Store your electric bike

How to Store Your Electric Bicycle Properly

As riding an ebike has become the top 10 best exercises for seniors, many people choose to commute or travel by bike. After a day of work or a date with your ebike, you must be very tired when you return home and want to find a place to rest, and so does your bike. However, you've got a sofa or a bed to sit or lie down, so what about your bike? You might be wondering that why should I find a place to park my bike? Just leave it in the yard at random, and that's enough? Absolutely wrong! In fact, proper storage of your bike can effectively delay its service life. And getting a piece of proper storage equipment for your bike can not only reduce the possibility of bicycle theft but also well store the bike, which significantly saves the living space of the house. All right, if you have no idea about how to choose a suitable storage solution and how to properly store your ebike, then you will definitely benefit from this article.


4 Best Storage Solutions for Your Electric Bike

First of all, you will have to know the different types of ebike storage solutions. Choose the appropriate method to store your bikes according to the spare space in your house, your cycling frequency, and the number of your bikes. Here we have listed 4 bike storage solutions. After reading this article, we recommend that you decide which bike gear to buy according to your own situation.


Wall Mount

If there is no enough extra space to store an ebike in your house, or that would cause some congestion to you, then the electric bike wall mounts solution may be a good choice for you. It not only improves the utilization of the wall space but also stores your ebike safely. More importantly, you can find the one that meets your requirements in most hardware stores because there are already different types of bicycle wall mounts suitable for various bike heights and frame structures on the market. There are 4 types of bike wall mounts, hooks, posts, and racks. Let us discuss them in detail.

Wall-Mounted Hook

There are two types of bike wall mount hooks, vertical and horizontal wall-mounted. Literally, the vertical hook is a tool to make the bicycle perpendicular to the wall when hanging. As long as there is enough space near your wall, it can be conveniently used to store your ebike. Currently, the most commonly used hook is the one with a back plate and a non-slip design. It is easy to install and disassemble with a simple structure that can store your ebike safely and prevents the bicycle from shaking to a great extent, which ensures that the bicycle will not hit and damage the wall when it is hung there. However, since most hooks are hooked on the rim or tire, some people do not recommend using this wall-mounted hook to store your bikes because it may slightly damage the wheels.

The other is a horizontal hook. The hook is usually connected to the bicycle frame when in use, and the bike is parallel to the wall when it is hung there. This horizontal wall mount hook makes the bicycle close to the wall, which saves more house space and is safer than the former one. If you are considering buying a bike hook, then it would also be a good option.

Wall-Mounted Post

As the security performance is not as good as the other two, the post has the simplest structure and the least audience among the three wall-mounted gear. Usually, the bike seat is hung on it when using the post, therefore, you will have to tilt the bicycle so that it will not fall down to hurt itself and people nearby.

Wall-Mounted Rack

The rack has many different designs, and because there are multiple fixed points, it usually has strong support. In fact, the horizontal hook is a kind of rack, so their functions are similar.



Racks are also favored by many people because they can usually store more bicycles. There are three most common racks on the market, wall to floor, free standing, and floor racks. You guys can make a choice according to their respective characteristics and your living environment.

Wall to Floor Racks

The wall to floor rack is installed between the ceiling and the ground, their simple structure makes it easy to be installed and removed. As long as your house has a floor and ceiling, you can easily use the wall to floor rack to store your bikes. In addition, this kind of rack can usually store more than two bikes, which is very suitable for people who live in a small area (for example, in a renting house) or have several bikes. The top tube of the bike is placed on the rack when you use it, and the height of the rack is adjustable. So this brings its disadvantage, that is, you will have to lift your bikes and hang them on the rack. For the elderly and ladies, it may not seem so user-friendly.

Free Standing Racks

The design principle of free standing racks is to take advantage of the stability of the tripod, so they require a strong enough base, which may take up a bit of your floor space. If your room is not that big, or if you have a roommate, it may cause some invasion to your living space. Of course, this corresponds to a more stable structure and safer storage, and there are a variety of models to choose from, the height may be adjustable or not, depending on your own needs.

Floor Racks

The floor rack is the most convenient of all bicycle storage solutions. They don't rely on anything, just place them on the ground and they can store your ebike safely and stably. More importantly, you don't need to lift the bike like the rack and wall-mounted solutions, which is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people and riders with heavier ebike. However, they usually require a wider footprint, and because the height and width cannot be adjusted, the adaptability is not satisfactory.


Multi-hook System

The multi-hook system is to fix the hook to the ceiling, and then connect the hook through a strong rope, so as to realize the easy lifting and lowering of the bike. If your house roof is high enough, the system could save space and keep the bike in dry conditions. However, their installation process is more complicated, and if you need to store your ebike frequently, we do not recommend that you remove it. For heavy bicycles, the multi-hook system may not be the best choice as it may exceed the load capacity of the system.


Bike Locker

Among all ebike storage solutions, the bike locker is the perfect one. You can put your bikes in the locker with complete peace of mind, without worrying about getting wet in the rain or stolen. And you can put your bike in it at any time without much effort. The multi-point locking design can effectively prevent theft. In addition to storing bicycles, the large enough storage space can also put some required bike gears, such as helmets, raincoats, repair kits, etc. However, nothing is perfect. Bike lockers require a large enough space. If you have a yard, it will be an ideal place. And because of their excellent performance, their prices are usually more expensive than other storage solutions.


How to Choose the Perfect Storage Solution for Your Electric Bike

The above is all the bike storage solutions. Now you may be wondering which one to buy. We suggest that you guys make your choice based on the following points.


House Space

If the space in your house is large enough, or you have extra space such as garages, yards, etc., then floor racks will be a good choice for you because they provide easy installation and effortless storage. But please remember to lock the bike as there may be more thieves planning on your bike outdoors. Here we have compiled 7 tips for properly locking electric bicycles, please click on the link here to read the article if you are interested. If you have more budget, then you may consider bike lockers because they are more fully functional, which not only anti-theft, but also flood protection.


As for riders who don't have enough house space, wall hangings will be more suitable for your bike. But that requires you to have enough strength to lift your ebike. For those who like to exercise, this may get a double advantage.


Riding Frequency

For cycling enthusiasts and those with commuting needs, it is best to leave the bike near the gate of your house so that you can mount the bike at any time to start your trip. Therefore, the floor rack once again stands out among all the solutions. And if your cycling frequency is low, in order to better protect your ebike and effectively extend the battery life, we recommend covering the bike whether it is indoor or outdoor.


The Number of Bikes

The wall mount solution is the most convenient option for riders who own just one bike. And if you have more than two bikes, then the multi-hook system will be your best helper, which is suitable for bicycles of different sizes and greatly saves your living space.


Seasons and Temperatures

When the outdoor temperature drops, such as in winter, it is best to store your ebike indoors. Exposing the ebike to a humid and cold outdoor environment for a long time will cause irreversible damage to battery life and other parts. So in this case, the bicycle locker comes in handy. It can keep your ebike in the indoor environment, free from cold air and water molecules. In addition, if you do not use your bike for a long time, please make sure to maintain it regularly at least once a month. And please remember to clean the bike to prevent rusting if you just finished a winter cycling trip. We have also shared an article about winter cycling. If you have missed it, please just go to review now.


Bike storage solutions will have a certain impact on the life of your ebike. If you want your ebike to accompany you longer, it is necessary to choose a suitable resting place for it. There are many different types of storage gear on the market, you can make your purchases according to the points we just mentioned.