Moped and electric bikes comparison

Electric Bikes vs Mopeds: Everything You Need To Know

Whether it’s to add some flavor and fun to your daily commute, or to enable you to seek out grand adventures, getting a set of wheels is absolutely essential to help you broaden your horizons and take you to places you just can’t get to on-foot. In that regard, there are a lot of options available to you that’ll do the trick, but while cars, scooters, and rollerblades all have something unique to offer, we recommend thinking along the lines of electric bikes.

Electric Bikes are getting more and more popular today, with improvements in technology making them ideal alternatives to other, more traditional methods of transport. However, one of the biggest sources of confusion for newcomers to the world of electric bikes is how they differ to the older kind of technology that they have essentially replaced: mopeds.

Moped-Style E-Bikes and Mopeds: What’s The Difference?

Mopeds, so-named because of how they combine a motor and pedals, is a type of bike that can be operated either with a gas-powered motor, or manually via pedals - that is to say, either with gas or with ass. Mopeds have been around for decades, and when they first came out, they offered a cheap, refreshing alternative for folks who wanted the best of both worlds. Coming with pedals and, traditionally, a gas-powered motor, mopeds were great for those who wanted a bicycle with a little extra oomph that they could use for longer rides and city commuting.

However, since then, a newer, better technology has taken the stage. Today, Moped-Style E-Bikes, or E-Mopeds, are gaining mass appeal and popularity for taking everything the moped did right, but better. While they look similar on the outside, E-Mopeds use all kinds of new technology to offer a better, smoother, and more environmentally-friendly ride.

While both Mopeds and E-Mopeds have a similar, lightweight frame and both provide motorized assistance, the similarities end there. Traditional Mopeds are gas-powered, and while that means they cost a lot more to operate and maintain, the older technology that they’re equipped with aren’t all too capable. E-Mopeds, on the other hand, are powered by an electric battery, and while the first electric mopeds didn’t perform all too well in terms of speed and power, the latest ones - like the brand-new Himiway Escape - offer significantly better performance over their gas-powered counterparts.

Usually, gas-powered mopeds can hit speeds of up to 30 mph, but depending on the laws where you live, this can be lower because of fuel emission constraints. Back in the day, electric alternatives could only hope to achieve that kind of speed, but thanks to advancements in technology, newer E-Mopeds like the Himiway Escape are capable of speeds of 28 mph or more, making them almost as powerful as their gas-powered counterparts.

E-Mopeds may offer better performance and eco-friendliness over gas-powered alternatives, but their main draw - and the reason why they’re so much more popular now than mopeds have ever been - is their versatility and ability to go off-road. Mopeds are great for city driving and commuting, but E-Mopeds - by design, because of less moving parts and a sturdier motor - can do that and still be a great option for different kinds of terrain. If you took a gas-powered moped out on a mountain trail, the more sensitive moving parts in its motor could get all kinds of messed up, while Electric Mopeds will run smoothly through even the roughest roads.


People Love E-Mopeds, and Here’s Why


himiway cruiser on the beach

Thanks to their affordability and accessibility, more and more people today are discovering just how great E-Mopeds are for all kinds of purposes. Whether you want one for your daily commute, your outdoor adventures, or your most comfortable exercise experience, an E-Moped is a versatile vehicle. People from all over the world use E-Mopeds to add fun to their day, and here are just a few reasons why they’re so popular:

E-Mopeds Are More Versatile and Convenient

Motorbikes are large, heavy, and expensive, while traditional bikes are harder to operate and require more physical ability, especially when you go off-road. E-Mopeds offer the best of both worlds. They’re lighter and easier to operate because of their electric motors, and you always have the option to go motorized or pedal. Some bikes, including the Himiway Escape, even offer multiple levels of motor assist so you can ride any way you want.

E-Mopeds Look Cool and Sleek

E-Mopeds, especially modern ones, borrow a lot of their design language from traditional mopeds, but they do almost everything better. They’re lighter and more compact, so they look sleeker and more aerodynamic. Whether you’re commuting to school or work, or going on a fun outdoor adventure, E-Mopeds let you ride in style.

E-Mopeds Promote Better Body Positioning

Unlike traditional bikes that can get uncomfortable over longer periods of time, E-Mopeds promote better, more comfortable body positioning on the seat. Not only will your rides be a lot more comfortable, but you’ll also be avoiding the back pain that often comes with traditional biking.

E-Mopeds Are Powerful

Despite being powered by an electric battery instead of fossil fuels, the E-Mopeds and E-Bikes of today provide almost as much speed and performance as gas-powered bikes.

E-Mopeds Are Good For The Environment

One of the reasons why E-Mopeds are getting more and more popular is because right now, they’re the most eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation. With an electric battery instead of gas or diesel-powered motor, E-Mopeds have significantly reduced energy emissions so you can have a fun, comfortable ride while doing your part to save the environment.

How To Choose A Moped-Style E-Bike


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If you’re in the market for an E-Moped, then you may have realized that there are quite a few options out there that range from under $1000 to almost $3000, and it’s a little intimidating to sort through the hundreds of different models across dozens of brands, both old and new. To help you find the perfect Moped-Style E-Bike for you, make sure you consider the following criteria so you can make sure you’re getting the E-Bike you need and avoid that ever-dreadful buyer’s remorse:


When you’re looking for an E-Bike, the most important thing to consider is the gear - the bike itself along with any and all of its features. One of the most important among these is the Battery; whether you’re up for a short daily commute, or for an all-day adventure, always make sure you’re getting a battery with enough capacity for your needs.

It’s also important to consider the appearance of your E-Bike. While the look and feel of your bike is a matter of preference, make sure you’re getting one with good materials and high build quality. Then you’ll have to consider things like max load, depending on your weight and whether you plan on adding additional weight, as well as motor and power output which will determine how fast you can go. Your choice of tires also factors in - whether you get solid tires or air-filled tires - and if you’re planning on going offroad, make sure you check the suspension and brakes of your E-Moped of choice to make sure it’s capable. For example, the new Himiway Escape can carry up to 330 lbs across a distance of 40 miles on a single charge.

Customer Service

While traditional bikes are common and simple enough that any repairs or maintenance activities can be done at almost any bike shop, E-Bikes are treated more like precision instruments, which means one of the most important things to have is dedicated support and customer service.

When you have a great Customer Service policy, you’ll feel more confident and assured because you know that whatever you need - warranty, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repairs - will be handled by professionals who know your E-Bike inside and out. Most companies offer Customer Service with a full 1-year Warranty, but some companies go the extra mile. Himiway takes pride in its Customer Service because of their Customer Direct sales policy which means you can interface directly with them and their team without having to go through any middlemen. They also offer an extended 2-year Warranty as a standard for all their products, so you can ride confidently knowing that your bike is built to last.


2020 has been a great year for E-Bikes, but because of that, there are quite literally hundreds of new companies trying to launch their own models and products, and it’s hard to sift through all the new available models without help. Fortunately, the best and most popular E-Bikes come with lots of great reviews and references that you can check out to see if a particular model is right for you, even before you make a purchase.

When going through E-Moped reviews, make sure you consider things that you would normally have to buy the product first to find out; things like noise emissions, customer service quality, and the accessories that come included with your E-Bike of choice.