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Himiway Tip:7 Helpful Tips For Doing Electric Bike

In recent years, as a low-carbon, environmentally-friendly and healthy way of sports, the winds of cycling have quietly risen in the city. Busy urbanites use the rest time to ride their favorite bicycles, wearing cool cycling clothes. Go cycling with two or three people, or join a team to release pressure through speed and strength or release your mood. Here we have some tips for cycling.

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1.Cycling is a very good fitness exercise, but not just riding hard, you should also pay attention to the correct riding posture, so as not to cause sports injuries. Especially in the course of the team, no matter what the situation should be, you need to maintain smooth movement and master the road conditions in advance, which is also a sport that requires mutual trust.

Many professional cyclists who have been riding for decades are still adjusting their riding angles. For players who are pursuing competitive performance, riding posture setting is an endless adjustment process. However, there are some basic guidelines that can help beginners find a comfortable riding position and avoid riding injuries: step on the foot with the heel to the lowest point, this is the best cushion height if the knee can still bend a little at this time. At this time, the feet are also easy to exert force.

2.Don't change to the highest gear when climbing a hill. Be sure to choose the appropriate gear level that will allow you to pass the slope smoothly.

3.Every time you encounter an uphill sprint, moving your hips away from the seat or stomping hard will make you tired. Therefore, don't step on the pedal desperately when going uphill. Make sure to make good use of gear position change for keeping your force on the uphill stable. In addition, don't suddenly stand up and ride when climbing a hill, you had better move away from the seat slowly and smoothly. When you suddenly stand up and climb a hill, your bike will have a slight tendency to back up, and the left and right swing of the body will offset the power from the front wheels.

4.Don't stare at obstacles on the route or the road. Be sure to focus on the moving line of your bicycle. Because the movement of the bike moves with your line of sight, if your eyes are fixed on the obstacles, your bicycle will naturally move towards it.

5.Do you still remember the helplessness of the first broken tire that can not repair? In most cases, you were riding alone on the road at that time. Even if you have tires and pumps, you still don't know what to do. So if you don’t know how to repair a tire now, you can learn from a repair shop, a friend or online. Then practice hard at home until you can easily operate it.

6.At first glance, cycling may make people think it is an expensive sport, but this is not the case. You only need to invest in the following equipment: helmet, lock (if you plan to leave during riding), gloves (required when riding in winter), cycling clothes, waterproof jacket, cycling shoes, pedals, mini repair kits and tire repair tools. You may feel that you need to buy other spare parts, but these are must-have items.

7.It is a good idea to join a club for electric bikes: as long as you like to ride and have an electric bicycle, you can join the club family. And the friends in the club can also provide you with a lot of services and technical guidance, such as electric bicycle maintenance, modification, purchase skills, riding skills, or solve the problem of the route. The club is more like a big family. Everything in this family is organized by each family member, you can share your experience and stories here.