Differences Between Step-Through and Step-Over Bikes

Differences Between Step-Through and Step-Over Bikes

The bike has always been a popular choice for many people. Whether it was used only as a way to keep the shape and get healthy, or as a means of transportation, the bike is one of the best ways to move around and ditch the traffic chaos. Over the years, the design of the bike has changed a lot. It is more than enough just to think about what kind of bike you had when you were a kid, and how does the bike looks today. The difference is more than obvious. Starting from the materials used, to the layout and the properties, the bike has had quite an evolution.

One great example is electric bikes. Quite new on the market, the electric bike has seen a rise in popularity and demand which only speaks to the desire and the need of the market for new and upgraded products. And modern bicycles today are truly exceptional. With so many offers on the market, one can easily get lost or get confused about the styles of the bikes. This particularly goes for the step-through and the step-over bikes.

What is a step-through bike?

The step-through bike comes as a compromise between the low-step and the step-over frame. With the step-through bike, the rider can keep its most upright riding position. It is also easiest for the riders to mount and dismount by just stepping through the curved frame.

The step-through bicycles are very important and demanded today. They are fun, easy, and casual city bikes, that make the everyday commute to and from work a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Why Step-thru bike is friendly for women?

The Step-Through bike model was developed around the late19th and the early 20th century which makes it a pretty new thing on the bike's market. This was predominantly influenced by the people's clothing styles at that time, especially for the women, because they were required to wear dresses rather than pants. However, the traditional Step-over design often caused them a lot of trouble. They would need to lift their legs to mount the bike, which would appear very inconvenient and indecent. It was about that time when women saw the advantages of the step-thru bike. And for this bike, it is all about the classic and elegant design that would allow them to easily and comfortably mount the bike, without lifting their legs. Additionally, this bike model was seen as a symbol of women being more valued and appreciated. This means that when a woman is riding a bicycle, she is also expressing a sense of freedom and independence. With all of that and much more, the Step-Thru model has become even more popular with the ladies today, which is regarded women's electric bike. It has been additionally developed and improved over the years so that now, it has overcome all the shortcomings it has and is adapted to the current riding rules and demands.

The pros of step-through bikes

Additionally to everything mentioned above, the step-through bikes have lots of more pros that make them fabulous bike choices:

Lower height requirements

The step-through bike model is exceptionally suitable for people who are not tall enough. This means that they can more easily get on and get off of it.

Increased safety

The Step-through bike has proven to offer better safety performance. This is due to the fact that when you lose your balance, you can easily cross through the bicycle, without getting entangled. This greatly reduces the occurrence of accidents.

More future possibilities

The folding bicycle is the future of the bicycle, which is based on the Step-through design.

What is a step-over bike? 

The most common bicycle frame is the step-over bike. A diamond or triangular frame is another name for it. Because of its basic and durable design, this frame has stayed unaltered for a long time, or with minor modifications. City and road bikes, mountain bikes, high-end racing bikes, big wheel bikes,and hybrid bikes all use step-over frames.

What are the pros and cons of Step-Over Bike?

Just like any other bike, the Step-Over does hold its fair share of pros and cons, which are generally decided by the wide consumers and riders.


One of the most important advantages of the Step-Over bike is its longevity. It's an investment that will pay off handsomely, and this bike will serve you well for a long time. With a step-over bike, you can be assured that your bike is built using a well-proven and well-known geometry design that will endure a long time.

Great for all-terrains

Another great benefit comes from its suitable design to handle different kinds of terrain. Whether it is a ride up the hill or an off-road ride, the design of this bike makes it durable and suitable.


Traditional bikes are lightweight due to the frame's construction, which assures their robustness. This implies you'll be able to pick up a lot of speed while riding it and consume less energy. Electric bikes, on the other hand, do not have this problem because both types can achieve speeds of up to 28 mph.

Of course, there are some disadvantages that come with the step-over bike such as:

Not great for heavier riders and extreme riding conditions

One of the greatest disadvantages of the step-over bike is that it is not suitable for heavier riders, nor it can sustain extreme riding conditions. This is because these bikes are not reinforced with the same materials as the other bicycle styles, which means that they cannot meet the demands. And to make this bike suitable for these issues, it might have to be customized, which requires extra work and money.

Better for street riding, not off-road riding

This is another disadvantage because if you want to ride your step-over bike off-road, you will need to get specializes set of tires.

Before making a choice, you need to decide how you would use your bike. After that, the choice will come easier. Both the bike models are great, you just need to decide what are your priorities, and according to that, purchase the bike.