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6 Changes Make a Big Difference With Your Electric Mountain Bike

We all know that electric bicycles have undergone many reforms and innovations since their development. Similarly, do you know the six changes of the Himiway electric mountain bike?
Himiway All Terrain Electric Fat Bike

1 Changes in appearance

Compared to other electric bicycles, the models of Himiway electric bicycles are manufactured according to the design concept of professional mountain bike racing. They are strong, durable, tall and give a sense of security at first glance. At the same time, the simple monotone reflects our dedication and seriousness. The frame uses the internationally accepted 6061 aluminum alloy frame to ensure that customers can ride safely.

2 Instrument display

The meter of many electric bicycles simply displays the speed and power. In order to make the electric bicycle more intelligent, Himiway added many function codes when selecting the LCD screen, such as displaying mileage, maximum speed and a USB interface to facilitate charging. The main thing is that the meter will display an error code when your riding status is wrong, and stop your riding at the same time, in order to make your travel more safely.

3 750W high power motor

The power of a typical electric bicycle motor ranges from 250W to 500W. Many people don't know what a high-power motor means. A larger motor means more power. If you live in a mountain village or enjoy outdoor adventures, a high-powered electric bike will give you a unique experience. At the same time, the most obvious feeling is that when you go uphill, you must know the effort when climbing, and sometimes even need to get off and walk, and this can be easily solved by the Himiway electric bicycle.

4 Extra-long riding distance

When we own an electric bike, the biggest concern is the power issue. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the distance you can ride. Maybe you are an office worker, maybe you are a bicycle racer who likes cycling, maybe you are an old man with inconvenient legs, or maybe you are looking for the most convenient mobility tool. With a 48V 17.5AH battery, the Himiway electric bike will always be your best choice. Different from ordinary electric bicycles, we choose the super-large-capacity battery which made by Samsung/LG, which also guarantees your safety.

5 All-terrain fat tires

This is the most popular type of tire in the electric bicycle industry. Fat-tire electric bicycles, which feature almost comically large extra-wide tires, can be a blast to ride. The wide tires make you feel like you're riding on a cushion of air. They also allow riders to traverse terrain such as deep sand and snow that would otherwise be nearly impossible on a typical mountain bike.

6 Best customer service

Himiway is a factory direct-selling electric bicycle brand, loved and trusted by customers both in Europe and the United States. At the same time, we provide a two-year warranty for each electric bicycle. For details, please refer to our terms of service. Our customer service will answer all your doubts within 24 hours, and we have a professional team to solve your problems at any time.

Himiway has six changes that are different from other electric bicycle brands, and more customers will trust and support us.