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5 benefits of Buying an Electric Bike Online vs In-Store

Ecommerce and online shopping have quiet developed over the last decade. What was sometimes unimaginable today is just a regular thing. From ordering online food to even buying houses online, everything is conducted on the virtual sky. But how about buying an electric bike online? There are certain things, likes bikes, scooters, and cars that need to be tested so that you can see whether they fit your demands and expectation. However, ordering an electric bike online is not a novelty and those who have done a bit of online research can see that buying it online is far more advanced today than going and doing it at the store.

The conventional way of shopping is not dead, nor it will be. However, some things are more conveniently bought online than in the store. Although some people solely rely on the impression they get when they see the products they want to buy, others just totally believe the online store and the product just through the visual images. But what happens when it comes to electric bikes? “Should I buy a bike online” is one of the common questions in this area, and the quick and short answer to it is YES.

The reasons why you should buy your new E-bike online are varied. There are some great benefits that will definitely set your mind straight. Buying online will open new horizons for you, and all thanks to the wide network of users, data, information, and possibilities that are more than enough for you to do your online research and choose your E-bike model.

Here is a list of the top 5 benefits of buying an E-bike online vs in-store. Take a look!

Avoid Additional Dealer Fees

One of the greatest benefits of buying your bike online is that you will avoid all the additional dealer fees. This is not the case when you are buying the bike in the store. Online shopping means getting the best product, with the best quality at the best price possible. Hidden fees that add to the price of the product, in this case, the bike, are pretty annoying things. Especially today, when every shopper can do proper research and see the prices on the market and make a comparison. Finding the right E-bike takes time, and when you add the budget to it, then paying extra fees is truly out of the question.

Free Shipping

Another great benefit of buying the e-bike online is the free shipping. Free shipping is an excellent and very convenient way to receive your e-bike just at the front of your door. It is an advantage that does not require and logistics or heavy lifting from the buyer's side. Online shopping comes with free shipping and there is no better way to receive your e-bike. The majority of the manufacturers also offer return-free shipping if there is something wrong with the bike. Free shipping is an option that is stated through the payments process, and be sure always to check it out and to look whether there is free shipping or not. There are cases when the free shipping applies only above a certain amount, which in the end, might prove more expensive. We at Himiway offer free shipping service to 48 states in the continental United States! For delivery destinations within Canada, customers only need to pay $150 for shipping.

Equal benefits as In-store shopping

Online shopping is very advanced today. The in-store shopping includes physical help, face-to-face between the seller and the buyer. Although this was not a thing with online shopping, the last decade has seen a significant improvement in this department. Since there is strong customer support, there are also online chats available that help the buyer through the online process. This includes everything from choosing the right model to after-sales warranty, return service, and anything else a buyer might need. What is special about Himiway is that we offer free returns within 15 days and a two-year warranty. Now you can buy not only free accessories such as mudguards, maintenance tools, frames, bicycle hats, etc. but also Himiway's second-anniversary gift white bicycle helmet!

Detailed reviews

Reviews are a big part of shaping the consumer's image about a certain service and product. Whether they are positive or negative, they express, in the best way, the condition and the qualities of the purchased product. When it comes to E-bikes, the reviews matter greatly. And they are left when online shopping occurs. Various websites offer a review section, where the buyer can express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction, as well as all the properties, benefits, experiences it had while doing the online purchase and with the product itself. These reviews matter greatly for those who are looking to make the next purchase because they are the information that is necessary for online research.

One-stop Shopping

The last, but not least important benefit that online shopping has over in-store shopping is that you can quickly finish and save time. The online store is the place where you purchase what you want. When it comes to in-store shopping, you are required to go from store to store, which might prove to be more expensive as well as time-consuming.

Overall, shopping is shopping. Some people prefer to do it online, some like to do it in-store. When it comes to E-bikes, there is an abundance of information that is available on the Internet, enough to make a detailed and well-informed decision. However, trying the bike in the store, seeing it with your own eyes before making a purchase is something that cannot be achieved with online shopping.