Cycling Routes in Utah

Cycling Routes for Moab, Utah

As you may know, we’ve started a cycling route series here at Himiway to give our readers and our riders ideas for their next e-bike adventure. You might find a trail in your own state or one that you can plan a cross-country trip to visit. So whether you are going to the timeless Adirondack Park Loop, one of the lush and beautiful Oregon Scenic Bikeways, or our newest destination highlight, Moab, you’re sure to find somewhere worth exploring among the many e-bike routes in the U.S.

Today we are exploring the beautiful desert getaway of Moab, Utah. Utah is well known for its expansive canyons, painted red rocks, and stunning vistas. Home to five national parks (Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion) Utah is a veritable wonderland of nature. Perfect for the e-bike enthusiast and rider to take in all the views of what the state has to offer.

Moab, Utah has been specifically chosen due to its e-bike friendly laws and trails. The greater Moab area claims thousands of miles of e-bike trails. Anywhere that motorized vehicles can go, e-bikes can go. This is because all e-bikes are considered motorized vehicles in Moab. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the Class of e-bike, as the same rules apply to all e-bikes in the area. We will discuss safety and legal tips for e-bike riders further in the article, but let’s first take a closer look at the great trails and sights you can see in Moab, Utah.

Flat Iron Mesa: Intermediate

Flat Iron Mesa is a killer trail in Moab, Utah and, will provide some of the best views available. It is a 15-mile motorized trail open to e-bikes, ATVs, and off-road 4x4 vehicles. It has an overall intermediate rating and is comprised of loose and hard-packed sand, gravel, and flat stone.

The trail is a classic “lollipop” trail named after the shape of a lollipop with a loop and a stem. You’ll be overlooking canyons such as Kane Creek and Hatch Wash Canyon while you ride. There is an advanced and beginner route available here depending on your skill level. Both routes will begin at the trailhead off of Highway 191.

To access the trailhead, you’ll want to have your e-bike on a rack or in your truck bed. Drive south from Moab on Highway 191 for 18 miles. After going over Mule Shoe Canyon, make a right and you can park at the start of the 4×4 road.

Poison Spider Mesa: Intermediate

Our next recommendation is a 17-mile trail starting off Potash Road at the trailhead. Known for sweeping views of snow-capped peaks, Poison Spider Mesa is a great ride if you are looking for a true desert experience. You’ll see canyons, rock formations, famous buttes, and blue skies. You will likely encounter Jeeps and dirt bikes as well as other mountain bikers and runners on this lollipop tail.

A few things to note about this trail: download or print an offline map as the trail markers can be difficult to see and some of the paths which branch off the main path will not be suitable for an e-bike. Second, you will definitely be in for some rocky terrain, so you’ll want an advanced e-bike to make this run. Something like the professional-grade Himiway Cobra Pro will make this trail a breeze thanks to the softail design and powerful 1000W mid-drive motor. Prepare to use the throttle as well as pedaling to get up and over some of the more difficult features.

If you can make your way around the entire trail, you will see sights such as Little Arch, Portal Viewpoint, and Corona Arch Viewpoint as a reward for finishing the loop. Be prepared for sand, slickrock, and plenty of loose chunks of rock that you’ll need to navigate to make it through this excellent trail.

Dead Horse Point State Park: Beginner

Our final recommended e-bike trails are located in Dead Horse State Park. With over 19 miles of singletrack e-bike accessible trails, Dead Horse Point is your quintessential Moab experience. This desert woodland is the perfect all-around park to set up a home base and ride or hike at your leisure. You’ll take in majestic views of the Colorado River and Canyonlands National Park, with amenities to make you feel more comfortable.

If you are going to spend a few days e-biking here, note that you will need to get a park pass which has an entry fee, but it is well worth the money. The park is open year-round so you can plan for whatever weather you’d like. The best part about Dead Horse Point State Park for Utah e-biking is the Yurts which are rentable and come equipped with electric outlets to keep your e-bike battery charged each night.

The best part about the trails at Dead Horse Point is the range of difficulty which spans from beginner to intermediate and makes them possible for the whole family to enjoy. If this is your first e-bike trip out west, we highly recommend starting somewhere like this to work your way up to the more challenging trails. And you’ll enjoy beautiful Utah landscapes the entire time. Spend the night to enjoy the epic view of stars thanks to the low light pollution.

Tips for E-biking in Moab, Utah

  • Do not take your e-bike on any non-motorized trails or you will be subject to fines and/or jail time.
  • Stay on the trails at all times. The sandy rock can be dangerous and slippery if you wander too far off trail.
  • Watch for vehicles, hikers, or horses and yield to each group or stop completely if safe to do so.
  • Ride slowly around corners because you never know what drops are around the bend when traversing canyon country.
  • Ensure your e-bike is fully charged before each ride. Use a long-range e-bike with good battery tech such as Himiway bikes to avoid overheating your battery in the desert sun.
  • Use a waterproof bike bag to carry plenty of water and snacks to stay hydrated no matter the weather.


Last but not least, enjoy your Utah e-biking trip!