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Basically, we construct the world's most noteworthy e-Bicycles with the business' generally incredible and proficient EV drive framework. Electronic bicycle frameworks keep on altering the cycling world. Our archetype drive units were commended by riders across the globe, impelling the e-MTB upheaval forward to unequaled new levels. We've based on this experience, refined our plan theory, and raised the benchmark higher with Bunches OF Force!

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Himiway Cruiser is focused on bringing the most recent and most creative great bike assistants to the market. We will give an ideal reaction and quality service. At a similar time, investigate the world and reach out to nature. Our main goal is to give a loosening-up riding experience to every outside lover.

Shimano 7 Speed ​​Shifter and 1 Sets Bike Bend Grasp for Shimano Brand Bicycle.

  • Shimano 7 speed gear shifter, Agreeable and light activity, further develop the speed change execution.
  • Ergonomic handle shape, simple to-peruse visual stuff display. It is one of the significant bicycle frills that can give smooth riding.
  • Made of great plastic materials, protected and strong.
  • Reasonable for fit tire bikes, all-terrain and trailblazing bicycles, Street carts, collapsing bicycles.


We equip your ride with this amazing all-terrain 26” X4, ”Kenda high-tech puncture-resistant tires. With a predefined weight of only about 835 grams, it's a lot lighter than most other fat bicycle tires. To accomplish this outstandingly low weight, Kenda utilizes an ultralight 120 TPI packaging covered with a negligible measure of high resistant elastic. The collapsing dabs are of the tubeless-prepared kind which makes this tire simpler to seal when utilized in a tubeless setup. A less expensive 60 TPI wire dab form of the Kenda is accessible also.

Kenda sidewall packaging innovation is the improvement of existing Kenda tire development advancements. Considering a tire to amplify the advantages of liquid-based sealants while likewise expanding the strength of sidewalls for protection from cuts and scraped areas.

The 26"X4" KENDA PUNCTURE RESISTANT TIRES give you the stability you need for gnarly, off-road conditions.

  • Kenda Krusade 26" x 4" resistant fat tires
  • Kevlar® liner built into the tire for superior puncture resistance
  • Nylon thread casing with 30 TPI
  • Aggressive tire tread for muddy or snowy off-road conditions
  • Compatible with Himiway Cruiser Fat-tire Bikes


The plan of Himiway Cruiser impeccably joins the unrivaled flexibility to complex cycling conditions with outstanding solace. Focused on daredevils and all bold kind riders, double suspension off-road bicycles are, as a general rule, your most ideal choice to tick off an unbelievable ride somewhere down in the mountains with huge loads of happy occasions.

Around here at Himiway Cruiser, we need to ensure you get the right bicycle for you. One that is reasonable, really light, loaded with every one of the components you are searching for, and sufficiently tough to endure all the destroying you will put it through. Our bicycles from All-Terrain Step-Thru Electric Bikes are trusted by proficient riders contending in probably the most difficult races from one side of the planet to the other, both for the riders and their machines. Despite your riding level, amateur, middle or progressed riders will track down a double suspension off-road bicycle they love at Himiway Cruiser.

750W Brushless Gear Hub Motor

The primary All Terrain Electric Fat Bike we like to present is additionally our unmistakable Editor's Choice for an assortment of reasons. This stunning bicycle offers a smooth plan as well as a ton of valuable elements that will give you the most pleasurable of rides.

The primary thing worth focusing on is the amazing 750W brushless engine, that offers moment power for a quick speed increase. Because of this solid engine and the great battery, this e-bicycle can get you to a maximum velocity of 45 mph and will take you for 60 miles on a solitary charge.

With 840Wh Samsung battery limit and 750W engine power, 45 miles single reach and dependable gradeability can be ensured. 26 inches fat tires give enormous grasp and mechanical dependability. It's no question that Himiway Cruiser is the most expert and savvy off-road fat tire electric bicycle in North America.

Our All-Terrain Electric Fat Bike has a staggering quality-value proportion and is a ride you can depend on. With its astonishing 750W outfitted center point engine, this e-bicycle goes up to 45 miles and gives you heaps of fun on and rough terrain.

  • Reasons to Consider our All-Terrain Electric Fat Bike
  • Consistently mixes tough capacities and remarkable solace.
  • Ideal for rough terrain undertakings, end of the week twirls around the parkway, and everything in the middle.
  • It's the top rated electric fat bicycle in North America.
  • Amazing engine and cut confirmation tires ideal for rough terrain rides.
  • Hearty and extremely peaceful.
  • Off-road e-bicycle that is geared up for anything from the backwoods to the desert.
  • Change between seven gears to assist you with overcoming an assortment of territory.