Himiway Moped-Style Electric Bike

Understanding the Differences Between Moped Style E-Bikes and Electric Scooters

In the last several years, electric bikes have taken the world by storm, becoming an extremely popular mode of transportation in cities. This trend of using e-bikes, electric motorcycles, and scooters for getting around has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has driven people to find safe, healthy, and environmentally-friendly modes of transportation to and from work, socially, and for traveling. One of the biggest benefits of choosing electric moped style e-bikes for commuting, of course, is how cost-effective they are.

If you are looking to improve your daily commute and want to save both money and the environment, electric moped style e-bikes, electric motorcycles, and scooters are all great options. However, one major (and common) problem is that not enough people can recognize the differences between these types of machines and which is the best for their location and lifestyle. In this article, we will walk you through the key characteristics and benefits of both electric moped style e-bikes and electric scooters so that you can be confident that whichever you choose is going to suit your situation perfectly.

What are Moped Style E-Bikes?

You have probably seen mopeds being ridden up and down streets in cities all across the United States. Mopeds, which became very popular over the last several decades in America, are simply named to denote the combination of motorized vehicles and pedaled bikes. They have made transportation easier because, unlike most motor vehicles, they are more compact and can be ridden around town easily. However, they can also be much bulkier than traditional bicycles and do not offer the same health benefits as a bicycle, which are numerous.

Electric moped style e-bikes are different from what most people think of as traditional mopeds (for a detailed explanation of differences and for more information about selecting the right electric moped style e-bike, see our helpful guide here). Electric moped style e-bikes are quite literally the perfect hybrid between electric motorcycles or scooters and traditional bicycles. These electric bikes at first view will look almost identical to traditional bicycles, except looking closely you will see a thicker battery attached to the frame. This battery is what sends the supplemental electric power to the pedals to help make riding the e-bike easier when, for example, steep hills are nearby.

Himiway produces one of the highest-rated electric moped style e-bikes on the market, called the Himiway Escape. This sleek, innovative e-bike touts a 6061-aluminum frame, a 750W continuous geared hub motor, a 48V Samsung/LG battery that produces more than 45 miles of range, a seven-speed gear shift system, and 330 pounds of payload capacity. In short, the Himiway Escape electric moped style e-bike is fast, efficient, strong, and safe, making it one of the best modes of transportation on the road today.

What Are Electric Scooters?

When most people think of traditional mopeds, they are really thinking of electric motorcycles and scooters. Think of college kids or Europeans riding around on Vespas—that is the dominant idea of what a moped is in today’s culture, which has evolved from when the vehicles were first developed. Mopeds originally were exactly what their name suggests: motorized with pedals. But the current versions of mopeds are much more closely related to electric motorcycles and scooters.

To fully understand electric scooters, it is important to know that they are smaller than motorcycles, but operate on a similar two-wheeled frame. Scooters also are designed to be more upright, with the rider sitting with a straighter back and not have to lean as far forward. These scooters have a step-thru design, meaning they are easy to use for people of any age, and usually are equipped with 10-inch wheels.

When it comes to power and speed, electric scooters are also basically smaller versions of electric motorcycles. While electric motorcycles have enough power to ride at high speeds on the interstate, electric scooters usually perform in the range of 20 mph to 40 mph, depending on the build and the size of the engine. At the same time, these electric scooter engines are in the range of 50cc to about 250cc.

Differences Between Moped Style E-Bikes and Scooters

While similar, electric moped style e-bikes and electric scooters have some key characteristics that differentiate one from the other. Let’s walk through some of the important differences.

Electric Power

Both batteries will charge in about the same time, but the batteries on scooters are often about 4- or 5-times larger than those on e-bikes. That is what gives them a higher top speed. However, because e-bikes also allow manually pedaling for exercise, e-bikes actually get a longer range from each charge compared to electric scooters.


E-bikes will often be taller than electric scooters, and that is primarily due to the size of the tires. While scooters usually have 10-inch wheels, e-bikes, which are modeled after traditional bicycles, will have larger tires and therefore sit up higher. However, because the battery and motor on a scooter are larger, scooters will usually be heavier than e-bikes.

Legal Requirements

There are many similarities about how electric moped style e-bikes and electric scooters perform, but when it comes to the legal requirements they are treated very differently. That is because, in most states, electric scooters are treated as a standard motor vehicle, meaning they require a driver’s license to operate, as well as vehicle registration and insurance. E-bikes, in most places, do not have any of these requirements.


The cost of buying an e-bike vs. an electric scooter is comparable, depending on the make and model. You can find new e-bikes and scooters in the same general price ranges. However, scooters will be more expensive in the long run because their batteries require more charging and they require license, registration, and insurance to operate.

Ultimately, if you are going to choose the best mode of transportation for your lifestyle, it is important to understand what defines an electric moped style e-bike, as well as electric motorcycles and scooters. If you have narrowed your interests to these vehicles, then you are likely looking for an energy-efficient option that will help you save both money and the environment, all while making your daily commute to work much smoother. Once you know what differentiates these transportations options, you will hopefully be able to make the smartest buying decision to fit your life.