Camping and E-biking Routes in Montana

Camping and E-biking Routes in Montana

Spring and summer in Montana mean biking, camping, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors. That’s why today’s article will focus on some of the best camping and e-biking this great state has to offer as we continue our tour of e-bike routes in the U.S.. With huge mountains, big open skies, and large wildlife, it’s only fitting that you bring a bike that can go the distance. With a premium e-bike from Himiway, these routes and camp sites are open to everyone, no matter their level of fitness.

Keep the environment clean and the animals healthy by riding an e-bike whenever possible. It’s one of the greenest ways to get around efficiently. By camping at night and exploring on your e-bike instead of a car during the day, you can ensure you leave the Montana ecosystem just as pristine as when you found it. Sustainability has never been this fun anywhere from Michigan to Montana.

Montana’s Best Cycling and Camping Routes

Despite their popularity, e-bikes are still new in some parts of the country, and as such the laws governing the use of e-bikes vary from state to state. Montana is an e-bike friendly state, but always check with the local city and park regulations for the most up-to-date laws pertaining to your e-bike. As of the date of this article, e-bikes may be ridden on roads and bicycle paths in Montana, unless otherwise stated. This is great news for e-bike enthusiasts wishing to camp and explore the great state of Montana by bike.

According to Montana law 61-8-102(2)(g), riders under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet while riding an e-bike in the state. You do not need to license or register your bike for Montana e-biking, but the e-bike must travel no faster than 20mph and must have fully operational pedals. Himiway bikes meet this requirement, so you are good to go! Don’t forget your handlebar bag to keep your gear dry and accessible while riding.

Big Mountain Ride - Whitefish, Montana

Our first must-see trail is in Whitefish, Montana. Big Mountain Ride is a 52-kilometer (32-mile) non-circular path. You’ll start in downtown Whitefish and head north on Fish Trails Bike and Pedestrian Path. Be sure to ride slowly and yield to cars and pedestrians. Keep heading north on Wisconsin Avenue which will turn into East Lakeshore Drive. Take a right on Big Mountain Road and enjoy views of the 2000km tall Big Mountain in front of you. Once you get to the base of the mountain, you can rest for a snack and enjoy the view looking up at this grand mountain scape. Head back down south towards Whitefish which is the same distance and route back.

Camping: If you are looking for a camping location to stay at while e-biking this trail, look no further than Whitefish Campground located on the southwest shore of Whitefish Lake. There is a bathhouse, picnic shelter, and beach nearby.

Dino Park to Nash – Bozeman, Montana

Another epic trail in Montana is named the Dino Park to Nash trail. This is because it starts at Dinosaur Park, a cool attraction that the kids will be sure to love. This 34km/21mile ride will give you a great taste of the sights and sounds of downtown Bozeman. You don’t need to follow any specific streets to get there, but starting from Dino Park, you’ll be heading south towards Nash Road before heading back up into Bozeman proper back to the Park. You can come back the way you came or choose different streets to make it a true loop.

Camping: While visiting Bozeman, a nice camping spot is located at Bear Canyon Campground where you can rent sheltered cabins, park your RV, or pop a tent for a more traditional campground feel. There is a pool for the kids, picnic pavilion, and a small playground to keep everyone occupied. 

Grassy Mountain Trail - near Bozeman, MT

One of our absolute favorite places to hike and bike is the Grassy Mountain Trail near Bozeman, MT in the Bridger mountains. It’s a moderately difficult 16 mile loop and will likely require an advanced e-bike with good suspension and frame such as the Himiway Cobra. The trail is open year-round but will be muddy in the spring and fall and covered in snow in the winter. The best time to hit it would be July-September.

Grassy Mountain Trail is technically located inside Custer Gallatin National Forest and can be found by driving northeast out of Bozeman along Bridger Canyon Drive. Park at Brackett Creek Trailhead off Brackett Creek Road. You’ll use Bridger Canyon Road for the first part of the loop, heading back south on your bike down the road before making a left on Olson Creek Road. Ride on Olson Creek until you intersect with Bangtail Divide Trail and begin your trek back north to the Trailhead.

Camping: While exploring Grassy Mountain Trail, a convenient and pretty campsite called Fairy lake Campground can be used but there are only nine campsites with no reservation system. So, if you are there in the summer months you will want to get to your campsite early to ensure this is a space for you overnight. You’ll find the campsite on Fairy Lake Road between July 1st and September 15th.

Emerald Lake- near Bozeman, MT

For our final recommendation, we are heading south of Bozeman to Emerald Lake and Heather Lake Trail. By parking at Palisade Falls Picnic Area, you can ride southeast on East-Fork Hyalite Road for this 11-mile out-and-back trail. Watch for hikers but enjoy the waterfalls in this area as you ride through moderately difficult terrain. You’ll end at Emerald Lake or Heather Lake just a bit further before turning around and heading back to Palisade Falls.

Camping: An hour and a half drive away is Loch Leven Campground which could be a great place to stay awhile and explore the surrounding area including Emerald Lake. If you have a good e-bike hitch rack, this campground and many more will be easy to get to with your car or truck. There are 17 campsites, and the fee is very reasonable per night. There is hiking, fishing, and biking available nearby.

We hope you enjoyed our Montana e-biking recommendations and get a chance to explore these beautiful cycling routes. Happy camping!