6 ways to improve the speed

6 Ways to Make Your E-bike go faster

E-bikes are highly demanded and desired vehicles today. They are super fun, interesting, easy to ride and cater to different age groups and demographics. Overall, the e-bikes are the new generation of traditional bikes, however, powered by an electric motor. The electric motor in combination with the pedal-assisted mode delivers many different options to the rider. It is up to you to choose when you want to do the work yourself or put the E-bike to use. However, many riders often ask themselves how to make the electric bike go faster?

The e-bike market today is quite varied and with such high demand, many different types of research are constantly conducted for improving the properties of E-bikes in general. Whether that is to the design, performance, or the power of the E-bike, consumer's needs and in this situation questions about increasing the speed are something that the experts are constantly working on. Luckily for all of you, there are ways that you can make your E-bike go faster. However, one important and major thing to remember is that there are certain rules, laws, and regulations that cater to the E-bikes and the allowed speed and limit in different areas and on different roads. Most commonly, the e-bikes are limited to go 20 mph. Sometimes this is raised to 28 mph, depending on the laws in the area. In Europe, the limit is around to 15.4 mph.

However, keeping up with the rules and ensuring the safety of the rider can be incorporated with these 6 ways that will help you make your e-bike go faster.

1. Choose a higher voltage battery

As you already know, the E-bikes motor is powered by a battery. That type of battery is very important considering how fast will go E-bike go, as well as the range that it can cover. To get deeper into the issue, the motor speed depends on the voltage of the battery. So, the higher the voltage, the faster the e-bike will go. That leads to the solution of upgrading the battery to a one with higher voltage. But, before doing that, it is important to first check whether your E-bike can support this swap. Unless this controller is replaced with a new meter with an appropriate voltage, the current meter may not be able to read accurately.  Failing to do so can end up with damage like frying the controller, which cannot handle such high voltage.

2. Swap your E-bike motor

The motors with higher RPM ratings are also known as KV motor ratings. These ratings are also important when it comes to increasing the speed of the E-bike. Such ratings especially refer to the in-wheel motor. That is because the in-wheel motors are designed with multiple motor windings for different models. It is suggested and more convenient for you to purchase an E-bike with higher KV or RPM ratings, rather than the ones that come with the current motors.

3. Pump Up Your E-Bike Tires

Just with the tires of the car, the tires of the e-bike do play an important role when it comes to speed. When the tires are not well pumped, then, the motor uses more power and struggles to achieve the speed, which results in faster draining of the battery. Not only it reduces its life and does not present as efficient and economical use of the motor, but the well-pumped tires also present an entirely different image. The pumped-up tires reduce the rolling resistance with the ground. That comes due to the higher pressure. The level of air in the tires should be close to max. The results will be higher speed – the desired thing! However, there are some disadvantages to this, like feeling every bump on the road as well as the stability during rainy weather.

4. Keep Your E-Bike Battery Cool

This is a lees common thing when it comes to the E-bikes battery. A cooler battery is much better than a heated battery. Why? Well, the cooler battery has less voltage drop and can maintain a higher speed. That is why it is important that the battery get enough cooling so that it can maintain range and speed capacity. The best way to keep the battery is between 0 to 40 degrees Celsius (32-100 degrees Fahrenheit).

5. Reduce Weight

Just as the flat or not well-pumped tires can influence the speed, the same is with the weight. The weight influences the driving speed, as well as the acceleration speed. Riding faster means reducing weight. This does not necessarily mean on the personal weight, but on the unnecessary things that you might carry with you on the ride.

6. Clean Your E-bike

Although this might be a regular thing that you are practicing, it is important to mention that the dirt that can pile on the bike can make it loose in speed. For example, rainy weather brings a lot of mud, which if it is not cleaned, can result in the bike being overweight and prevent higher speeds from forming. Without the dirt, the E-bike will run much smoother and lighter. Additionally, when cleaning it, remember to add some lubricant to the chain, which will add to faster driving.

Overall, there are great ways to start and to improve the performance of your E-bike, which will reflect on the speed of the E-bike. It is essential to care for the bike, putting the right time and attention into all the details. The performance of the E-bike and its good condition greatly depends on how you take care of it, and whether you follow the requirements for best and most efficient use. However, for your and the safety of others, always check the riding regulations in the area.