Electric bike comparison

Why does the Himiway Zebra stand out from the crowd of Ebikes?

In a world with as many consumer options available as there are these days, it is important to arm yourself with the best knowledge and facts about any given product. The more expensive the item is, the more important this effort becomes. There is no worse feeling than buying something and regretting it soon after. This concept is called buyer’s remorse.


We want our readers, clients, and the e-bike community in general to have as much confidence as possible in their e-bike purchases. Therefore, we like to take time to sit down and review our e-bikes with other brands based on facts and specifications. This cross-examination may help you decide which e-bike and e-bike features are most important to you. Everyone values different things so these articles should give you enough information to form your own opinion or continue your research.


Reduce the chance of buyer’s remorse by reading further and by checking out additional e-bike comparison pieces we’ve published on our community blog. Today’s comparison is between the All-terrain Himiway Zebra and the QuietKat Villager Urban Electric Bike.


The Main Features to Compare

Before you decide which e-bike to purchase, take some time to consider how you will use an e-bike. Do you want to replace your gas-guzzling vehicle with something greener and better for the environment? Do you want to hit up the best trails in your state and take it on vacation across the country? Or do you simply want a way to cruise around the neighborhood and visit with nearby friends and family?


Depending on your main use-cases, the best e-bike for you may be different than someone else. However, there are some general topics that will apply to any e-bike owner and we highlight these in the chart below:


ebike compare

Price Comparison

There is an obvious price difference between these two e-bikes with the Himiway Zebra coming in at $1,100 less than the Villager. QuietKat is known as a quality e-bike brand in the industry, so it may very well be worth $3,199, but thanks to production efficiencies, strong supplier relationships, and the Himiway direct-to-consumer model, Himiway is able to offer the same quality (and sometimes better) at a 37% discount compared to the QuietKat.


By not using showrooms and expensive authorized dealers, Himiway is able to offer far more affordable options. This is similar to online banks offering higher interest rates than brick-and-mortar retail banks because they aren’t paying for all that real estate. What might you do with an extra $1,100 in your pocket and a great all-terrain e-bike? That is the question we feel a rider must answer when comparing the price of these two bikes.


Range Comparison

We are a little bias here, we admit it. As the leading industry experts in long-range e-bike technology, it is no surprise that the Himiway Zebra offers about twice the range of the QuietKat Villager per charge. Afterall, the Zebra is so named because the actual wild Zebra is a land mammal known for their incredible stamina and ability to run vast distances without getting tired. So, too, can the Himiway Zebra run for miles and miles without running out of battery. The clear winner here is the Zebra on range alone.


Step-Thru Frame Comparison

One of the reasons we chose to benchmark our Zebra against the Villager is that step-thru frame design. We love the step-thru option for e-bikes because it allows for more people to experience the joy of e-bikes. If you have limited mobility, poor balance, or just value comfort, then a step-thru model is for you. The low to the ground frame shape allows you to simply step your foot through the frame quickly and easily.


Without this step-thru design, you need to lift your foot and leg way up and over the frame which may be uncomfortable or impossible depending on your health and ability. Opening up the world of e-bikes to the most riders as possible is important to us so we give good marks to both the Zebra Step-Thru and the QuietKat Villager in this category.


Motor Comparison

Riders are constantly telling us how much fun it is to ride our e-bikes because of their performance. The acceleration a 750W motor offers is hard to describe. Challenging hills and steep inclines are a problem of the past with the fast electric hub-motor offered in both the Himiway Zebra and Zebra Step-Thru. However, not all riders require a powerful motor, so the 500W motor offered by the Villager may be adequate for some people.


Capacity Comparison

With a name like Zebra, it’s important to be able to travel long distances with all your belongings. Maybe to work or for an overnight stay or even camping in the wilderness. Do it all with a 400lb. capacity and never worry about overburdening your bike. The QuietKat Villager can withstand 325lbs. of weight which should be suitable for riding around the neighborhood. But bigger riders or those looking to transport their goods on the included rear-rack may find the additional capacity gives them what they need.


Warranty Comparison

A hallmark of consumer confidence in the U.S. is the invention and application of warranty coverage. You would never buy a car that offered only a one year warranty, so why settle for an e-bike that offers only a one year warranty? With double the length of protection, the Himiway warranty is a great point of pride for us. Standing behind our products with our actions as well as our words is part of our mission.


There you have it. Another excellent battle of two great e-bikes. You will need to decide for yourself if the Himiway Zebra or Zebra Step-Thru checks all your boxes and is affordable or if you want to spend an extra $1,100 for the same or less options. (Hint: we like the Zebra for our choice!) The increased range, stronger motor, and better warranty is just too good to pass up for a lower price. We hope you agree, and we hope you found this information useful. Whichever bike you choose for your next adventure, make it an e-adventure!