Himiway 2nd Anniversary

Celebrating Himiway’s 2nd Anniversary

Two years ago, Himiway launched with a vision: to permanently change the world of mobility. By combining powerful technology and focusing on maximum functionality for our riders, we have been able to provide premium electric bikes as a new mobility platform to people all around the world. Faster than walking and less expensive than a car, Himiway e-bikes represent the best of both worlds.

For over two years now, our customers have been our north star. Guiding us on our mission to improve our products and services day in and day out. And for that, we are eternally grateful. But the work doesn’t stop just because we’ve hit this important milestone. The world is changing at a faster rate than ever before, and we intend to be at the forefront of that change.

To celebrate this historic moment in our company’s history, we are currently offering one of our best e-bike sales ever. From now until October 21th, each Himiway e-bike purchase comes with a free ultra-lightweight, integrally molded, and white Bike Helmet ,these free items represent $79 worth of value.

But there’s more! To further commemorate this occasion, when you buy any Himiway e-bike, we will include 4 additional accessories absolutely free: Full Fenders, a Himiway Bike Hat, our 16 in 1 Multi-tool, and a Rear Rack. That’s another $202 worth of value for free with the purchase of any one of our e-bikes. That’s right – to celebrate our 2-year anniversary, we are giving away over $280 worth of accessories for a limited-time.

Combined with our industry-leading 2-year warranty, and free shipping to the lower 48 United States, this is absolutely the best offer we have ever had. Perhaps you have been waiting to purchase a Himiway e-bike for a moment just like this. Maybe you already own one of our e-bikes and want to buy a second one for your partner or family member. Whatever the reason, we hope that this limited time offer helps you be confident to make your decision.  

But this is about more than just a sale. This is our way of saying thanks to the customers that make us great. The customers that let us know we are doing a good job. The customers that provide feedback when something isn’t correct so we can make it right. This sale is for the e-bike community. The riders. Because without you, Himiway wouldn’t be celebrating 2 wonderful years of business. Our greatest thanks go out to all our customers, both new and returning.

Our awesome customers make it easy to offer great deals like our current sale. We want everyone to have a reason to experience the delight of riding our e-bikes. If you are looking for the best value for your money, you’ve found the right place. If you are looking for best-in-class power, you’ve found the right place. And if you are looking for an e-bike with the ability to travel 60 miles on a single charge, you have found the right place. We pride ourselves on making a bike that meets all of these needs for our customers because not everyone has the same reason for purchasing an electric bike.

This dedication to our customer’s different values and goals is what has helped us become the top e-bike company in the world. We might be biased, but we truly believe that our e-bikes represent the perfect combination of power, function, and style for the absolute lowest price possible.

Speaking of values, we are able to offer all of these features combined into one of the most environmentally friendly transportation packages available on the market today: the electric bike. So, if you value our planet, the animals we share it with, and the health of our future civilization, you have found the right choice. Electric bike transportation is one of the best methods to fight climate change and make a meaningful difference in preserving our world. This value is shared by us here at Himiway.

The idea of a truly green society is no longer a far-away dream. In fact, it is at the core of the e-bike revolution. Motorcycles, cars, trucks, and gasoline-powered scooters can all be replaced with electric bikes for most or all their uses. Our customers tell us all the time how easy it is to use our e-bikes to run errands, visit friends, commute to work, or simply get outside and get exercise. They have experienced first-hand the ability to cover huge distances easily and cheaply while leaving a very small carbon footprint.

Thanks to landmark innovations in our battery technology, whisper-quiet motors, and dual suspension systems, we are able to offer one of the best riding experiences of all e-bikes on the market today. Saving money and saving the planet has never been so fun. Best of all, you can shop for your e-bike and customize your accessories right from your computer without the need to travel from store to store. This convenient online shopping experience is just one more way we place emphasis on your experience as our customer.

We want everything from researching your bike, ordering it, putting it together, and of course riding it, to delight you at every turn. If you haven’t already checked out our long list of free articles and how-to guides on our e-bike Blog, we publish new topics often and love connecting with our community of riders and reviewers online. We have Online Support, as well as a Help Center for before and after your purchase.

We started this journey with one goal: to bring the world of green mobility to our customers through affordable, powerful, and stylish electric bikes. We hope you will join us in celebrating 2 years of achieving that goal and many more years to come! Thank you to each and every one of our riders, customers, and fans. We appreciate you all! See you out there!