How to ride Electric Bike Safely While Pregnant

Everything You Need To Know About Riding While Pregnant

Pregnancy is considered to be one of the most beautiful periods of a woman's life. Pregnancy is a delicate situation for every woman, and while there are many things to consider and take care of, physical activity is one of them. There are many activities that women take during pregnancy, all ranging from yoga to cycling. However, one important question that imposes itself is whether bike riding while pregnant is allowed and a good thing for pregnant women?

Well, pregnant women are encouraged to exercise. There are even special pregnancy classes that are designed especially with exercises for pregnant women. There is yoga, Pilates, even cycling, but overall, it all falls on the condition of the pregnant woman and the medical advice she gets. But, can really pregnant women ride bikes? Out in the traffic, in the nature? No matter how great riding is for health, especially for pregnant women, it does have certain risks and imposes a threat to their health and the condition of their baby. One of the biggest scares is falling, which, unfortunately, might lead to severe consequences.

So, before proceeding with riding, or taking up this new activity while being pregnant, here is everything you need to know.


The Risks of Riding an Electric bike While Pregnant

Riding a regular bike is different from riding an E-bike. Not only the riding technique is different, but the vehicle is a bit different too. That comes with different risks, especially for pregnant women too. So, is it safe to ride a bike while pregnant? Here is all the risk that might come up and that you need to be aware of.

Uncomfortable seat

Pregnant women differently take up physical activities, and as they progress through the pregnancy, riding a bike might become more and more difficult. This is mainly and due to the uncomfortable seat, which might get worse as the pregnancy progresses and the woman gets on weight. Feeling heavy on the seat is not just uncomfortable, but it makes the entire ride more difficult and less enjoyable. If there are short distances to cover, this might not be such a big issue, but it definitely will become one if there are longer distances involved.

Balance issues

The growing belly at the front of the body possesses imbalance issues, not only when it comes to riding a bike, but also when walking. The weight on the front does take over the entire body, which might lead to losing balance. The balance center here changes, and when riding an e-bike is included, then, that might be even more difficult, making it hard to navigate and stay in balance.


The biggest scare of pregnant women is falling. When riding an e-bike, the chances of falling increase hugely. So, no matter if you are pregnant or not, the chances to fall are quite big. Although the regular rider might get some scratches or bruises, for pregnant women, this serious issue might affect the baby. Namely, the impact on the abdomen from the fall can cause damage to the developing fetus.

Back pain

Another very common issue that pregnant women face is back pain. As the baby grows inside the body, and it gains weight, the abdomen gets bigger and bigger. This weight directly influences the spine, making it bend more and more. When being in a riding position, this issue might become even more accentuated. The shoulders here will take on the weight from the abdomen, which will directly transfer as the pressure on the spine. Moreover, this disrupts the center of gravity and puts excessive pressure on the spine.


How to ride Electric Bike Safely While Pregnant

Although there are many risks that electric bikes impose for pregnant women, riding an E-bike is still an option and that can be done safely. The proper safe practices will get the best out of every ride, and being out in the air and remaining physically active is a great way for a healthy and safe pregnancy. Here are some useful tips on how to ride the E-bike safely during pregnancy:

Adjust the saddle

As mentioned above, the saddle also known as the seat is one of the things that cause discomfort for pregnant women when riding a bike. To make the ride more comfortable and enjoyable, adjusting the seat is a great way to start and see how you will feel. It should not be too high, nor too low. The right position is crucial for adequate posture, not banding back too much, and having the muscles relaxed, without additional strain.

Choose a suitable route

Choosing a suitable route means letting the bike do more work than putting the pressure on the pedals, like climbing uphill. This will take off the intensity on the legs and the back.

Choose suitable clothes

Pregnancy triggers different hormones that might make you sweat more than usual. That is why, choosing suitable clothes that are lightweight and from a suitable fabric, will keep the body balanced in temperature.

Stay hydrated

Also, one additional thing to know is to stay always hydrated, because the pregnancy alongside the physical ride does take up the energy. Be sure to keep your water bottle full and hydrate yourself.

Stay away from the heat

The body temperature is higher during pregnancy, and riding in hot weather, might additionally increase it. Be sure to stay away from the heat and the sun, and if you have to, cool yourself off with a cool handkerchief.

Top tip

If you experience any kind of discomfort than usual, dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches, vaginal bleeding, etc., it is essential to see medical help instantly.

Following these tips and knowing all the risks will help all the pregnant women easily navigate their E-bike and get the most out of each E-bike ride.