Electric Bike Tips

Don’t make these silly mistakes with your electric bikes

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular in the world. You would find that e-bike really changes your life in a healthy way after you have an electric bike.

When you get a new electric bike, you must be curious about everything of your new bike, just like a kid who gets a new toy. However, even though there was so much to interest, you should know about some professional guidance before riding an e-bike.

Himiway Electric Bikes on the beach

1. Don't put your pedals in the wrong way. When you get a new electric bike, you need to assemble pedals, if you put them on the wrong side, probably you will get your bike broken. Make sure that you would take your time in putting your pedals on the right way, so you don't make the mistake before you ride the bike.

2. Don't forget to do a bolt check of your e-bike all over. Especially your stem, that’s the steering. In most cases, the assembly of the electric bike is almost finished when it is shipped to you. You just assembly the very few parts in an easy way.

3. Don't ride your electric bike with no destination if you are a novice. Please make sure the road you ride on is a safe place with no barriers. If you have time, you had better make a plan of the route in advance, with observing the situation of the road. If you are nervous, you need someone to help you to be familiar with the road situation.

4. Don't forget your brakes when you ride an electric bike. Cover your brakes at all time. You never know when you need them.

5. Don't immerse the controller, LCD display and motor in the water, although they are waterproof. For example, don't ride it crossing the river, don’t use water to clean it directly, and don't stay outside for a long time when it rains heavily. Besides the motor, the LCD display and controller are the most important parts on electricity. You should pay more attention to them.

6. Don't charge the battery immediately as soon as the electric bike stops. The correct way is to leave the electric bike for more than half an hour and let the battery cool down before charging. When you ride your electric bike, the battery itself will heat up. Along with the hot weather, the temperature of the battery will be particularly high. So charging at this time will aggravate the water loss of the battery, reduce its service life, and increase the risk of battery to be damaged.

7. Don't charge the battery when the electric bike is exposed to direct sunlight; We suggest you try to charge the battery in the shade(but not wet) or in the evening. Because the battery will heat up during the charging process. If the battery is charged in direct sunlight, it also will become too hot to reduce the service life of your battery.

8. Don't forget your chain to be maintained. The chain is one of the important parts of the electric bike. If you ride it for a long time, don’t forget to maintain the chain of your bike. Or it would be rusty.

9. Don't ride electric bikes without head light and tail light. For your and other's safety, please remember to assembly the head light and rear light on your bike, and don’t forget to turn on the lights of the electric bike in the evening.

10. Don't forget to choose an all-terrain electric fat bike. Choose the right e-bike, you can use it for a long time. What are you waiting for? Just click it here.

By the time you read this, you have already known some details about how to use electric bikes correctly. (Wow, that's a great improvement!) We also have articles about the maintenance of electric bicycles. Now you can ride your beloved bike on the road, and don’t forget what you learned just now. What? Already forgot? Just read again!