Biking skills while riding ebike

HIMIWAY Teaches You to Slim Down While Riding

Cycling is an aerobic exercise, which can effectively reduce fat. At the same time, sweating helps to eliminate waste and speed up metabolism. Cycling is suitable for people of all ages. There are no special technical requirements and it is used by the general public. For the movement of the whole body muscles to 70%, other sports have local restrictions and compared to other sports, it is more difficult to strain the muscles. During riding, it has a faster sense of speed than running and swimming. Let us understand the advantages of riding and how to lose weight.

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What do you know about cycling advantages?

1. Time-saving and environmental protection

Bicycle stations at bus stations can be seen everywhere, and the concept of environmental protection has actually entered our lives. When we admire the lack of time in front of various equipment, on the way to and from work, riding can help us save time to lose weight easily. Environmentally friendly, quick and effective at achieving weight loss.

2. Save overhead

Most office workers don't have much free time, and going to the gym is expensive, so we have to think about how to reduce expenses. The cost of an electric bike is the same cost of a month of going to the gym, and the route you usually take can be a beautiful scene you can enjoy by riding a bicycle. You can also install a basket and ride it to go shopping when you are in a good mood. In this way, you have increased a lot of exercises. Not only that, but cycling also saves you the cost of driving. As the price of oil is getting higher and higher, insisting on cycling for a long time can save you a lot of expenses.

3.Simple and easy to do

As aerobics: walking, running, yoga, and pilates all require more effort and energy than cycling. Bicycles are a must-have in daily life that you will use from time to time. Bicycles, the most common means of transportation, can also bring you the extraordinary effect of weight loss. Because the seat cushion of a bicycle cannot fully support its own weight during riding, it can exercise our body more than running.

4. It will not cause too much burden on the body

Race walking will give the body nearly 1.2 times the force of ground impact, while running is nearly 3 times the impact. Because the bicycle is stepping on the pedal, our body is off the ground, and the impact of the ground is naturally smaller than the weight. It will not increase the burden on the ankles, knees and hip joints. At the same time, because cycling does not accumulate too much fatigue, it can be performed every day.

Cycling weight loss essentials

1. Lean your upper body forward slightly while riding, don't lean your head forward too much, bend your waist slightly, relax your shoulders, stretch your arms straight, do not hump your back, or collapse your waist. When pedaling, keep your legs straight.

2. For a woman riding a bicycle, the position of the handlebar should be slightly higher than that of a man, so as to keep the upper body straight, keep the body's center of gravity on the ischium, and reduce the burden on the arm. This posture is also conducive to smooth riding.

3. The seat should be soft and moderately high, so as to minimize the pressure on the buttocks.

4. Beginner cyclists can choose a relatively flat road; after being proficient, they can choose a road with a certain slope to enhance calorie consumption and better achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Five ways to lose weight by cycling

1. Fat-reducing cycling refers to cycling at a moderate speed. Generally, you need to ride continuously for more than 40 minutes, and you need to pay attention to breathing regularly. This is very beneficial for reducing body fat.

2. The strength riding method is to forcefully ride a bicycle according to different conditions, such as adjusting the size of the gear when going uphill or downhill. This can effectively improve the muscle strength and endurance of the legs.

3. The intensity cycling method requires you to ride at your 60% limit speed for 5-7 minutes. At the same time, you need to use the heart rate monitor to observe your pulse every minute, so that your heart rate is in the cardiopulmonary function training area. This will not only train people. The cardiovascular system can also effectively burn fat to lose weight.

4. Intermittent cycling means that when riding, first ride at a slow speed for 1-2 minutes, then ride at a speed of 1.5-2 times for 2 minutes, then ride at a slow speed, and then return to fast and alternate continually. Cycling exercises can not only improve the body's ability to adapt to aerobic exercise but also better burn fat and lose weight.

5. The core strength cycling method refers to that during the cycling, the hips leave the seat, but do not stand upright, and use the waist and abdomen to exert force to control the human body, so that the muscles of the waist and abdomen can be effectively trained for power.