of first when considering the best gifts for cyclists. However, they can make excellent and thoughtful gifts.

Frequent riders often accumulate injuries over time. Let's face it: accidents happen, and the knees often bear the brunt of the damage. Over time, riders' knees begin to show scars, and those injuries can sometimes need surgeries.

While kneepads might not be the most glamorous of gifts, they show a lot of thought and care. They show that you value your dad's health and well-being. Kneepads also demonstrate that you want to ensure your dad can ride for many years - without too many injuries!

These are also excellent gifts on a budget. A set of kneepads often costs less than $20, so they work if you're looking to spend a little less or you're looking for that last-minute "extra" gift for your dad.

4. Indoor Trainer

At the other end of the spectrum, while an indoor bicycle might be pricey, it is the perfect gift for someone who loves to ride! With an indoor bike, your dad can ride any time of the day or night! They can also ride in the spring, summer, fall, or when it's freezing outside during the middle of winter.

Of course, with indoor bikes, the more you pay, the fancier they are. There are basic bikes that let you get the sensation of cycling any time inside. However, there are much more elaborate setups that do a fantastic job recreating the cycling experience. Companies are even starting to find ways to combine virtual reality with indoor trainers - giving people an impressively realistic feel for riding, even if they're not outside.

Ultimately, if you have a dad that loves to ride (especially if they love riding for exercising), an indoor trainer is one of the best gifts you can give them for Father's Day!

5. Cycling GPS

Last but not least, a cycling GPS is one of the best Father's Day gifts. These tiny devices attach to the bicycle and provide turn-by-turn navigation, as you expect from any GPS. You might be wondering why not use your phone as a GPS instead, and while you can certainly do that, a cycling GPS is so much more than just navigation.

These devices help structure workouts. You can use them to see what the elevation is and the distance (these two helpful indicators combined demonstrate how much of a workout you're going to have). Additionally, these GPS systems calculate other vital metrics, like speed, distance, time, and so on.

In short, they are not just the maps app on your phone; they'll give your dad a tailored, unique experience that will enhance his workout! Indeed, a cycling GPS is one of the best gifts for cyclists!

Consider One of the Above Cycling Gifts for Dad

Ultimately, if you want to impress your dad this Father's Day, please consider one of the gifts above. Arguably the most beneficial one (or the most popular now) is the electric bike. These bikes are fantastic for so many reasons - from being able to cycle farther to having the battery backup if your dad gets tired.

With that said, any one of the gifts for bicycle riders above is the ideal way to show your love and care! Father's Day is approaching, though, so make sure you order your gifts sooner rather than later!