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Mountain Trails or City Streets: How to Choose the Best Places to Ride E-Bikes

Perhaps you have just purchased your first electric bike or maybe you have been an e-bike owner for years. Regardless, the first thing you do when you get a new e-bike is look for the perfect place to ride it. That is natural—after all, that is what they are for! If you are looking for the best place to ride e-bikes, whether you are used to e-bike commuting or you are seeking an adventure in the mountains, it’s important to keep some things in mind during your search.

Not all electric bikes are made for the same type of riding. Different models, different tires, different sizes—electric bikes can be fit for riders of all different ages, skill levels, sizes, and geographical locations. It is important that when you are looking to buy an e-bike or looking to ride your existing e-bike, you are confident that when you take a seat and grab the handlebars you are ready to take on whatever surface lies ahead. Do not make these big mistakes when buying your e-bike.

If you are looking for the best place to ride e-bikes, whether for the excitement or just for e-bike commuting, keep some of these helpful tips in mind.

Where Do You Live?

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself when trying to determine the best place to ride e-bikes is where do you live? Understanding where you are physically, geographically located will go a long way toward informing both what type of e-bike you will need and where the best place to ride e-bike will be for you. This question is meant to be asked and answered on a broad scale. For example, it is less important to know exactly which neighborhood you live in, but it is much more important to know that you live in an urban or suburban or rural location. Urban and suburban residences typically lend themselves better to city riding and e-bike commuting, while rural residences or people living near nature escapes can tackle more challenging trails and terrain. There are few bike friendly cities for your e-bike.

In addition to the type of setting where you live, you will also need to have a good understanding of the surrounding area and what the landscape looks like and offers to you as a cyclist. Living near downtown Denver, for example, is different from living in downtown Detroit, because the elevation change and the easy access to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado will make the availability to ride your electric bike on mountain trails much more accessible. Understanding your surrounding geographical location is one of the first things you should do when determining the best place for you to ride your e-bike. Separately, this will also help determine what type of e-bike is best for you and don’t forget to ask yourself these questions before you buy.

Determine Your Ideal Lifestyle

It is impossible to find the best place to ride e-bikes for you if you do not have a firm grasp on your current (or ideal) lifestyle first. Different from where you live, which is all about geography and accessibility to different types of rides (mountain trails vs. city streets, for example), your lifestyle is all about how you want to ride your bike. Do you want to build up endurance to live a healthier life? Is your goal to be able to ride several miles across flat land to work every day? Is your e-bike commuting over hills? Perhaps e-biking commuting isn’t even on your mind—maybe you really want to be a mountain biker.

Determining your e-bike lifestyle will directly influence where you end up riding your bike. The difference between commuting, riding for sport, or just riding casually for pleasure is large. Also, you need to factor in your age and riding experience to ensure you are making the smartest decisions about where to ride.

Check the Local Laws

The worst assumption you can make when looking for the best places to ride e-bikes is to assume that where you want to ride it, you are allowed to ride it. The reality is that some places simply do not allow electric bikes, and you should be aware of those places before you take your e-bike there. As some articles indicate that Electric bicycle technology is currently superior to land managers and decision makers. meaning that many cities, regions, and states have simply not taken e-bikes into account when creating their laws, nor have they updated their laws to include the use of electric bikes.

In some states, for example, e-bikes are treated the same as traditional bicycles. In others, e-bikes are considered motor vehicles and are prohibited on certain trails or in certain places. When looking for the best place to ride your electric bike, it is vital to keep these local laws and regulations in mind so that you are always riding your bike legally.

What is your skill level?

Perhaps the most important factor in determining the best places to ride e-bikes, you need to conduct a full and realistic evaluation of your skill level. That is to say, you should choose where to ride your electric bike based on how capable you would be of successfully navigating that path. If that means beginning with a short city ride before graduating to a long commute to work, so be it. That may also mean beginning with flat nature trails before even thinking about taking on some of the tougher terrain found in mountainous areas.


Remember, finding the best places to ride e-bikes sometimes requires being thoughtful in your decision-making. Some people prefer to ride e-bike on nature or mountain trails, while others prefer city riding and smaller electric bike commuting to work. Whatever your preference is, be sure that your e-bike is properly fit for you. From there, keep in mind that where you live, your lifestyle, your current riding skill level, and the local laws and regulations will all also help you determine the best places to ride e-bikes.