Maintenance All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Mountain Road Bicycle

How to Maintain the Basic Maintenance of the HIMIWAY Electric Bicycle

A good electric bike is like Harry Potter's wand in his life. A good electric bike just makes all the difference in life. The HIMIWAY team has collected some experiences about the basic maintenance of electric bicycles. Learning to maintain them well is the most important thing a cyclist can do. Study these tips well in order to take good care of your Himiway bike!

Himiway All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Mountain Road Bicycle

1. Maintenance of the transmission system: mainly lubrication. The most effective way is to add lubricant. We should remind everyone that the chain should always be kept oily and sensitive, especially after wading and raining. The active parts of the front and rear derailleur must also be frequently filled with oil. The oil used for the chain and the derailleur should preferably be a rust-proof lubricant designed for bicycles. Ordinary engine oil can also be used, but the effect will be poor. If the chain is rusty, you can first wipe the rust spots with a kitchen cleaner, then clean the chain, and then wash it in diesel to restore the mountain bike chain as before.

2. Maintenance of the braking system: The braking system is particularly important as it relates to the personal safety of travel. In addition to maintaining the sensitivity and reliability of various moving parts, the stroke clearance and wear of the brake pads must be checked frequently. Both sides of the travel gap of the brake pads should be kept within the range of 2-3 mm. If the clearance is too large, the free travel value of the brake pads will be increased, which will reduce the sensitivity of the brake. If the clearance is too small, the phenomenon of braking force may occur, increasing riding strength and wasting physical strength. Each brake pad has more than two grooves on its surface. If these grooves are to be ground or have been ground, they should be replaced in time to ensure the braking sensitivity and driving safety.

3. Maintenance of the brake cable and the shift cable: The general brake cable and the shift cable have moving ducts. Both ends of these ducts will inevitably gain some dust and moisture, and it will also come in contact with water on rainy days, which can easily cause corrosion. If it is corroded, the wire should be pulled out, and the periphery of the wire should be covered with butter, and then put in. And every year, no more than two years at most, you’ll have to butter the cable again.

4. Inflate the tire properly. Insufficient tire inflation, increased resistance, laborious driving, and the tire wall are all prone to cracking. If inflated too much, the wheel loses elasticity. If there are bumps during riding, the tire will be overstressed, and the tire cord can become easily damaged. Expansion and break, shorten service life.

5. Parts maintenance tips: The electroplated layer of the electric bicycle should be cleaned with a dry cloth and coated with neutral oil; the body paint film should be dusted with a feather duster, and should not be rubbed with oil or exposed to sunlight. Cars that have been painted with varnish cannot be varnished with car wax, as they will wipe the paint off. Electric bicycle shafts, flywheels, front forks, pedals, etc. should always be filled with butter or lubricating oil, and the flywheel should be filled with some thin oil. Clean once a year with kerosene.

6. It is not suitable to use sewing machine oil. Sewing machine oil is a thin type of lubricating oil. After the axle is added, the original butter will be diluted and lost, which will reduce the lubricating performance and rust prevention performance of the grease in the shaft.

Master these basic electric bicycle maintenance tips to ensure a long-lasting lifespan of your bike. Now ride your HIMIWAY electric bicycle and hurry out and go happily! Don't forget to follow Himiway electric bikes where we will update you with the latest electric bike knowledge every week.