pedal assist and throttle mode

Electric Bike Pedal Assist vs Throttle Mode

The throttle or the pedal assist, has been one of the biggest arguments among numerous e-bike enthusiasts. Equipped with both the throttle and the pedal assist modes, Himiway is making both functions accessible for you so that you can enjoy the funniest part of riding with an extra protection in your riding journey. Whether we are living a crazy life in an Arkham City, or chasing the wild dreams in the jungle forest - we are all children of nature who are carving for freedom. We are bringing you this article and hoping this helps in understanding the different electric bike assist modes so that you can make a better choice when you purchase.

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Throttle Mode

The throttle mode is similar to how a motorcycle or scooter operates, you can get an additional boost by twisting the throttle.


Himiway Escape can speed up to 28 miles per hour with throttle mode, which not only allow you to travel faster, but also give you a safety assurance inner heart. If you are an adventurer who chases for speed and safety in the same time. Himiway would be your perfect accompany for your wild life.


If you have ever ridden a motorcycle or a scooter, then using a throttle would not be difficult for you. You can engage the throttle mode for your e-bike to propel the bike forward regardless of whether or not you are pedaling which could be a great help when you are feeling madly lazy but still want to achieve the satisfaction of having an escape off the city. Here are different types of throttle:


Half Grip Twist Throttle

The half twist throttle works like a regular throttle on a motorbike. Slide it onto the handlebars, tighten, and then twist with your hand, here you go the excitement of high-powered speed. We are sure that Himiway Moped-Style Electric Bike and All Terrain Fat Bike fat tire series can bring you unforgivable travel experiences from the noisy cities. In the mean while, compare to motorcycle riders, Himiway riders are more able to be friendly to the nature environment - we do not make remarkable noises. The combination of fat tire and throttle is thrilling for all the gamers and we never age in this game.


Thumb Throttle

Thumb twist is a smaller option. A small lever protrudes where you can press with your thumb to activate the throttle.


Pedal Assist Mode

The pedal mode provides power only if when you are pedaling. When I was working in London, most of my friends are insanely obsessed with riding bikes for work. London tubes have never been friendly for these suit-up elites. E-bikes would be perfect for them, I reckoned at that time. I am more sure about that until a friend suffered knee Injuries from his long daily rides.


Levels of Pedal Assist

Himiway has five pedal assist setting - range from 1 to 5. To make this easier to understand, pedal Assist is an operating mode on e-bikes designed to turn on the e-bike motor to help you pedal. When you are operating your bike in the pedal assist mode, you can change the setting to make it works the best for you.


  • High pedal setting(L4/5) would be very helpful for people who want to get to somewhere quicker with minimum effort. It is perfect to people who want to be fresh at work and not to be sweating too much on their way.
  • Low pedal setting(L1/2) is trendy to use after work for Himiways’ users. It is the best to use it on the way home from work to work their stress out off the system throughout the entire day. Also, it would be a great fun to enjoy the ride without worrying to get their knee injured when they are having the long rides


Your Own Design for the Speed Change

If you would like to smooth down your starting speed, Himiway can also provide you with personalisation setting for your pedal assist as a scale goes from 1 to 10. We aim to make every single element of your Himiway bike fits your expectation of your toy e-bike.


Different Type of Pedal Assist

  • Speed Sensor

Motor assistance is set according to the speed. Speed sensors let you accurately keep track of your current speed and level of support. Himiway is using the speed sensor to provide your pedal support.


  • Torque Sensors

Torque sensors regulate the motor based on how hard you are pushing the pedals. It is essentially amplifying whatever power you are applying to the pedals.


How Does It Work?

It is a pretty easy work - pedal assist only provide you support when you ride. Just pedal and go.


How to Choose E-bike Mode?

Choosing the best e-bike will often depend on whether or not you prefer throttle or pedal assist mode. If you’re using an e-bike because you can’t safely ride a traditional bicycle, throttle mode will allow you to ride without worrying about pedaling. If you’d prefer something that provides more of a workout, then a pedal assist e-bike will be what you’re looking for. We have an article here to make sure you can be better understanding the different riding modes.


Our Himiway Cruiser and Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru provide you with both options. Choose Himiway Bikes to travel, whether across the city or the jungle, will be an escape for your soul and your body. We hope that you are enjoying the article and we hope that you would find your suitable options with these information and that you will find your peace of mind during your journey.