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How to Use an E-bike to Earn Money 

Thanks to the internet, earning money has never been easier for part-time or full-time gig workers. Many people have recently left their jobs and may want to supplement their income with a job on the side. Perhaps they are in school, retired, or have a full-time job and enjoy earning money to diversify their incomes streams. Whatever the reason, there have never been more opportunities to add additional income to your budget than right now. One of our favorite methods is by using an e-bike to provide a valuable service to others.  


You might buy (or have already bought) an e-bike strictly for the exercise and health benefits it provides. Perhaps you like to get out in nature. Maybe you like to explore your city or even the Best Trails in the United States. Thankfully, by owning an e-bike to earn money, you can also use it for all these same great activities. That is why e-bikes are so versatile and we believe they represent a great investment in your personal and business life. 


Today we are going to discuss the best ways that you can supplement your income by using an e-bike to earn money as a part-time or full-time job. Below we list 5 e-bike jobs that you can start with relatively little up-front investment besides your time and your bike.


Delivering Food

Food delivery services are very popular right now. Many people developed the habit of using food delivery apps during the pandemic and never stopped. Now, more people than ever want their food delivered. If you live in a high-density city, driving around your car may not be the best mode of transportation for this job. This is where an electric bike shines. If you are 18 years or older, own a smartphone, and agree to a background check you can sign up to deliver food using these services. 


A few tips to help you earn more money delivering food on your e-bike include declining long-distance or low-paying orders, streamlining your deliveries by trying to get multiple orders from the same area and taking them to another similar area, working for multiple app services, and prioritizing the busiest time of day for your delivery shift. Many of these apps also offer incentives when you sign up, complete a certain number of deliveries, or get good ratings from your customers. 


Check out our 2021 Cycling Bags Buying Guide to learn which bags will suit your particular delivery needs. Many services may require an insulated bag that keeps food items hot or cold. Thankfully, Himiway e-bikes come equipped with a full rear rack and you can add a Himiway Escape Delivery Bag to make your life easier and your customers happy. 


Riding to Work

Many people find that with a little bit of planning, they can eliminate the need for using a car on their daily commute. If you live within 15 or fewer miles of your job, and there are adequate roads, sidewalks, or paths, you may be able to use your e-bike to get to work. This will save you all kinds of money. And at the end of the day, saving money is just like earning more. 


You will be able to spend less on gasoline, and with rising gas prices in the U.S., this could be a big number. You will also need to spend less on maintenance because your car won’t be using and wearing down parts as fast. Your car’s value will remain higher because it will have a lower number of miles on it. You may even be able to reduce your insurance bill if you call them and inform them you are driving fewer miles each year.


A commute on a bike may have seemed daunting with a traditional pedal bike. But with electric bikes using pedal-assist or full motor power, it’s a breeze. 


Renting it Out

A quick Google search will show that there are services available that allow you to rent out your cars and bikes to tourists or people that need them for a specific purpose and for a certain amount of time. You can set your schedule that you want to allow your e-bike to be made available, and the website does the rest. Using a third party to coordinate rentals allows you to avoid the headache and be covered in the event of an emergency. You should not rent out your bike to just anyone by yourself because there could be legal restrictions and liability requirements. Use a trusted website or app to control who rents your e-bike and for which purposes. 


Bike Taxi

Many cities are crowded with people returning to work and young people moving to them to take advantage of new rental markets. This causes traffic congestion and rush hour traffic. Therefore, many people are looking for alternative ways to get around. Tourists especially enjoy bike taxis. 


They are an easy and affordable alternative to taxis and may help an individual get to their ultimate destination where a car may not be allowed to drive such as through a park or on a path. Check your local guidelines and be sure you obey all E-Bike Class restrictions if you are using your e-bike to shuttle people around on a bike path.  


Start an E-bike Blog or YouTube Channel

A blog can be a fun side project that may earn you a little money as well. Ad revenue can be generated if you write informative and entertaining content on your blog and encourage people to keep coming back to your website. Earning money with a blog may take some time but is well worth the effort. 


Some creators have also turned to video platforms such as YouTube to post reviews or interesting videos of their e-bikes. These platforms may help turn your hobby of e-biking into a full career if you are helpful and engaging. Many companies these days like partnering with influencers to showcase their products. 


Now you have five great ways to earn money using an e-bike. Because you are making an investment in your own business, you’ll want to make sure you get a high-quality e-bike. Don’t just get the lowest cost bike you find. Compare the battery capacity, speed, parts quality, warranty, and style, too. Make sure you wear a helmet no matter which e-bike job you choose and have fun!